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Click ‘Share’ and Accomplish Nothing


I sit at the back of the Church now, not wanting to take my place by the pulpit. I feel it would be easy for me to lie down on a pew and swill a few bottles of Ardbeg, pass on to the next life in a drunken stupor. Our world has abandoned us and we, it. No one is sure what will happen next, but it doesn’t look promising. Take us now, Jesus, take us and lay down the flames.

Day after week after month I follow the flow of activity, actions performed in the name of making a better world, actions made online or in person-neither accomplish much. The mismanagement of our country trying to ‘Make America Great Again’ destroyed what Middle Class we had and leaves us a nation of Third World citizens living among soon-to-be Third World citizens-those too naive to recognize their fate. Oh we still have rich people; the Upper class continue to be rich and, in fact, have become more rich, but larger numbers of Amerikans fall deep in inescapable despair and are being duped into believing all the online clicking of buttons and ‘share’-ing of feelings will cure our nation’s ailment…hasn’t done much yet, has it?

My observation of campaign rallies, political speeches and protests since the beginning of the twenty-first century…everything since those Twin Towers came down….I have put all that in comparison to the era of the sixties and seventies I lived through; the time of Nixon and King Jr. and Vietnam. Students and priests, everybody and their Mother-they hit the streets and roared like lions back then, back in the sixties and seventies, to make changes toward a better world tomorrow. In the twenty-first century, however, a typical act of defiance is to change the background image on your Facebook profile.

Jeff Miller, Bill Schroeder, Sandy Scheuer and Dean Kahler died at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970 protesting the Vietnam War; that tragedy helped lead to the ending of the war back then. In 2017 we have paranoid citizens going off the deep end, grabbing high powered weapons, mowing down people in record numbers. In 2017, tragedies spike ratings on 24 hour news shows and make those rich folks I mentioned earlier, even more rich. Our modern day tragedies lead to a string of click-bait stories being posted on the internet to sidetrack a mass audience of people on the web from accomplishing anything constructive to stop this madness. Daily news feeds have us all fighting one another more than working with each other to overcome our hurdles. Sensationalized horrorshow freaks in our world-not the made up Hollywood monsters, but the real ones out there, like Weinstein or Cosby…more surfacing all the time. Our nation’s leaders, Senators and Congresspeople, our President…another strain of monster out there. Those we choose to govern and make life better for us spend a vast majority of their time and your money just working toward keeping their job. The clan of Upper Class who produce our social/political media du jour, fine tuned the tool of electronic distraction to keep our Lower Class at bay. The Lower Class continue fighting one another and that leaves the elite alone and makes media companies cash. The boost one gets from being noticed for a post they put up about how disturbed they are from one of these stories is being nurtured with images and slogans, each and every fucking day, that the media companies provide. People begin to feel they’ve accomplished something if they sign an online petition or shoot out an email to someone of importance or post a picture to sway opinions. That ends up being a ‘preaching to the choir’ end game though. Online petition signing hasn’t fixed gun laws or given the people of Flint clean water or helped anyone in Puerto Rico…Florida…Texas…California…but those videos and pictures keep coming. The vocalization of voices online show numbers, but no strength.

I should pull that thought back a bit and give some credence to the influence online display of opinion plays. Certainly, it helps us understand percentages (skewed, at times) of people who feel one way or another about various social, political or moral values. What gets out of hand are the magnitude number of stories on a subject though, crammed on our screens to vie for more readership. Think about how much money is been generated for some agency posting pictures of faux celebrities that millions view every day? How many companies out there have Frankensteined into an organization that supports their company soliciting stories of human hatred? Positive, constructive news is out there, just not promoted as much as the negative stories. Good news stories don’t generate as much interest as bad stories; perhaps a sad reality of humanity. When it’s all about the numbers, where do you think news providers are going to go? They work hard to build news feeds with shocking information to keep people coming back, rather allowing them to do something about the horrorshows in our world. They’ve learned that the majority of our mass public will only go so far as to click ‘share’, and that’s about as far as they’ll go.

Get ready for the next mass shooting, and Welcome to the Church.


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