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What Now?


More scotch to inhale while I try to make sense of it all-or, at least, make sense from some of it. There are so many people out there, outside the confides of the Church, hopped up on fear, high fructose corn syrup and a pinch of Prozac. They’ve been watching their favorite news channel too long and now, they want to head out the front door with a loaded pistol; the problem is, they aren’t sure which way they want to point the gun….outward, or inward?

Amerika is past the Hundred Day marker, which was displayed out on the internet and news stations like some magical, barrier against evil. “He’ll never make it past the first hundred days” people cried, (more likely, they would type and send on social media) but Trump did, and the power of Juju left the political one hundred theorem dead in the road; so, now what the fuck do you do? Go get him out of office, right?

Those of you who would oppose the Crimson King, know this: there are some sneaky distractions at work to take you off course of your guided mission. One distraction is the pestering reverse chain-of-command. Those who want Donald Trump thrown out of office know if he goes, next to step in as President would be Mike Pence. From there, say, Pence were miraculously covered in damning evidence that took him out under Impeachment. Next in line would be Paul Ryan. After Ryan would be Orin Hatch. The odds of that many men getting tossed out of office are astronomical, and that means one of those bastards would be left in charge-nobody is thrilled about any of those choices…that’s all one distraction.

Then there’s the Fear, the intimidating glut of shock being pumped into our minds on a daily basis. We’re being choked throughout the day with an onslaught of news updates and bizarre non-newsworthy information to numb you into a state of lethargy. Media conglomerates figured out how to continually distract you with hyped up stories or tabloid style images. They leave you wanting more and that means, if there is no shocking revelation for the day, they had better come up with one fast. News became a growing commodity back when it made the jump to 24 hour coverage. That put them constantly on the prowl for news to suck you in. News to make their numbers pull in dollars to keep shareholders happy. The stories these huge media outlets get from Trump are like manna from Heaven, and justice plays backseat to finances…it’s all about the numbers. Trump is a gravy train of daily news…that’s another distraction.

There are small tribes on the internet trying to suck money from lost souls, promising people that by contributing money, they make a difference…somehow. I haven’t figured out that logic yet. You can’t just state something and it becomes so. The Republican National Committee has a Trump gold card they want to issue me for a five dollar donation. The kicker line in the email message they sent was “I know this would look great in your wallet”. The card claims no viable use of any kind, it has no value or use, but it would look great in my wallet. The other side of our American political spectrum is just as bad. End Citizens United, an assertive left wing group, unleashed a barrage of emails on a campaign to solicit funds so they could launch a ‘major ad campaign‘ to try and thwart the Crimson King. Trying to fund a revolution, or supporting freedom and justice via PayPal can get you entangled in a shitstorm of solicitations from various organizations wanting your cash. Knowing who is legitimate can be as tough as figuring out if the homeless guy you’re about to give a dollar to will spend it on food or booze. This is another distraction.

So those three examples are not the only distractions out there, but they are three of the top ones. No solid attempt, to date, has taken place to stop this current President. A few new chinks in the Republican armor are showing; Republican Congressman Al Green (TX) called for Impeachment and murmurs from others, like Justin Amash (Rep. R,  Mich.) show definite signs of possible dissension from the President. Various Government offices are defying orders from Trump. People all over shout how much they loathe the man. It’s a bumpy, wild part of the ride, folks, and I personally believe that for Trump to leave Office, he’ll have to suffer a serious childlike behavior spat and waive himself out of the job-just decide he doesn’t want to play anymore and walk away. That, or a coup. The problem with the latter option is, the coup may not come from angered Americans. It may come as swift as a company merger; you wake up one day and begin to realize that the laws you vote on and the people you elect to represent you are ineffective and do very little to help you or your community…your country. You discover the strings are being pulled by someone else. You recognize a puppet dictator in front of you that doesn’t appear to have the common sense of an ashtray. He leads you. He Lords over you.
Welcome to the Church.


Life Goes On Here in Hell


Trying to follow the line of events brought forth by this current administration is a near impossible task. The pews of the Church are crammed with insane items of interest. A draining emotional witnessing of America being slowly torn apart…slowly…so much to take on. I try to keep tabs on each day’s chain of events but the Crimson King is not making it easy. He works with swift, lethal action and implements a fistful of insane policies, then ducks out. He’ll throw some poor bastard from his staff out there to address his policies to our nation, and while reporters hammer away at that human shield, the King moves on to his next nefarious deal. At times, Trump’s actions appear to have no logical  agenda; then, they turn around and bring us all to the point of paranoia and conspiracy, trying to second guess his next move. His writing and verbal skills are attune to those of a ninth grade punk from Queens. He’s a bully, not very intelligent and really hellbent in favor of payback on those who would oppose him. He reminds one of Al Capone, mixed in with a smattering of Il Duce (Mussolini) and Tony Soprano…surely someone of more intelligence than Trump is behind the coup of our country.

I kept trying to start new posts on whatever new explosion of political crap the president threw out for the public to gnaw on. Before I could get halfway through a finished writing, a new dawn would rise here in Hell and bam!, Trump goes into some other distracting action. No one has enough time to fully ingest the insanity du jour before another one comes along and reminds us all that yes, we are currently being tormented in Hell.

My timeline marker for the most recent event(s) the media’s eye focused on is the firing of James Comey from his position as FBI Director. A crafty chain of events that happened with that one. Comey was appointed FBI Director back in 2013, by President Barack Obama. Part of Comey’s duties included overseeing the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, in connection with this past election. Obama left office and the era of the Crimson King rang in. Comey again served on as FBI Director. He was spared the cut so many from Obama’s administration suffered. I suppose Trump felt this six foot eight fellow New Yorker could dig up the info he would need to put Hillary in jail. On March 20 of this year, Comey went before the House Intelligence Committee and announced that the FBI had been running an ongoing investigation into the possible interference Russia had with this past election. Comey also said there was possible evidence of coordination between Trump associates and Russia. A few months later, Trump fires Comey as Director of the FBI. The press and public response (majority) was to cry ‘foul’ and make comparisons of Trump to Richard Nixon, who staged a similar chain of actions when he was under investigation for his participation in the Watergate scandal, an event which took down his reign of power. The evening after Comey was dismissed, reporters flocked around White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who lurked by some tall shrubs on the White House lawn, in the dark.  He remained there until executive assistant Janet Montesi faced reporters and told them Spicer would answer questions, as long as they did not film him doing so. Spicer steps out and demands they just ‘turn off the lights’ before continuing.

Spicer:  “We’ll take care of this….can you just turn that light off?”

The conversation with reporters took place and the next day, up pops principal Deputy White House Press secretary (du moment) Sarah Huckabee to field the Administration’s official response to the accusations that Comey was fired for investigating possible Russia ties with Trump.

Committees are forming inside Congress now, debating whether we need to march forward with investigating possible Russian ties to this past election. Older Trump atrocities begin to fade and so many throughout the world begin to forget events like the protest against the oil pipeline, or the water issues, our nation’s crumbling infrastructures and environmental crimes against nature. Bills are being presented to our lawmakers and politicians, so large that no human could possibly read the document before voting to pass. No accomplishments seem to address America’s problems, yet a bounty full of accomplishments seem to be taking place within the expensive game of politics. People are hired, fired, moved around, and the everyday things that pay the average person’s bills never change. We’ve become a stagnant nation. The stagnation is deep, folks, and harassing suspected ‘Muslims’ does nothing to stop that rotting of the core. Shipping aliens out of America doesn’t seem to be doing anything but making us a more shamed nation. Denying all science in favor of religious texts written thousands of years ago weakens our intelligence as a country. There are tribes of people out there, self-proclaimed Christians, yet they are actually more like psychotic Berserkers. There are pockets of dullards that call themselves Republican, who are actually bastardized remnants and an evoked evil brought about by fear mongering. A finite amount of illogical, moronic actions are crumbling us apart as a nation and will cause us to self implode, and the Crimson King races off to start another fire….this is what it looks like here in Hell.

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