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A Slow Start Round Two While Colorado Rocks My Socks

Summer is in full swing in the Mile High city and I have been taking advantage of the night life with all the gusto I can manage to pump through my veins. Ample amounts of drugs and adrenaline have kept this old body of mine slamming it with the best of the celebrating masses during the month’s parade of celebrations, music festivals and general outdoor activities. So what about the Presidential scene you ask? What of all those blathering reports on the Occupy zombies I have provided so many with? Read on for the update.

Last week, Gay Pride Days was a two day celebration that showed the city of Denver it is possible for people of all sexual orientations to all get along just fine. Civic Center park and surrounding areas were filled with straight people, gay people, bisexual and trangender people, shoe fuckers and every noted diversity/perversity you can imagine, all stomping it out to the dance floor dub step bumping music pouring out onto the streets. It was a thing of true beauty to witness and participate in, especially when enhanced (for me) by a nice dose of medical strength marijuana. One of the more pathetic things I stumbled on before heading into the dance pit was my witness to the Occupy Denver zombies attempting a circle jerk gathering/meeting where they normally congregate in the park for their general assembly. I had to stifle my laugh after witnessing the sad attempt to rally their handful of patriots together. Here they were amid an ocean of festive people decorated in all variety of gayly (no pun intended) apparel and they were trying to organize their fucking political meeting? Those hopeless bastards were no more than an obstacle to walk around.

I would occasionally check news feeds and political updates throughout my days of dance, drugs and debauchery but found no significant campaign moves being made by either Democrat or Republican committees. Perhaps they too are busy with festivals or celebratory mind-fucks to attend. One in four voters are still undecided about who to support in this race. Barack Obama has taken a boost in favor from Latino voters which makes him the early starter in round two of this battle for the presidency. Romney continues to wane on the campaign trail with all the electricity of a bowl of oats-unsweetened. Obama still has a double digit lead on the Mormon contender but as round two marches on the Obama campaign is sure to be slammed time and time again by Super PAC warriors and ABO (Anybody But Obama) supporters. Romney’s best offense seems to be coming from voters who are mad at Obama, not supportive of Romney. Public elections continue to throw us into an arena of stale choices, in local and national races. We are left deciding between a bullet to the head or ten penny nails shoved in our eyes-who will fuck the country up the least?

These few days away from the political agenda have been therapy for me. The evenings of dancing and coexisting with everyone left me with some hope in the knowledge that no matter what kind of ass fucking these politicians and bureaucrats give us, we, as a nation, continue to band together and stand together as a united country. Being in the park with thousands of GLBT folks dancing and digging the whole scene, the 420 Day of Weed smokathon downtown, the free concerts in the park-THAT, was patriotism my friends, not this shit being tossed around about fight these people or shut those people up or pump all the oil out of this country for the sake of the good ole’ USA…, patriotism for this country is made from the foundation of our acceptance of the diversity of our nation, the willingness to keep this country held together by protecting it (even from ourselves, if need be) and the good nature of spirit that allows you to be you and me to be myself. Let the presidential race continue it’s slow second round, we’ll all still be here come November. Let the diminishing number of Occupy zombies continue to play their games and babble their mantra to the vast hordes of no one that listens….meanwhile, I will dance the night away.


Between Round Amity with the Sexually Challenged

This past weekend downtown Denver played host to a monumental two day celebration for the GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) lifestyles which gave me a break from the placid Presidential campaign we all are bearing witness to during these slow months of summer politics. Small polite banter between the incumbent Commander-In-Chief and the Massachusetts wanna-be are the most we are getting right now. The punches are being pulled and neither Barack or Mitt want to bully the other man. I think they believe it will make them look less gentlemanly, out of control. They have hired goons to take the job of mud slinging off their hands, like some mafia boss who gets Lenny the Nose to go break some legs on is behalf, yet even their henchmen are too soft core.

I don’t want this milk toast political campaigning right now, no me-not Fox News. We hard core political junkies want our fix and the more toned down it is, the less we enjoy it-in fact it’s like poison to us, like strychnine mixed in with your LSD. As crazy as he was I have to admit that I miss Newt Gingrich being in the race. That monster kept me in hysterics with his vile accusations and repugnant soapbox antics. Rick Perry could have come close to having that same vomit-in-your-throat zeal but he lost his head early and was put to the curb. I don’t want to saunter through an entire season of lazy political bandwagons spewing out these minor, droll talking points that get rehashed on every television and radio station out there. I want something to stop the presses and make my jaw hit the floor, make me choke on a big hit of weed. The most recent mind numbing stories involving the presidential hopefuls include a call by Mitt Romney for a special prosecutor to investigate counterterrorism leaks from the Obama Administration, implying that the President allowed these leaks to go out in order to boost support numbers for re-election. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is trying to stay away from the finger pointing game (at least not heavy handed), focusing more on accomplishing constructive key point legislation and engaged foreign affairs to place on his ‘things accomplished’ list to dole out to the public. Safe game to play, but leaving me with very little enthusiasm for his next four years.

I can sit and weigh the actual tasks performed by our President and not find anything too Earth shattering; keeping the number of wars we’re involved in to a minimum is a definite plus. I would like to hear some more ideas from Mitt Romney and especially get him to nail down choices for key figures in his ideal Administration. So while waiting for that bit of pig flying to take place I took the weekend to go downtown and frolic with the beautiful people who came out in support of the gay/bisexual/transgender lifestyles. Not since the 420 celebration had I been involved in anything quite so endearing, so one in unity with everybody. There were no riots, no gay-bashing (other than a few lost sots down there with a Bible trying to sway the masses…..yeah, that worked), just thousands of people enjoying the blistering hot weather, dancing in the intense sun and grooving on the whole event.  I fought off my fatigue with tons of water and dope and ended up dancing more than I had in years-decade. If we could all manage to gather like everyone at the Gay Pride celebration with one another to discuss the true problems in our country and face it with no preconceived opinions of one another, just think what we might accomplish? I know I should take off my rose colored glasses but knowing what we as a nation face this coming election, I have little left but faith in the common person to be the catalyst to start turning  this country around. The two candidates are looking more and more like each other so what hope is left? I’ll go back to Pew Central here at the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons and strengthen myself up for the next adventure, waiting for the campaign banter to gain steam…..watching and waiting.


Round One Bell Has Rung

Our nation’s audience sits poised near the political ring to watch the beginning battle. The Cage Match Royale has eliminated the contestants vying for the presidency down to two players. For me this is like watching college basketball-it only starts getting good closer to the finals and the very last game can be a jacked up meth infused high of an event. Everyone will start to jump into the frenzy, no punches held back. On the Republican side I sense the crowd will step in and jeer at their nemesis more than cheer their champion on, while the Democrats…..too  early to call that one. Obama supporters managed to play it cool while the  debates were still in play. Why would they waste their wits against the likes of Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann? The GOP was shooting itself in the foot left and right, so why would anyone want to waste the energy trying to defuse support to defects like Santorum or that reptile Newt Gingrich? But now it’s down to the final two men standing as we wait in anticipation to see how round one goes.

The Great Hope and Change, Barack Obama, opened up this week with leaked footage of Mitt Romney stating in a backhanded slant, that he didn’t want to provide jobs for teacher, fire fighters and policemen. Nice twist on that public speech; Romney actually stated ” He (Obama) says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers-did he not get the message of Wisconsin-the American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government, and help the American people.” Both jabs in that debate were sloppy and I doubt most voters are going to take a stand on making that issue a big issue, it’s barelty enough for either side top waste time on. On the other side of the ring, however, the Obama Administration is facing a barrage of attacks from private sector political advocates, grass roots Republican media and the internet (the same techno weapon he used to defeat John McCain). A soon to be released book, Confront and Conceal by David E. Sanger, is said to hold a lot of information with allegations of the President using and approving the use of cyber war tactics against Iran. Possibly this book will entail various stories of what the author deems is inexperience and bullying tactics from Obamat, but whether they paint a thoroughly damaging political image of him can only be told with time. The newshounds and political speaking whores we read, listen to and watch, need to sink their teeth into this book before we can tell what kind of spin they want to add or take from Sanger’s work.

Coinciding with the upcoming book from Sanger, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be voting on June 20 whether or not to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. This could be a hard shot to the ribs for the President’s campaign so I will keep an eye on that outcome. Meanwhile the President continues to run White House affairs and schedule in hand shaking events where he can fit them in. That task alone can prove to be touchy for him, too much exposure on the campaign trail and the public may view him as not getting any work done. Too little time out there and the common man thinks he’s being forgotten. I don’t envy either candidate in this freakshow process to get elected, but maybe that’s why I’m not running-that plus digging into my past would certainly disqualify me, if not have me banished, from this country altogether.

So punch away you modern day warriors, wrestle on worthy opponents. I sit in amusement knowing that someone’s gonna go home feeling fucked. It will either be four more years of Obama-which I don’t believe he could finish (too many variables out there right now which could have him disqualified, impeached and thrown out) leaving this country with President Joe Biden. If that happens, this country will self implode. Joe Biden will become the lit match in a gas leak for America. The other option has us being led by that white bread, bland as Filet O Fish weasel Mitt Romney and death could come by a number of means with him in charge. Whichever way he chooses to do us in, I’m sure it will be slow and painful.

Bring it on boys, bring on round two.


La Migra’s Futile Brown Battle

There is a changing look for America on the horizon and that image will rise from a growing population boom of Latinos. Census reports show that people of Hispanic heritage are now the largest and fastest growing minority in our country. The last few years of struggle along the Mexico/America border, particularly in Arizona and Texas, have created a new bias and brought legal confrontation to these states that now goes before the Supreme Court to decide if federal law supersedes state law. The outcome of the Justices’ call will not stop the battle, not by a long shot. This heated issue against what is basically racial profiling will continue to grow in the Southwest and into America’s Heartland as legal and illegal Hispanic citizens band together for a solution to America’s xenophobic stance against their families.

There have been numerous cases of unjust legal acts committed against and in favor of illegal inhabitants here. Heinous crimes against U.S. citizens by foreign thugs who end up getting off serving any hard time here as if they had claimed diplomatic immunity. Crimes as hard core as murder have happened with the perpetrator fleeing to Mexico where officials there have given little or no support to American officials in apprehending these bastards. Border wars brought on by Mexican and South American cartels now pepper the lower states flowing over into uninvolved Anglo neighborhoods where local law enforcement is financially unable to provide adequate protection.

On the other side of this coin is a vast community of Latinos from Mexico, Central and South America, who have come to this country with the same hopes and aspirations our ancestors came here with. They want the American Dream of a better way of life for their children, working hard to rise the standard of their lives, basic cable and 2 for 1 Big Macs. Their families have integrated themselves into the farm belt and provided our country with labor that no one else wants to do. They clean our motels and strive to assimilate themselves into the mainstream. They work their fingers to the knuckle to make our lives better and the response they get is to be threatened with having their papers checked, like some old Nazi confronting the Juden merchant on the streets of Austria in 1939.

I know the current status of this issue is far from being perfect and there will certainly be a lot of bugs to work out; the NAFTA agreement boosted by the Clinton Administration is a Frankenstein that we  must now go through-an issue set up to boost free trade among countries in the Americas that faltered, like the Euro standardization project. Let’s not throw the baby out with the horchata folks, we have a real opportunity to fix this problem but it will take unconventional thought and approaches to the situation. We can’t turn back the hands of time, we must progress and adapt a new society where everyone works to keep this huge American machine rolling. Most people who live in this country want to stay in this country and will work to keep America what it is, but to deny those currently supporting the principles of this Land of Free and Home of Brave the same rights and privileges we all expect, who could blame them for revolt? They helped build this country as well-would we turn our backs on them and become as mad as King George?

Argue the point all you want but you can’t sit in denial of the census numbers which show America hosting a growing percentage of Latin American citizens. Every time this country tries to stop a problem by selecting a race of people to surround and smother it ends up a disaster. We tried to coral Japanese Americans during the Second World War, that was a travesty, racial profiling black citizens is still an unethical problem in America and Middle Eastern immigrants continue to fall victim to being categorized into one lump sum, regardless of whether they are Arab, Palestinian or even Sikh, and deemed terrorists. America is a melting pot of various religions, races and habits so let’s not filter out our diversity, we need to let it strengthen us as a nation.


The Zombies’ Reticent Swan Song pt. 3; Rats Abandon the Ships

“The fascination of the abomination-you know. Imagine the growing regrets, the longing to escape, the powerless disgust, the surrender, the hate.”

-Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

 I’m beginning to sense the sinking hope inside two political camps, the Occupiers and the Democrats who choose to cling to the President’s lasting promise. Take notice of the rats abandoning the ships people, that’s the sure fire weight of the situation. Both groups, the zombie encampment (here in Denver and most likely nationwide) and the Obama supporters can pontificate all they want about who’s right and who’s wrong, but most elections are won from support of the voters’ hearts, not minds.

 The General Assembly of the Occupy Zombies, weekend warrior chapter, tried to continue on with their call to meeting, moments from their last gathering, etc., not wanting to face the reality of the kibosh slapped on their defiant stand against the police. The standoff between the protesters and law enforcement officials ended up a stalemate as I saw it, no demonstrators gassed, no rock throwing, no real angry words at all between the two factions. I leaned over to this cat that looked like a young Arlo Guthrie and asked him who put the cock block on this demonstration. He started to get this gleam of heated angst in his eyes, like a rush from an eight ball just hit him. “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing” he muttered, then all of a sudden, he cuts in the droll speaking pigtailed zombie officer who was leading the tribe and starts demanding action to get a fellow protestor out on bail. Apparently this kid named Josh, a regular street thumping hardcore lunatic zombie, was picked up by police and reportedly roughed up pretty bad. Young Arlo was in a tiff with the police as well and carried a set of bruised ribs from the encounter which made his story a bit sympathetic to those that nestled snug at home in the evenings, unlike this young street kid. He and a few others in the crowd testified that Josh was really messed up bad. I could tell Arlo was getting pretty heated up about the matter and the gathered group was more of a peaceful co-existence frame of mind. They didn’t know how to handle him.

 More conspiratorial ordeals about the President’s past grow in ferocity as the Obama camp is trying to diffuse their loss of popularity in a covert manner-but that ain’t going to happens folks. Too many pols have tasted the blood and will follow that which gets them re-elected. Logic and reason can be tossed aside, job security is a main priority for them. Abandoning the President has to be handled in a delicate fashion….not too fast or brazen, the public may rain down on them as being inhuman (which they are, but appearances….eh?)and vote them out. Yet look at these recent developments; religious organizations are bailing on their support of the Great Hope and Change, albeit the religious voter block was not that large in the ’08 election, there was enough of a pull to help get Barack Obama into the White House. Religious studies professor Valerie Cooper stated “I’m concerned that the administration has not followed through on the promise of 2008.”  The next in line to take a swing at the President was former President Bill Clinton, who praised Romney’s “sterling business career“. Tell me that punch didn’t hurt-coming form a former Democrat, a former President?

 The zombie circle tried to quell the young Arlo Guthrie dude from going off on a tangent, but he would not let this issue of his friend Josh go.  Josh  was being held in jail, beaten and untreated, and someone had to do something about it. After three successful intervenes on the group’s dull gossip and awkward hand signals (used as means of communication in the group), Arlo was heard and money was allotted from the Occupy Denver funds to get Josh out of jail. One small step. The group continued rambling about various upcoming marches and recognized theatrics they plan as a sign of solidarity with other Occupy groups throughout the U.S., but I for one had had enough for the evening. I put my goods away and walked toward the bus stop to await my ride home, but not before speaking up to them. “You’re all doomed” I smiled. That caused them a moment’s pause as they tried to figure out what I meant, and I can only hope that one or two of them get it….and if I were privy to being allowed inside Obama campaign headquarters this day, I would shout the same thing inside their hallowed halls……you’re doomed Mr. President.



The Zombies’ Reticent Swan Song pt. 2; Presidential Lunchmeat

Hope is tomorrow’s veneer
over today’s disappointment

-Evan Esar

 I drug my feet slowly along the sidewalk that arcs through Civic Center park, looking around for signs of political unrest, a rally of patriotic fever from the Occupy troops. I think my mouth dropped open a bit as I witnessed this huge display of nothing. Life went on as usual down here at Broadway and Colfax, a few less troops, not quite as many homeless but still pretty much going about things as it has been for about a year. No war cry filling the air today, no blood stains on the pavement, just the normal drooling semblance of human beings shuttling among themselves, bumming cigarettes, smoking dope, soaking up the early evening air.

I thought what the fuck is going on here? Where the hell is the huge can of defiance I was promised by the resident zombie Captain-at-Arms known as ‘Mama’? I walked up to the meeting place where the group gathered to say their mantras and discuss Occupy strategy; a quaint bricked area with benches that looks upon the state capital building, an alternative to the meeting spot back in 2011, which has now been closed off with a huge fence. The Occupy General Assembly would be meeting in five minutes or so which gave me a quick opportunity to find out what, if anything, took place earlier this day. Was there a confrontation? Arrests? Death toll? My eyes adjusted and I recognized a few faces here….Crazy Jesus Lady showed up sober, very sober in fact. ‘Mama’ did eventually show up but that was just as the meeting was to start so I didn’t have time to speak with her. The rest of those gathered were made up of the weaker strain zombies, weekend warriors, so to speak. Approximately thirty crawled together and this short pig-tailed woman who I recognize as another zombie officer starts the meeting by demonstrating the preferred hand signals to be used for communication and rules of conduct for the group. “Put your hands up like this if you agree strongly….put your hands like this if you wish to speak next…..” yadda yadda bullshit-these school yard hand referee movements were to be used in order to cut down on the amount of over-talking and verbal frustration that typically upended a lot of their meetings. I wanted to suggest a hand gesture myself that involved my dick and their face but restrained and gave them the courtesy of giving me and all those gathered an explanation as to why the streets weren’t being painted red tonight.

Get yourself used to saying the words “President Romney” folks, because my forecast calls for a big dose of Presidential lunchmeat come November. There are no where near the record numbers needed from the Democratic supporters to keep their hope alive and way too many believe they can rest on their laurels, believing the ‘other’ guy will go out there and vote for Obama. That’s a risky call, in my opinion. Romney is one of those nefarious weasels who will do anything to get to the Big People’s table, he’s come so far and won’t let go now. He has the taste for blood and knows the White House is within his grasp. Reason and logic don’t play into this election, politics has become a game about who you hate rather than who you like; numbers of voters who put the Great Hope and Change in office are losing their zeal. The push against him from the opposition grows. Media is buzzing once again with eligibility issues from Donald Trump, New York Governor David Patterson (WOR radio New York) and Mark Levin ( Noted talking faces like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been beating that shield for some time but a large percentage of voters typically write those misfits of humanity off as being too biased to believe in-yes, Donald Trump should be lumped in with those two morons as being a pillar of idiocy but he does have this uncanny ability to attract worthy adversaries around him….like a thug magnet. This new rise in questioning the President’ background, school records, purported friends and relatives, shot records and any other official document are being scrutinized in more depth and more frequent by less extreme opposition making more moderate people ponder these allegations against the President. Mitt Romney, that bland packet of lunchmeat, can now sit back and let the Super PAC groups and string budget antagonists attack Obama. His best offense is to let the others do the dirty work while he plays the public with a pristine smile chocked full of pig lips and various animal parts. Just like those multi-packs of lunchmeat you buy at the store, they may say there’s a variety in each pack, but it all boils down to the same animal parts-same with Romney. He may say he has a new approach but it’s the same old song and dance and he knows his best strategy right now is to let others do the dirty work.

I stand off to the side and light my pipe, snap pictures and take notes while the zombie assembly prattles on about issues at hand. They ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room-the fact that the anticipated protest against the police was a washout. More to come on this matter but I need to give my hands and your eyes a breather.

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