La Migra’s Futile Brown Battle

There is a changing look for America on the horizon and that image will rise from a growing population boom of Latinos. Census reports show that people of Hispanic heritage are now the largest and fastest growing minority in our country. The last few years of struggle along the Mexico/America border, particularly in Arizona and Texas, have created a new bias and brought legal confrontation to these states that now goes before the Supreme Court to decide if federal law supersedes state law. The outcome of the Justices’ call will not stop the battle, not by a long shot. This heated issue against what is basically racial profiling will continue to grow in the Southwest and into America’s Heartland as legal and illegal Hispanic citizens band together for a solution to America’s xenophobic stance against their families.

There have been numerous cases of unjust legal acts committed against and in favor of illegal inhabitants here. Heinous crimes against U.S. citizens by foreign thugs who end up getting off serving any hard time here as if they had claimed diplomatic immunity. Crimes as hard core as murder have happened with the perpetrator fleeing to Mexico where officials there have given little or no support to American officials in apprehending these bastards. Border wars brought on by Mexican and South American cartels now pepper the lower states flowing over into uninvolved Anglo neighborhoods where local law enforcement is financially unable to provide adequate protection.

On the other side of this coin is a vast community of Latinos from Mexico, Central and South America, who have come to this country with the same hopes and aspirations our ancestors came here with. They want the American Dream of a better way of life for their children, working hard to rise the standard of their lives, basic cable and 2 for 1 Big Macs. Their families have integrated themselves into the farm belt and provided our country with labor that no one else wants to do. They clean our motels and strive to assimilate themselves into the mainstream. They work their fingers to the knuckle to make our lives better and the response they get is to be threatened with having their papers checked, like some old Nazi confronting the Juden merchant on the streets of Austria in 1939.

I know the current status of this issue is far from being perfect and there will certainly be a lot of bugs to work out; the NAFTA agreement boosted by the Clinton Administration is a Frankenstein that we  must now go through-an issue set up to boost free trade among countries in the Americas that faltered, like the Euro standardization project. Let’s not throw the baby out with the horchata folks, we have a real opportunity to fix this problem but it will take unconventional thought and approaches to the situation. We can’t turn back the hands of time, we must progress and adapt a new society where everyone works to keep this huge American machine rolling. Most people who live in this country want to stay in this country and will work to keep America what it is, but to deny those currently supporting the principles of this Land of Free and Home of Brave the same rights and privileges we all expect, who could blame them for revolt? They helped build this country as well-would we turn our backs on them and become as mad as King George?

Argue the point all you want but you can’t sit in denial of the census numbers which show America hosting a growing percentage of Latin American citizens. Every time this country tries to stop a problem by selecting a race of people to surround and smother it ends up a disaster. We tried to coral Japanese Americans during the Second World War, that was a travesty, racial profiling black citizens is still an unethical problem in America and Middle Eastern immigrants continue to fall victim to being categorized into one lump sum, regardless of whether they are Arab, Palestinian or even Sikh, and deemed terrorists. America is a melting pot of various religions, races and habits so let’s not filter out our diversity, we need to let it strengthen us as a nation.


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