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My Small Diatribe Sermon on the Mount


We’ve been riding a wind from Hell on a ship of insane sailors, the seeming political destruction of our country before our eyes, a civil unrest in Amerika as we live it, thrown up on the newsfeed of the day. Anyone who can’t see the reported division in our society today is blind with naivety, or high on bath salts. The wanton lunacy of our Crimson King scares us daily and even though we all knew we were in for a bumpy ride with him, we now know this may not be the worst of it. We aren’t even halfway through his first term reign and Trump just keeps delivering these stingers. -and of course, media will scare some (encourage fewer) to imagine and fear a two term Presidency from Don. Welcome to the Church.

Around the time of my last sermon, my observation had been directed to the march/protest in downtown Indianapolis against gun violence and how a group of people felt about it. They held their gathering of a few thousand boots on the ground in bad weather, the same weekend other cities throughout the U.S. held protests. This left me wondering; would this unsanctioned, unified protest bring about any new results? That nationally focused ‘citizens against guns’ protest, or whatever the fuck they wanted that rally in March to be known as, is now pretty much boiled down to a memory. Our next day’s atrocities are already being created…Trump stories, or Nazis marching in the streets, stories almost waiting their turn in line to hit you first thing in the morning. They’re already in place to soften the anger people felt for a while against gun violence, at least, enough of a hate to show up that one day. People keep trying to protest and change things, but they’re having very little teeth against a small growing cancer of mongrel white trash ideologists, hitting meth and worshiping some false glory they’ve dreamed up with racism and hatred. They patrol their neighborhoods and breed their words, a new generation of xenophobes and hate mongers being seasoned, and slowly, repopulated into our world.

The country continues to ramble on, and how we have been surviving still appears to be a miracle, in my eyes. I couldn’t keep reporting on the every day flow of ill news and societal suicide this Administration has been dealing out. I needed to take a break and recall the piece of voodoo magic that made life great for me. This blog, this Church, was initially a hall of healing for me and gave me the gift of having an avenue to witness our society and writing about the strange observations I’ve stumbled through. The Church has led me to follow and witness those boots on the ground people of our Amerika, initially in the Mile High streets of Denver, then again in Sleepytown¬† – Midwest USA …Indianapolis. The Church was an avenue of personal therapy for me. My ability to observe and report what I experienced by watching a political Movement grow and fail, helped me through hard, personal times. More recent, here now in 2018 with a game-show host in charge of the United States, the fascination with reporting on politics has become a bit unsettling. The therapy stopped helping so much.¬†I haven’t posted in a while because the agony so many are going through will not be appeased by my mere writings and I couldn’t-didn’t want to- keep up with the pace of the daily scare newsfeed. We are harboring a storm, a real shitstorm, for sure, and I after the gun protest I felt a need to break away to enjoy the people I know, my local compadres. I knew you readers would fare while I bonded with the Bohemians I crowd with; out and about listening to indie music bands, thrashing it in some basement, old school slam dance release of energy, rooms full of artisans drinking large amounts of liquor and doing large amounts of drugs. Closing down bars and pontificating on life instead of politics with akin spirited drunks. Listening for a God, looking for logic.
Take time to do these things, folks. Work it into your schedule, somehow, because close friends are those people next to you on your emotional sinking ship, and they will be your closest friends through times of trouble. Go visit friends, then you can get back to the madness.


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