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Just Shot the Peace Outta Denver


I looked back and discovered it was way back in September of last year (2012) that I signed off from the Church blog, letting matters go as they might- life goes on, discover the beauty of things-that kind of mantra. I felt no need to write more for the Ass Bleeding Morons. The 2012 Presidential election was facing us and my posts pertaining to that were more than I could focus on. I needed more ‘me’ time and less political hoodoo to wander (and wonder) about. So from that September moment to the present, I kept busy with projects and continued roaming the bowels of Denver and surrounding suburbs to see what humankind was offering ‘We The People” now days.  I went to downtown Denver on April 2oth when a shooting took place; this brought me back to the pulpit, briefly.

Denver’s 4-20 celebration started out fantastic. It was an atmosphere of a joy, music and herbal intoxication for everyone. I attended the celebration last year (I even have a blog entry on that. titled ‘Pacing Through The Land of the Slow‘, published 4/21/2012) but this year’s event drew a bigger participation from those paying homage to marijuana now that Colorado law had been passed legalizing the herb. Visitors from all over were coming into Denver for this one day smoke-a-thon. The air was so pumped full of weed smoke, you didn’t have to light a joint to get high. Visible plumes rose into the air from the crowd and when the clock struck twenty minutes after four, the crowd roared out a cheer and sent huge plumes of smoke skyward. The crowd was dense, but no one complained. Vendors hocked goods, every other hand had a pipe or blunt in it, music kept the crowd grooving. I was soaking it all in, working my way back to a stage where music was being performed live, when I heard the gunshots ring out; the distinct ‘pop pop pop pop pop pop’ from a hand gun.

The crowd scattered from the shooting. Fear swept over everyone. I remember one woman running that said “damn, we have to put up with this shit again?” It does seem that the theater shooting in Aurora, where James Holmes opened fire on an unsuspecting audience, was not that long ago. Bombings at the Boston Marathon were just days prior. People panicked and screamed and hustled themselves and loved ones away from the scene. Luckily, cycle patrol officers were near by to take control of the chaos. A man lie on ground with police and EMT medics over him while the crowd slowly came back around to snap shots and evaluate the aftermath. A we all stood there looking at them rope off the scene and deal with the body, the clouds began to drizzle a light rain on the crowd…fitting. After it all died down, the tally reported three people (one a juvenile) and a dog were shot.

So does this change my mind in regards to gun law proposals against weapons? You might think so, but it doesn’t. My mind may change in a few days after some hidden paranoia surfaces from within me, but I doubt it. The bombs lit in Boston proved that you don’t have to have a weapon with bullets to do harm. Hell, Timothy McVeigh proved that. That bombing in  Boston had me more shaken than the 420 event and that happened across the country from me. I had been walking around downtown the day prior and silently wondered what it would be like to witness the buildings in LoDo exploding from a homemade device. For the first time in my life, I had a concern, a worry about this.

We are living in unsettled times and taking guns out of people’s hands will not stop this. A certain mentality continues to grow out of frustration with the current state of world affairs and I feel we are going to have more and more cases like this pop up-and they won’t all involve a gun and bullets. IEDs and home made bombs, arson,random acts of violence-I feel these will be on the rise if we can’t figure out how to put more empathy and love for one another into this world.  Not everyone will have the insanity it takes to pick up a weapon of any kind, and use it against another human being (or beings) but I feel if you start taking away privileges from Americans, the pot that contains paranoia and conspiracy will grow and look for opportunities to unleash the anger, gun or no gun.

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