Round One Bell Has Rung

Our nation’s audience sits poised near the political ring to watch the beginning battle. The Cage Match Royale has eliminated the contestants vying for the presidency down to two players. For me this is like watching college basketball-it only starts getting good closer to the finals and the very last game can be a jacked up meth infused high of an event. Everyone will start to jump into the frenzy, no punches held back. On the Republican side I sense the crowd will step in and jeer at their nemesis more than cheer their champion on, while the Democrats…..too  early to call that one. Obama supporters managed to play it cool while the  debates were still in play. Why would they waste their wits against the likes of Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann? The GOP was shooting itself in the foot left and right, so why would anyone want to waste the energy trying to defuse support to defects like Santorum or that reptile Newt Gingrich? But now it’s down to the final two men standing as we wait in anticipation to see how round one goes.

The Great Hope and Change, Barack Obama, opened up this week with leaked footage of Mitt Romney stating in a backhanded slant, that he didn’t want to provide jobs for teacher, fire fighters and policemen. Nice twist on that public speech; Romney actually stated ” He (Obama) says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers-did he not get the message of Wisconsin-the American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government, and help the American people.” Both jabs in that debate were sloppy and I doubt most voters are going to take a stand on making that issue a big issue, it’s barelty enough for either side top waste time on. On the other side of the ring, however, the Obama Administration is facing a barrage of attacks from private sector political advocates, grass roots Republican media and the internet (the same techno weapon he used to defeat John McCain). A soon to be released book, Confront and Conceal by David E. Sanger, is said to hold a lot of information with allegations of the President using and approving the use of cyber war tactics against Iran. Possibly this book will entail various stories of what the author deems is inexperience and bullying tactics from Obamat, but whether they paint a thoroughly damaging political image of him can only be told with time. The newshounds and political speaking whores we read, listen to and watch, need to sink their teeth into this book before we can tell what kind of spin they want to add or take from Sanger’s work.

Coinciding with the upcoming book from Sanger, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be voting on June 20 whether or not to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. This could be a hard shot to the ribs for the President’s campaign so I will keep an eye on that outcome. Meanwhile the President continues to run White House affairs and schedule in hand shaking events where he can fit them in. That task alone can prove to be touchy for him, too much exposure on the campaign trail and the public may view him as not getting any work done. Too little time out there and the common man thinks he’s being forgotten. I don’t envy either candidate in this freakshow process to get elected, but maybe that’s why I’m not running-that plus digging into my past would certainly disqualify me, if not have me banished, from this country altogether.

So punch away you modern day warriors, wrestle on worthy opponents. I sit in amusement knowing that someone’s gonna go home feeling fucked. It will either be four more years of Obama-which I don’t believe he could finish (too many variables out there right now which could have him disqualified, impeached and thrown out) leaving this country with President Joe Biden. If that happens, this country will self implode. Joe Biden will become the lit match in a gas leak for America. The other option has us being led by that white bread, bland as Filet O Fish weasel Mitt Romney and death could come by a number of means with him in charge. Whichever way he chooses to do us in, I’m sure it will be slow and painful.

Bring it on boys, bring on round two.


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