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The Continued Nurturing of Idiocy


A continuing stream of stupidity plagues this nation as we close in on the next presidential election. Averting my eyes from politics for a moment, I glance on a story about rapper Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. (aka B.o.B.) arguing with famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson about whether or not the Earth was round. B.o.B. claims the Earth is flat based on pictures he took which show a level horizon rather than a curved one. I jar myself away from that horror story and jump back into politics where the fast running luck of Donald Trump, the little Bronx punk, sucked onto some viable assets for his campaign. An endorsement from Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. was performed for the religious right in hopes of grabbing some of those votes. Next, Trump’s campaign machine managed to get their hands on the pure energy lunacy of Sarah Palin. We all thought she was dead-politically. Her children were busing making headlines fighting and screwing, and we thought she couldn’t possibly be let back into the politico halls of the Republican elite. She went rogue for Christ’s sake; she abandoned the GOP by working against the grain of John McCain and walked away to go commentate on television and pop up now and then somewhere but basically, her career had died.
-and Donald brought that monster back to life.

We had that hell-spawn woman quelled when Trump pulled her out to stir up the crowd. He defies us, makes insane bullying threats, states he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and still win (the Presidency). Then he brings out Palin, who garbles mixed phrases to an audience in Iowa. The crowd is left hopeful…yet baffled as to why. Tea Party enthusiasts cling to a relationship with the former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential nominee which, combined with votes from the Religious Right, could tally enough of a lead for Trump to hold lead in the upcoming caucus. His numbers continue to hold high and so many people keep scratching their heads wondering how this continues.

I go back to the B.o.B. story and notice that he’s not the only quasi-celebrity to buy into the flat Earth theory. An entire society of people believing this are out there on the internet. Networks of morons connected via smart tech thinking the world is flat. Current interests like the flat Earth theory guide large groups toward popular trending thought rather than factual evidence. History and documentation mean little to the dullard; packs of slow witted Americans are being trained to do mob activities via information sourcing. Intentional marketing to persuade the masses isn’t new, but it’s become so hollow.

I go back to the news of Palin and Trump wondering if he plans to pull her out in future rallies. I do some speculative calculating on the ‘what-if’s of this election. When the caucus rolls around, I see single state votes being given to a lot of those in the race. Rand Paul will possibly get a state, maybe two. Kasich may get a couple but the bigger portions will probably be dolled out to Cruz, Rubio and (the lion’s share going to) Donald Trump. There are too many in the race at this point, which divides a robust backing for any Republican candidate. Recent poll swings haven’t shown a surge from any of those opposing Trump. The numbers keep playing about the same, week after week. Trump remains on top in spite his insane persona on the campaign trail…in spite? Hell, that’s probably the key thing keeping him on top.

We’re turning into a nation of idiots. American soil was invaded; not by turban wearing foreigners, but by a slowly declining pursuit of education and a desire to further our understanding of the world-and beyond. For Bobby Ray Simmons to claim he believes the Earth is flat sounds harmless enough but I see it adding onto a string of moronic concepts thrown out into the public eye being passed off as cultural chic, hip-hop suave. True evidence gets tossed aside and the public allows it to go unchecked. The rest of the world strives to become more educated, more aware of the global position of things, yet Americans continue to brag and boast-and don’t really don’t know what the fuck is going on. They allow this dumbing down of a nation and continue to avoid data and research. They continue to nurture the idiocy by letting things go on word alone and not back it up with fact. Trump continues to spew out misinformation, Palin babbles nonsense and we allow it to go on and pass itself off as truth.

I hardly have time to study the other side of the campaign coin; Sanders campaign finally started digging into my inbox…he’s finally getting into full steam mode. Clinton sinks back and smiles, a sinister grin with half closed eyes that make you only imagine the amount of campaign venom she can spit out if need be. We have enough access to real resources to validate what candidates-Republicans and Democrats alike-are telling us is Truth. Now more than other times in history, we have quick access to fact check and evaluate what our potential leaders are trying to sell us. Don’t let bold statements go by without questioning them. Don’t believe that the Earth is flat.

I detest the thought of a stupid nation. America has such potential and we’re pissing it all away…welcome to The Church.



The Oregon Standoff; a Nation Facepalms


The long fuse on the shitbomb of absurdity keeps relighting itself as public curiosity over the Ammon Bundy troupe waxes and wanes. This is a long tale involving three generations of delusional misfits who have chosen to see themselves as patriots; true Americans. More splinter idealists as of recent stand in defiance of Government authority during the Obama Administration and a huge part of the population is getting fed up. Greater numbers of Americans now fear gun toting self-claimed militia more than foreign terrorists on our soil. The occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is now going into it’s third week and many of us wonder, where does it go from here?

The standoff against ‘the Man’ starts back in 1993 when Cliven Bundy decides to raise a stink about the change in Federal grazing laws. The law found him in violation of grazing cattle without a permit and started slapping hefty fines on him. This fight influenced his son, Ammon, to take up cause against the Government, but not to help his dad. Ammon leaves his home in Arizona and works his way to Oregon where on January 2, he begins a seize and occupy campaign with armed enthusiasts calling themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. This aggression was brought in response to charges of arson against ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond, an event that just happened to catch the interest of Ammon and his brother, Ryan. The real icing on the cake in this tale; Ammon claiming to come lead an occupation after receiving a ‘divine’ message to do so. These divine messages are beginning to reek of the same fodder the Twinkie defense brings out…or the Affluenza defense.

This has brought about some concerns among people who feel groups like this are being allowed to go unscathed from local or federal officials because of their ethnicity and political persuasion. Recent odds show that had the group been African American, they would be buried by now-literally. The anger is beginning to spill into hatred and it might not be long before this gets kicked up a notch…or perhaps it will die down in shame and humility, as it should. I have hope for the latter and here’s why I think it will work out that way. This entire Malheur Occupation reminds me of the fever our country was going through during the Occupy Wall Street fiasco (which hatched pop-up ‘Occupy’ groups throughout the U.S.), which reminds me of the Occupy Denver movement. If you look back further in this blog you will see the postings I wrote while covering the failed protest in Denver, Colorado in 2011. There are so many similar circumstances and traits to the occupations. One difference; the occupation in Denver started during more pleasant warm weather but carried into the cold winter months where it worked hard on protesters. This Oregon occupation is a little more than two weeks old so give it time, folks. Adding to bitter temperatures and lack of snack, the group has been hit recently with shipments of dildos and sexual lubricant. The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom will mutate into some new fringe outfit, probably trying to claim sovereignty, and begin a Lord of the Flies life…like Denver did. The place is exposed to become a haven for wandering nomadic homeless persons who any given protest group can use as faces on the wall; boots on the ground to show strength by number. Homeless people do have a strategic advantage to an occupation movement, but there are side effects. The truly homeless will include insane individuals hidden within goodhearted (like No Shirt Billy during the Denver Occupation), down on their luck folk. Weekend warriors will be there for a major protest rally or two but the spirit dies and people have things to do and lose interest in donating time for the ’cause’. Our split second response society only tolerates so much realtime involvement. Most people won’t waste a day standing somewhere with a sign in their hand or singing a song of solidarity while cameras shoot your images over the internet. Time will become the greatest weapon against the Bundy Occupation. Time and lack of interest will kill this Mormon rancher’s following, just as it did his father. Clive Bundy had all this conservative following and then he put his foot in his mouth and made a huge racist statement to the public and the masses walked away. The majority of us are now more apt to let legal paperwork bury these would-be despots in enough sorrow and misery to last a lifetime.

Let’s all just sit back a few months and see where this winter takes Bundy and his following. As long as his group is leaving citizens unharmed I say let them spend time living in some refuge. Be humane; provide them with enough sustenance to live but don’t support their initiative to get away with the legal standoff they hide behind. This is punishment within itself to be out there, so irritated at asking for something to eat and getting mailed dildos. What a public flogging……let the waiting game go on.



Urbanex and Trump fini: To Sum It Up


A labyrinth for the mind, a labyrinth for the body. My sojourns for truth don’t always lead down a pleasant path but I feel the need to carry them out, regardless the outcome. I can’t rely solely on what I read off the internet; that thing is a monster and it will toy with your soul. I bobble back and forth from various sites trying to gather realtime numbers on Donald Trump, only to be left standing in front of dozens of conclusions. Where are the sites online that we can rely on to report accurate information? RealClearPolitics will tout themselves to be unbiased but after cruising their site for a few minutes I definitely saw a right wing slant to the theme of stories presented. Our society has grown to the point where news means opinion and opinion knows no bounds of integrity on the world wide web. There are news reporting sites out there that do a great job at being fair and unbiased but they end up mashed onto some other website that’s hitting you hard with choice stories tailored to your interests. Paid advertisements disguised as news pepper the good news crawls, sensationalized headlines lure you to ‘click’ through to the next page and forget the good news reports being presented. When they begin manipulating poll numbers and publishing erroneous statistics directly related to the elections, how are we to form a valid opinion on the candidates? How is one to get the real scoop on Donald Trump? Why should I care if Hillary Clinton is ‘hispandering’ to Latino voters? The elections we hold for the presidency need to be based on facts rather than hearsay, but if these purported news organizations continue to flood the electronic airwaves with whatever numbers they feel are handy or persuasive, and associate themselves with real reporting so as to disguise their intent, then we are certainly doomed.

The labyrinth for the body; the urbanex jaunt to the abandoned hospital in Richmond, Indiana, exercised my body and spirit. One must open up and tune in to the wonder of it all to fully appreciate a good exploration. The massive amount of human refuse, the giant structure slowly turning to dust, it’s all a bittersweet sight to behold; one that leaves you ashamed and humbled at the amount of waste we humans create. You can look at images online of abandoned factories and the like but you need to get deep in the bowels of a dilapidated building in order to experience the defining shame of it all. It’s like trying to take a phone camera shot of the Grand Canyon-you’ll never be able to capture the real experience of being there. Some things just have to be experienced in person.

News publications have presented varying opinions to the public for eons. Television news, talk shows, talk radio…Benjamin Franklin was known to have carried some pretty underhanded stories in his paper to dissuade public opinion from his adversaries. That is to say we are probably never going to stop biased reporting entirely, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere that brings back the senses of the public to the boundaries where idiocy now has them in chains. We need to be able to rely on sources to give us the truth in these statistics and numbers and separate that from op-ed. So few people I have asked show a support for Trump yet the stories keep telling us he’s in the lead. Someone out there is lying. I think what worries me the most about inaccurate reporting is, if they can slip numbers in and not get called out on it, what’s to stop them from manipulating votes directly at the polls?

I’m sure everyone has had that talk about how ridiculous the Electoral College is in today’s age. We live in an electronic age of computers and smart phones. Information distribution and gathering are streamlined to be practically instantaneous. We have the ability to actually count each person’s vote (those who do vote) and tally the votes of the  public…but then that works back to the original problem of not accurately reporting information on any particular candidate. We could end up with a Lord of the Flies civilization here in America where those emblazoned with guns and bullying tactics take hold of our nation. Convince enough idiots with weapons to start shooting up your streets and see who follows who. If you side against the gun holding morons, be prepared to be fired upon…but not in this country, right? Not in America.

Welcome to the Church.


Urbanex and Trump pt. 2: Clinton Hispanders, Gay Nazi Zombies


The first thing I saw as Mike and I walked into the abandoned hospital was a huge yin yang symbol painted on the wall and a scrawled message in favor of ‘pussy’. A perfect christening for the moment, a celebratory message that beckoned us to investigate more. This was only supposed to be a dry run to see how accessible the place was but how could we stop now? The huge abandoned building was right here, right now…we had to look.

Unlike this old structure, the internet search I began doing for legitimate poll numbers on Trump was not a wondrous visual event. My hunt led me to sites like RealClearPolitics and other self touted ‘reliable sources for news’; a maze of subjective articles slanted toward one political persuasion or the other. If you’re a right wing zealot about your politics, sites flourish with rhetoric and half truths on Obama and Clinton, tree huggers and abortionists, all packaged for you neatly to tag and use as a reference for your friends and argumentative friends. I ran across an article someone wrote on Hillary Clinton stating the senator had sunk so low in her campaign as to begin ‘hispandering‘ for votes. Hispandering is a new political term this writer is trying to infuse the public with, referring to someone pandering votes to Hispanic voters by using familiars to conjure a false claim to kinship. Hillary had placed an article on her campaign website listing eight ways she was just like your abuela (grandmother). I thought this was no more dramatic than past politicians have done in their campaign runs. The Bush brothers are notorious for giving speeches or speaking in Spanish to audiences and I can’t say that really even serves much to rack up poll numbers, but here this writer was calling out Hillary as if this were some cheap, heinous attempt to persuade Latino voters into her swarm of the Damned. The story tried hard to makes news out of no news.

The hospital stretched out like a decaying hydra, one corridor leading into two, leading into more. There was something to see no matter which way you turned and you had no idea which way to turn. Thanks to some previous roamers (or squatters) at this place we were able to follow a path of arrows on the walls that kept us from stumbling into dead ends. So much refuse and waste being aged and disintegrating out here not far from the traffic of everyday life in this small town. Locals surely pass it all the time and don’t give it a second thought, as it goes with so many of our urban structures out there just rotting away. There is an indescribable feeling you get walking into a room filled with peeling paint on every wall, surfaces of trashed out technology forming mold and fungus…at any moment you could round a corner and run into some wild bird, trapped in the bowels of this place and screaming it’s nightmarish hell-song as it tries to find a way out into the open sky. One of the highest peaks in this place was in the new wing and we eventually ended up there on the sixth (or was it seventh?) floor. The rooms up here had been gutted but walls were finely decorated with various graffiti and tags-specifically from some tribe calling themselves the ‘Nazi Zombies’. If I read the walls right, there were two truths about these Nazi zombies I could ascertain; one, that the Nazi Zombies hated black people and two, the Nazi Zombies loved to suck dick. Now these were their claims as tagged on their domain up there. This didn’t appear to be a case where they wrote it and someone else came along and added the dick sucking part. The slogans seemed to come from them so until I could prove otherwise, I will take these telltale signs of  Nazi zombies to you.

I believe the image of a bunch of racist gay Nazi zombies was about what it took to push the Trump thing out of my head for a bit. I was totally surrounded by the high of this urbanex. My pursuit of political truth would be put on hold, because that monster was an endless headed hydra that just led you from one dead end to another. I needed to change what it was I was looking for on the internet. I might never find true numbers on Trump because they were hidden down some dark corridor that was guarded by a hispandering Hillary Clinton.


Urbanex and Trump pt. 1; Two Journeys Begin


A labyrinth for the mind, a labyrinth for the body. The end of 2015 was upon us and my gifts from the Great Beyond for the holiday were experiences of a sublime flavor; one a decaying beauty and the other a sinister concept bordering on being called ‘conspiracy’. An urbanex (urban exploring, urban exploration) jaunt was planned to an abandoned hospital not far from here. Nothing concrete but a penciled in date sometime around the new year. Urbanex has become an attraction to me, an offbeat form of viewing art-live art…live art made from that which has died.

I needed a break from my campaign coverage which had turned into a ferret fight. I can’t keep track how much nonsense gets mixed in with true intent…overpowering…even on drugs. The campaign debates have run their best showings for an audience that grows tired and wants to get on with the final showdown. Many are still undecided, or at least reluctant to back anyone, so the speechifying continues and the band plays on. We wait and mi hermano, who was orchestrating the urbanex trip, calls and wants to do a dry run with me before taking a full crew. I’m up for that and so we set an early morning trip to scout out the place on the twenty third. With a past road history of being one of the more notorious days for travel, what was a few hours on Christmas Eve morning?

Now before starting that initial trip out there I have time to peek in and look at the headlines from news clips among the various hosting sites I visit; a mixture of all news crap, all the time from all over the fucking place. The internet is ridiculously big. Big splash news headings from AOL news:
Four Candidates May Be Kicked Out of Next Debate
Trump Blows Away Competition As He Soars in Polls
This has become almost useless to track. The polls I view have candidate’s numbers going up and down daily. Donald jumps and drops and the pony show continues but after his more recent day fuckups on air I thought his numbers would surely stay low. I wanted to see the numbers on this one so I clicked through to the story and read. The story showed Trump with a 39 percent approval rate; closest competition coming from Ted Cruz at 18 percent. That’s a twenty one point gap between two of the most bizarre forms of life-and they’re the ones in the lead! This story put Trump at 39, Cruz at 18, Rubio and Carson at 10 and no other candidate grabbing more than 5. These numbers didn’t jibe with the individuals I had spoke with on both sides of the political spectrum. There are politic junkies, like me, who are both donkeys and elephants, and they had opinions on poll numbers that didn’t correlate to this story. Mine didn’t either so I wanted to backlog research this a bit more. I traced back the story source provided by AOL Entertainment News (or whoever the fuck they are) and it was some group called RealClearPolitics. One more hole to jump down. I went to the RealClearPolitics web page, checked to see who they were, what credentials they had, standard stuff. As most people on the internet for any period of time have discovered, there are thousands upon thousands of news source sites…because the internet is ridiculously big. RealClearPolitics, according to their websites’ history, was founded in 200 by a couple news junkies from Chicago who came up with a vision to gather news and provide it on one site. They also list themselves as The most cited source for U.S. political polling information. This leaves me doing a web search for ‘most cited source for political polling information‘. I plug that line into a Google search engine and it pulls up no source other than RealClearPolitics as ‘most cited’ or any site related to ranking polling groups so I suppose, by math alone, they could be considered most cited…I think only cited would have been better. Perhaps there’s some buried article five pages down on Google but no initial page shows who bestows any site ‘most cited’.

I needed to slow down and look at this more but urbanex was on the way and I swore to walk away from that sideshow event Trump was drumming up. The Republicans and the Democrats would stay at this pace at least until the beginning week of the new year so now was the time to focus on this hospital journey. I needed to immerse in the bathing of decayed building solitude. To wander inside and witness current day archaeology, the fetid and foul, the majestic structures with their bellies eaten out, dead in front of us as society leaves them for…the next thriving spot. Donald’s numbers and the RealClearPolitic citing site would have to wait because it was time for me and my brother to enter the hospital.

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