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Waiting for the Thaw: Schism

schisms My current residence is in a dilapidated old house in a historic neighborhood of Indianapolis. The huge house continues to decay, as do I, with the passing of each season. Winter is pretty much on the way out and even if we suffer another blast of snow or sub-zero temperatures, they will only be a brief annoyance as we all wait for spring to claim the day. No matter how hard nature tries it cannot stop the inevitable; spring will come.

I weathered through winter and kept up with my street ventures. Freezing jaunts out onto the streets are different than those when fair weather prevails. Most people get out during the green seasons but come winter and snow time, they will opt to puss out and stay inside. Knowing that fact I witness the folks who do make it out and let time pass. Snow shovelers and fort builders…the tenth street whores continue to do business which I suppose one could say is an admirable work ethic. Baby got to put food on the table come snow or not so the selling of flesh never stops. A handicapped man with a gimp leg who works at the neighborhood fast food joint was robbed last week by a couple low life street punks-whacked him in the head with a brick and took his pay. Drunks keep on drinking and preachers keep on preaching while artists, musicians, poets and thespians strive to keep their craft afloat. More are apt to wander into a gallery or hear a local band play when the weather is balmy but it takes true devoted fans to be there when the snow hits. I tire writing on how more people should support the arts-you’ll either do it or you won’t. What drives me more from my pulpit today is the want to convey to you how divided our country-our world-has become.

Here in the states as the weather keeps so many inside taking refuge behind a screen, glued to social media sites or whisking around fright sites that support your personal political views in a godless, extreme manner. Reading that someone got hurt with a gun is a bit troubling but the media monsters know they can jack that up a level by reporting on someone who actually died from a gun…and they don’t stop there-they go up another degree by making the person killed from gunfire an expectant mother…or a child…or best of all, a child shooting their expectant mother. This sounds like a ridiculous extreme I use to make my point but stories like that are real and continue to get posted. Those type news flashes drive gun ban enthusiasts insane, demanding action but getting very little satisfaction. On the other side of the political spectrum conservative folks are pestered with harsh stories of the looming threat from alien forces wielding weapons, threatening their Christian themed lives. Both liberal and conservative minds end up so jacked up on the hysteria created by news programs and internet slough that they can’t see straight. They lash out at one another because it’s felt that the difference in their political/religious views are the big core of our world problems. They aren’t the core people, they are a button to be pushed in order to aggravate us into a frenzy like sharks in a blood pool.

I think we all should be using this period of cold weather to investigate a bit further into the true dealings of our law makers and political leaders. You have some time-email that Representative or Senator you have no trouble berating to your online friends. The most those friends can do for you is push the ‘like’ button or ignore you. Start looking into what campaign you can devote a bit of time to and stop being so non-committal. Democracy does still work but you have to keep pushing against those who would take your rights away. It’s one thing to say you didn’t get your way on a particular bill that passed and quite another to say you didn’t get your chance to cast your vote on it. Our politicians have proven to us that they are not more intelligent than the masses they precede over so why should we allow them to continue making policy based on what slick motherfucker with a fistful of dollars is paving their opinion? The citizens of each state/city should be allowed to participate and vote on actual agendas more than they are currently allowed. Act now because once this winter thaws away for 2015 you’re more than likely going to want to be outside, enjoying those green days and cool breezes and politics will be the furthest thing from your mind-which it should be, but only if it gets fixed.


The Zombies’ Reticent Swan Song pt. 3; Rats Abandon the Ships

“The fascination of the abomination-you know. Imagine the growing regrets, the longing to escape, the powerless disgust, the surrender, the hate.”

-Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

 I’m beginning to sense the sinking hope inside two political camps, the Occupiers and the Democrats who choose to cling to the President’s lasting promise. Take notice of the rats abandoning the ships people, that’s the sure fire weight of the situation. Both groups, the zombie encampment (here in Denver and most likely nationwide) and the Obama supporters can pontificate all they want about who’s right and who’s wrong, but most elections are won from support of the voters’ hearts, not minds.

 The General Assembly of the Occupy Zombies, weekend warrior chapter, tried to continue on with their call to meeting, moments from their last gathering, etc., not wanting to face the reality of the kibosh slapped on their defiant stand against the police. The standoff between the protesters and law enforcement officials ended up a stalemate as I saw it, no demonstrators gassed, no rock throwing, no real angry words at all between the two factions. I leaned over to this cat that looked like a young Arlo Guthrie and asked him who put the cock block on this demonstration. He started to get this gleam of heated angst in his eyes, like a rush from an eight ball just hit him. “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing” he muttered, then all of a sudden, he cuts in the droll speaking pigtailed zombie officer who was leading the tribe and starts demanding action to get a fellow protestor out on bail. Apparently this kid named Josh, a regular street thumping hardcore lunatic zombie, was picked up by police and reportedly roughed up pretty bad. Young Arlo was in a tiff with the police as well and carried a set of bruised ribs from the encounter which made his story a bit sympathetic to those that nestled snug at home in the evenings, unlike this young street kid. He and a few others in the crowd testified that Josh was really messed up bad. I could tell Arlo was getting pretty heated up about the matter and the gathered group was more of a peaceful co-existence frame of mind. They didn’t know how to handle him.

 More conspiratorial ordeals about the President’s past grow in ferocity as the Obama camp is trying to diffuse their loss of popularity in a covert manner-but that ain’t going to happens folks. Too many pols have tasted the blood and will follow that which gets them re-elected. Logic and reason can be tossed aside, job security is a main priority for them. Abandoning the President has to be handled in a delicate fashion….not too fast or brazen, the public may rain down on them as being inhuman (which they are, but appearances….eh?)and vote them out. Yet look at these recent developments; religious organizations are bailing on their support of the Great Hope and Change, albeit the religious voter block was not that large in the ’08 election, there was enough of a pull to help get Barack Obama into the White House. Religious studies professor Valerie Cooper stated “I’m concerned that the administration has not followed through on the promise of 2008.”  The next in line to take a swing at the President was former President Bill Clinton, who praised Romney’s “sterling business career“. Tell me that punch didn’t hurt-coming form a former Democrat, a former President?

 The zombie circle tried to quell the young Arlo Guthrie dude from going off on a tangent, but he would not let this issue of his friend Josh go.  Josh  was being held in jail, beaten and untreated, and someone had to do something about it. After three successful intervenes on the group’s dull gossip and awkward hand signals (used as means of communication in the group), Arlo was heard and money was allotted from the Occupy Denver funds to get Josh out of jail. One small step. The group continued rambling about various upcoming marches and recognized theatrics they plan as a sign of solidarity with other Occupy groups throughout the U.S., but I for one had had enough for the evening. I put my goods away and walked toward the bus stop to await my ride home, but not before speaking up to them. “You’re all doomed” I smiled. That caused them a moment’s pause as they tried to figure out what I meant, and I can only hope that one or two of them get it….and if I were privy to being allowed inside Obama campaign headquarters this day, I would shout the same thing inside their hallowed halls……you’re doomed Mr. President.



A Tejano Boost for Romney; the Zombies Reticent Swan Song pt. 1

I had no idea exactly where in downtown Denver I was being dropped off, but as soon as I stumbled out of the Peace van I heard screaming coming from somewhere close. Lots of screaming, men and women-had I smoked too much and imagined this or was it really happening? Then I realized what those deafening, blood curdling cries were about….my friend had dropped me off in the parking lot of Elitch Gardens Amusement Park. I had been riding in the back of one of those old school hippie vans, the kind with no back windows, carpeting on the walls, huge-ass hookah bolted to the floor and speakers blaring out an old classic album I requested, Electric Ladyland…Jimi Hendrix……wave on brothers and sisters, wave on.

Encapsulated national media coverage was raging through my portable electronic newshound, a trustworthy handheld device I carry with me downtown, as well as a bag full of assorted mischief-drugs, weapons, card keys to various buildings in LoDo I managed to scavenge. Time was of the essence. I needed to pace down 16th Street through the heart of Lower Downtown Denver to Colfax and Broadway. I briefly stopped by a Starbucks to highjack some wifi along the way, which is where I ran across the news story predicting Mitt “Filet O Fish White Boy” Romney would take the needed votes out of the Lone Star state to push him over the 1,144 delegates he needs to win that huge primary. If this does happen (as predicted) he will be the bona fide Republican nominee for President of these United States.

I had to get to the zombie camp as soon as possible. These national news stories were certainly entertaining but this was the twenty ninth of May. This was to be the make or break showdown between Denver Police and the Occupy forces, Mile High chapter. One of the zombie leaders had promised me a big shake-up down here today and I wanted my pound of flesh, my gallon of blood. Local law enforcement and various town goons had flocked together and created a ‘no camping’ ordinance which was to be implemented, full force, on this 29th day of May, 2012. This meant they would begin to come down on the Occupiers like a hard rain and begin handing out citations, hauling people off to jail and generally fucking up the works for the street squatters. Damn the distractions of the Ipod stories on the presidential campaign-I could always come back to that later over a hot Americano and some more devil weed. Right now I wanted to see what kind of bloodshed may have befallen the protesting zombie stronghold.

I whisked down the street, not waiting on the LoDo shuttle to show up. I would catch the free service bus that ran the 16th Street corridor as it caught up to me but until then I hoofed it past the street performers and gypsies while Rage Against the Machine blasted through my earbuds:

“So I’m Rollin down Rodeo wit a shotgun
these people ain’t seen a brown skin man
since their grand parents bought one”

 High energy tunes to help me jaunt through the parade of shysters and pimps on 16th. Earbuds help me ignore the pleas for cash or the senseless jabber people throw at me. I keep my focus on the Occupy protesters. They’ve had the entire day to put up a fight or be hauled away, bloodied and beaten. The shuttle does show up and I ride it the remaining blocks that take me adjacent to the looming Denver Post building, that dying dinosaur  tabloid publishing house which sits as a tribute to an era almost forgotten. I begin to relax to a sauntering pace as I close in on Civic Center Park-Zombie Central. Some street dealer tries to sell me some mescaline and although I’m tempted to take a dose and let it get real crazy down here, I check my funds and decline-for now.

Texas going for Romney didn’t surprise me that much and I imagine most of you were not shocked by this tidbit of information. Political rubbish is being passed around regularly leaving us to sort through what is valid, important information to guide our decision on who to pull the lever for, and who to pull against. The eyebrow of interest to raise should be for the Texas Senate race which is heating up right now to take the seat left open by retiring Tejano Kay Hutchinson. It’s turned into a money spending frenzy in the big state of Texas, $25 million reported to have been spent already. There is nothing like watching the devious ploy of a rancid Texas politician, an abomination to stare at with wonder and horrified awe. Those creatures down there waltz around with pig iron balls the size of cantaloupe, the true epitome of Texas pride. I lived in Austin for a number of years and found their politicians to be a dastardly bunch, almost as devious as Chicago politicians-not quite, but pretty fucking close.

I quickly thank the dealer for his offer but pass by and wait for the light to cross Colfax, into the den of self created inequity; the Lair of the Political Zombie.


Rush Limbaugh, Weasel of the Year

Oh Rush, you pot bellied political nazi, you did it good this time. America’s number one conservative radio talk show host managed to shove his foot all the way to the back of his mouth, choking his uvula and making himself throw up. Calling female law student Sandra Fluke a slut was just the ignition needed to start a firestorm of angry calls to his affiliate stations. Sponsors started abandoning the radio giant, leaving him a somber, apologetic whale, beached on the shore hoping enough people would push him back in the water. What will happen to the voice of conservative talk radio now?
These are the times that really test the patience of those who hate the man. The constitutional right to free speech bullies up against the possibility of slanderous statements made against Fluke. A vast group of folks out there want that fat man’s head on a pike, blood and OxyContin dripping from his lifeless eyes, a warning to other would-be advocates of such harsh words that ‘we won’t tolerate it anymore’. Kill the opposition and no one will oppose you. The problem is, once you start prohibiting the opposition from speaking, what’s to stop them from prohibiting you? Believe me I wanted to grab a torch and seek out this Frankenstein’s monster; then I remembered Limbaugh has First Amendment rights like anyone else. If the Constitution works for the Klan, it works for anyone, including Rush Limbaugh.
Rush swallowed his pride (and perhaps a hand full of pills) and issued a formal apology in an effort to save what advertisers of his show he could muster. This isn’t the first time he’s had to do it and it won’t be the last. He belittled President Carter’s daughter, Amy, President Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, and Jerry Garcia had barely passed away when Limbaugh aired his thought’s about the Grateful Dead leader’s death-“just another dead junkie.” A real gutless snake to go after little girls and the deceased. He’s probably afraid to personally apologize to Ms. Fluke for fear that she’ll beat his bulbous ass to a pulp. The man has been a P.T. Barnum style snake oil salesman that babbles out his conservative screed for a few decades and continues to raise hackles wherever he goes, but I don’t want to drive him off the air. I don’t want to get rid of him any more than I do Pat Robertson or Ted Haggard. I’m all for keeping these psychotic Angels of Doom around as examples to the living, sane world of just how evil and twisted some people can be. Limbaugh is dangerously charismatic to the slight of mind but if not him then some other carney barker would make his way onto the airwaves and gather the lost souls of ineptitude. Let him continue to curse the airwaves and be the legendary Boogeyman to warn children of. Watch him grow old and feeble, like Robertson, a weak little man mumbling to himself in the corner, frustrated at the loss of his facilities.

Rave on, you behemoth of AM radio. Your followers numbers are dwindling so why should we let you become a martyr for hard core Christian groups and conservative lemmings by denying you the freedom of speech? I would rather see you wisp away like smoke, a slow trickle into the night air, a dog’s fart that matters not anymore. Rave on you weasel.


Barack Obama: Political Cred All Up On Him

I’ve spent so much time recently basking in the hype and the frenzied hallucinations of the Republican camps that I’ve led my eyes astray from the other side and figured they (the Democrats) would continue to huddle in their small, quiet corners until the big fight in November. At the beginning of our last presidential cycle the Dems were top dogs at the table, majority rulers. They pissed their pants when this reality sunk in. All the time they were blaming lack of support from the House and Senate on the majority numbers held by the Republicans, then when the tables turned and they had the majority, warm liquid trickled down their legs.

Time has caught up with the Great Hope and Change. President Obama now finds himself in the midst of real work to be done. This Sunday he will address the annual conference of the America Israel Political Action Committee with the looming threat of Iran being top on the list of things to worry about. The following day the President will meet with Israel Prime Minister, Netanyahu, where more diplomacy will be needed to secure backing from AIPAC. AIPAC support for Obama can guaranty the Jewish vote goes his way and he doesn’t want to lose that support. Any politician who wants to win the race needs to appease myriad organizations and groups of individuals to secure their vote. I think the only groups politicians don’t worry about are the transgender and American Indian vote-too low numbers to give a rat’s ass about them.

Last Thursday the Senate voted on an amendment to allow provisions for companies to opt out of the Obama healthcare proposal on moral or religious grounds. In other words the bill brought forth by the Republicans wanted to oversee a woman’s vag and tell her what she could do with it. Lucky for those in disfavor of such laws, the Democrats grew a pair and shut the bill down. They finally developed some intestinal fortitude and shoved back at the bullies. Then, President H and C steps up and says he’s not bluffing about attacking Iran if they build nuclear weapons. He did back that statement with a typical statesman response warning Israel against a premature strike from them on Iran but still, I had to raise an eyebrow and wonder about our leader…is he too growing some balls? Will he lay down his cleancut, ebony gentleman image and throw on a do rag approach to international diplomacy? Will he stop greeting foreign leaders with a subtle smile and handshake to replace it flashing gang signs backed up by an entourage of pipe thumping gangstas all hooded up? Maybe he should folks. Maybe a more assertive, more modern urban look and feel will scare the shit out of the rest the world to let them know this is America, and we’re crazy fucking street thugs. We will no longer tolerate or quell the fires of such insanity from tribal bickering amongst Shiite and Sunni that hampers world peace. Warn them that we will come over there with cans of gas made from their own oil and set the place on fire. Scare the fuck out of the old white cracker assemblage of Republicans by getting all up in their grill with some horse banging skanks all inked up staring at them to make a move. If Obama really wants change, he should go full tilt ghetto and see what results come about. The old methods of rule are faltering and no one but the rich are settled right now. Big hunks of our country are out of work or underemployed, medically unstable, losing their houses and playing the game the way it’s been played for decades is starting to run it’s course. Too many professional politicians have learned how to stack the deck so maybe it’s time we knocked the deck over and reshuffled. C’mon Home-bama, have one of your boy’s put a warning cap in John Boehner’s ass and he’ll start to play ball with you.

The days ahead will lead the President out from any potential ‘wait and see’ strategy. World and national events have work that needs done . It’s not enough that you were on duty when bin Laden was killed, not enough to pull boys out of Iraq (and place them in Afghanistan). More national and international problems are piling on your desk Mr. President and you have to do something…so what’s it gonna be? More of the same or hope and change? Stop listening to your critics because they will snub you no matter what you do. Do the right thing and leave a legacy of accomplishment, not a parody of leadership. Grow a pair.


The Romney/Santorum Battle Royale: Whose God Will Win?


The campaign trail continues to leave all spectators on the edge of their seat as we witness the continued bludgeoning from the Republican hopefuls. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum appear to be the strongest contenders in this cage match of piss and venom. It’s like watching a WWF wrestling match; just when you think one wrestler is down for the full three count, he shirks his opponent off and gets to his feet with renewed energy. Not more than a few days ago we saw a re-energized Rick Santorum soundly stuffing Mitt Romney in Colorado and Minnesota. The Pennsylvanian beat his chest like a mountain gorilla, tasting victory in the name of the Holy One and then, like the other Republican hopefuls before him in this race, he overstepped his popularity. He became Godsmacked with power listening to all those voices in force-filled halls, calling his name, breathing in the power. At that moment, Mitt Romney got off the mat and came in for the kill.

The Filet O’ Fish boy punched his way back into the fight by winning Michigan and Wyoming. He has yet to win the whole show but he definitely put Rick back on his heels for a moment. Mitt keeps a wary eye near the turnbuckles knowing that any moment on the campaign trail could bring a sneak attack from Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich, both waiting on the sidelines with a chair to smash into his spine. Once the preliminary show is over and we make it to the Republican convention, that’s where the scorecards will be added and we’ll have our champion. Every remaining candidate is pressing to get the state by state support needed to push them ahead but very little time is left. Broken promises are being handed out like candy. Santorum caved in from toeing the political line and made a poor attempting gesture to gain support from women by spewing some heart filled story about his 93 year old mother….people booed from the crowds but the ref doesn’t see that move so he got away with it. Romney continues to swagger around believing he is the Chosen One; his Mormon God will defeat the Santorum God and smite his opponent with hands full of financial backing.

One man will emerge the winner and just like WWF, you can never be sure who the winner will be until the bell rings. What these candidates need to be cautious of is falling victim to their own narcissism. Stick to the mainstream rules and concerns, don’t go rogue and start spouting off crazy shit like making a permanent colony on the moon or throwing more American lives away in another senseless war. Work on the economy, work on our country, fix the leaking dam. Each time a candidate brings up their personal vision for our country the press and every other citizen out there turns their head and throws up. The poll numbers jump back and forth because once people get a taste of the favored frontrunner they spit them out and shove a previous week’s winner back in their maw to remind themselves why they discarded that person in the first place. It’s a back and forth game and still up for grabs so sit back and watch the bloodbath continue. Just pray that Newt doesn’t sneak back in the arena.


The Satroum Sanitarium: Mythos Arcanum from a Deranged Politician

“There are two kinds of people in this world I can’t stand. People who are intolerant of other people’s culture and the Dutch”

-Nigel Powers, Goldmember

 I almost blew some really fine tasting scotch out my nose while watching footage of the latest blunder statement from Rick Santorum. The man wasn’t happy attacking our president or those politically oriented to the left, he had to go after the Dutch. This is a thing of beauty folks, like a strip club performance where every drunken sot in the place is waiting for the money shot, and when it comes the joint is speechless. Yes Rick Santorum just gave me a money shot, a naked view of his shaved insanity.

 For those of you addicted to the political campaign as I am, we never find ourselves truly surprised by the absurdity spilling from a candidate’s mouth. We witness all those bi-partisan promises every four years about how electing a particular man or woman will give us lower taxes, bring our troops home (or send our troops somewhere, depending on which way the winds of war blow), fix our roads, improve our schools, cut our meat for us and stand on patrol over a woman’s uterus. This year’s melange of dribbling pablum has jumped back to the times of Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority to once again try and put the fear of Yaweh in us. Santoum is proving himself to be a suitable candidate for the job and has taken it a few steps further with a brand new selection of designer sins to cast before the bloodshot eyes of his flock. Weeks ago he was questioning Obama’s religious values-but why stop there? He had to make it a point to attack the Dutch and accuse them of euthanizing their elder citizens. Rick even gave us a nightmarish vision of old Dutch people running for the borders pleading for their lives as if the Netherlands had transformed into some dystopian society straight out of Logan’s Run. It’s an all or nothing crap shoot and the Bible thumping Pennsylvanian is going for broke, relying on a swarm of ex-PTL watching mutants to come crawling out of the woodwork to pull the lever and place him in the White House.

 The circus just keeps getting crazier folks and I’m digging on the performance knowing full well that more than half the promises made by any presidential nominee will never surface into existence. Our leader, the Great Hope and Change, found out it was easy enough to say he was going to end the war but when it came down to actually bringing troops home the best he could manage was to divert them from Iraq to Afghanistan. Santorum keeps plugging away and still needs to knock Mitt Romney out of the way for good, but right now the stats play into his favor. This could be the most entertaining kind of showdown to witness. Rick on the pulpit with a Bible trying to cast out the evil Muslim (alleged and totally false) man that has taken our country to the brink of destruction, then he can cue in all the women in the audience about how the black man grows a tail and horns at midnight, that epic superstitious rumor once started amongst white servicemen to give them a fighting chance at getting some foreign tang. Yes this would actually be a more rousing fight to watch. Romney would probably just babble on in that meek monotonous voice of his but Rick….that boy is full of the Spirit and ready to start speaking in tongues and tossing the Holy Water. I paid for a good fight damn it and I want to see blood.

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