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Continued Observation, the World Shifts


I haven’t posted a sermon at the Church since last Summer. I’ve been strapped to the mast of a ship, heading through the Sea of Insanity, and felt it was time for each of us to just hold on a while. Cling tight to the ropes and see how we fared the increasing temperature this nation-this world-plods into. Amerikans, stand poised on the brink of another Civil War, according to a huge number of people I speak with (about the shape our society sits in). So many are convinced that the political situation we painted ourselves into a corner with will lead to destruction by the hands of the masses, not by the command of our leaders. Our leaders grow more stagnant by the day and have a hard time kicking old political habits. The House and Senate are our nation’s arena for entertainment; A bizarre lust of pleasure through pain we preview via hand held tech; it fucks with our temperament. News spews on our phones and tablets and stirs up the emotions of voters, citizens, non-citizens, African Americans, Latinos, White Supremacists, political advocates…et. al..

A new State of the Union address tonight, hot on the heels of a carnival showcase battle between the Crimson King and that python from the East, Nancy Pelosi. She took reign as Speaker of the House in January and immediately began to worm her way into the craw of Trump. This 2019 State of the Union was up in the air for a bit and this left us wondering if there would be one telecast. After partially opening the government, the show was scheduled to go on. Plenty of weed and enough Quervo to see this performance, so I might as well sit back and watch the theatrics unfold. I no longer look to our politics to change our world. The mere presentation of intent can spur change as quick as anything.

I get into watching the performance, more than the message. The proof of their promises show when the dollar hits the table…like selling artwork, for me. So many will tell me they want a painting or they would pay me to paint this and that, but I only believe it once that dollar hits the table. Same way for my politicians. I’ll believe them when things start moving on the street. But I do enjoy watching the speeches.Watching political speeches is like an opera, a vaudevillian extravaganza of old goats in tailored clothes giving dramatic words. They should have confetti cannons, maybe tails and top hat dancers to intro the thing.

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