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Let it Be

I recall being against a wall, paralyzed from a huge lung full of salvia smoke, leaning against a white stone pillar that edged Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, laughing inside my head as I realized I was incapable of moving. My brain was totally functional but my body ceased to react to my commands. I could do nothing but lean against the wall and wait until my body functions came back. I had slowly worked my way up on dosages of this wicked shit, cutting it with marijuana to lessen the effect, gradually building it up each time; this time I had hit that magic point that left me immovable like some statue in the park. I’m just grateful I was against a wall when it hit or I would have fallen face first onto the concrete.

Yes, I have abandoned my addiction to American politics these last few weeks and replaced it with periods of wonder and joy, happiness and creativity. The back and forth squabbles between Democrats and Republicans has produced an increasing amount of hidden hostility and futile efforts toward subjugation which left a foul taste in my mouth. National media no longer even attempts to give us unbiased information, leaving me to rely on overseas reports for a better stab at ‘fair and balanced’ news. Our presidential races are typically laced with pomp and circumstance but opinion polls have swayed this year’s election coverage to focus on negative ads and finger pointing sessions rather than try to fill us with true hope and change. The frustration that comes from a lack of accomplishment is tearing at the fabric of our nation and has people angered with one another, something akin to the divisive arguments this country suffered during it’s Civil War. Even as recent (relatively speaking) as the Reagan years, our congresspeople would butt heads and talk with one another about bills and agendas, but at the end of the day they could still sit down with one another, enjoy a drink and raise a toast of civility to one another. Our congress no longer meets with each other, no longer talks to one another. Ideas are not shared for fear the opposing party might use points in the conversation as ammo against them-job security has become more precious than sharing diverse opinions and ideas.

Once I was able to get my legs working again I walked among crowds of raving bicycle riders, all draped in costume with glow sticks and fairy wings as techno music blared out into the night sky. This was ‘Cruise Night’; a midweek celebration where people of all ages, races, sexes and sexual orientation gather to ride bikes, dance and enjoy the company of one another. There is no political agenda here, no ‘us versus them’ mentality, it is a night to smile and be happy. I tell myself that this is what I need to remember whenever I get too frustrated from the back and forth swill our politicians dole out in hopes of securing themselves a job for a few years. I need to remember the togetherness of everyone that evening and know that that is what truly makes life the best, makes it worth living.

Perhaps you have found these moments, maybe not amidst a crowd full of ravers while you were bent on drugs but maybe when you were with a group of friends at a picnic, maybe out for the evening to listen to some local musicians-whatever it is, go out and enjoy life and stop trying to fix the world for a while. The politics and treachery will always be there whenever you need to come back for a little save the world session, just remember to separate it from the happy and creative experiences in life. The ‘system’ always seems to need fixing, but the good times in life are fine just the way they are.


Something Wicked This Way Came

The Century 16 theater had been characterized for some time as a  ghetto cinema in the heart of Aurora, Colorado. The Aurora Mall, within walking distance of the theater, fought hard against youth crime and gang influence and seemed to have cleaned up the bad influence in this area. Police and community did a lot to revive the shopping complex and once again families could feel safe about coming to the mall or seeing a movie at the 16 screen cinema; all that changed during the midnight premiere showing of the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Twenty four year old James Holmes sat down and began watching the movie with the rest of the audience, then went to his car out in the parking lot while leaving the back door to the theater ajar. He donned a gas mask, ballistic helmet and body armor, leg, groin and throat protectors, and approximately twenty some odd minutes into the movie, tossed a canister of gas into the viewing crowd, then began to randomly shoot into the audience, stopping only to reload. Seventy one people were shot, twelve were killed. This was a horrible event and it will be some time before a lot of people will recover from this act of violence.

I can’t sit and weigh through the small amount of information that has developed over the four days since the attack, no motive has yet to be discovered, wounded victims are still recovering, the bereaved plan their funerals. At a time like this I believe most of the country-the world-is in agreement that this is a terrible fate that fell on this town and as talking heads and city officials scratch their heads to figure out why this could have happened we all wait for an answer, a solution to the problem. The sad truth is, there is no solution. We will continue to have heinous, deranged individuals in our world and we can try to do what we can to protect the innocent, but some will slip through the cracks. A couple of men took down the Federal building in Oklahoma City back in 1995 killing 168 people. Cancerous individuals like Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy pop up every so often and in spite our best efforts to understand what makes them do the evil they do, we are held victim to their crimes and stop them only after the atrocities have started-or ended.

These are not the acts of organized political groups,  nor is it the insurgence of a religious fanatical organization raining down judgement on the world. This kid who painted his hair red and referred to himself as the Joker is just as deranged as David Berkowitz (who testified his neighbor’s dog told him to start killing people). Insane, irrational acts of violence will come in various shapes and forms. Taking away video games or prohibiting certain music, banning television shows and stopping the sale of firearms will not stop it. We will never be totally free from the wicked thoughts and actions of some, so we must hold on with hope and belief in the goodness of most humans, that we will be there for one another in greater numbers against any emerging evil, whenever tragedy such as this strikes. We must be the beacon that lets others know the kind-hearted nature of humans will outweigh the wicked that comes our way.


Western Political Tirades; QOL in the Land of MAO

I want you to take a good look at the image at the top of this article for a moment and see if it drums up images of a futuristic city promised to Americans. Back when magazines like Popular Science or Omni fed our dreams with visions like the one atop this post, a promise of an advancing society for all, we believed that one day that would all be ours to savour. Now realize that this is no Photoshop concept pic, this is a real shot from the skyline of current day Shanghai. This was the city I was led to believe would be the look of 21st Century US, and here is stands in all it’s glory, in the land of Mao. Meanwhile our country’s malls and business districts slowly decay, like our economy, while we as a nation stand by and squabble with one another over the dissuasion our media feeds us in an effort to keep a healthy viewership rating. If you keep listening to the garbage they feed us as mainstream, important news, they get to keep their lights on. As long as they have us fighting amongst ourselves why should we have to worry about advancing the QOL (Quality Of Life) in the USA?

The Chinese economy has worked for years to invest on an international scale with low cost items (i.e. McDonald’s Happy Meal toy manufacturing, clothes, almost every piece of merchandise put on your local Walmart’s shelf) and now, after years of being an export-driven country, will soon (if not already) turn the tide and become a domestic driven society. In other words, they can stop selling us shit because they will be able to sell it to themselves and sustain a healthy economy for all of fucking China-think about that, all of China. Housing prices in Beijing have risen for the first time in months, the western province of Xinjiang is at the forefront in renewable energy supplying solar power to a huge area that years ago had no electricity. The standard of living and the quality of life for Chinese citizens continues to aspire while we in this great free nation thrust our efforts at checking into the authenticity of our President’s birth certificate and Mitt Romney’s involvement with past lucrative financial deals.

What the fuck happened here folks? Where are the advancements in the areas of science and technology? We were once the forerunner in space exploration, car manufacturing, health and medicine….and now Americans want to sit around and debate whether or not the nation is falling apart due to immigrant overflow. Opposing political advocates waste their energy bickering back and forth and what do we gain from it? So many people are head strong in the belief that the one leader who sits in our country’s Oval Office will be the make or break of this nation. I think that’s a bit sidetracked to put all that blame or responsibility in one person’s hands. No one person can fix what ails us, it will take a nation.

So based on that theorem you may wonder, who is the right person to follow in this year’s election? Irrelevant for the most part. Go back to my previous statement-it will take a nation. We all need to work at investing in this country again, selling the American product to not only ourselves (domestic driven society) but to the countries of the world (export-driven society) in order to gain momentum once again and be the pulse of what drives individuals throughout the world to look at America as a great nation. Right now we stand on the brink of global humiliation. Forget about the problems of the Euro market, they fell victim to the shadow economics of China just like we did. Pay little attention to the micro money boom of Dubai because oil will run out and then all that is left for them is the money they seem to be blowing at an alarming rate.

The first solution to this mess is admitting that their is a problem. The second step will be to plot a course of action-stop pointing the finger at phantom conspiracies and use that energy to develop something great. Our country’s roads and rail systems are crumbling, our schools teeter on the edge, nothing new and exciting is coming off the assembly line here except the latest Marvel Comic blockbuster movie (that costs $14 to see). Be inspired to help this country grow again and if you need inspiration, just look at that picture at the top of this blog post again.


Damascus Terror Amidst National Gun Hustle

The Syria story hit me while I was downtown among the casual enjoying the carnies and performers; downtown Denver is turning into downtown Boulder as far as the walking traffic goes…Pearl Street still has better shops but in spite that, the locals love it here. Earlier in the day I had heard some quick reference about something happening in Damascus ( more specific I learned later, Turaymisah, Syria)but obligations held me prisoner until the evening hours when I could escape to the streets and relax. After arriving there and sedating myself I stopped at a Starbucks and actually made a purchase so as not to just Wifi-Jack their internet. The news blurbs hitting the internet were showing crude, first run video of destruction over there. News continues to leak out a little at a time and our news agencies stand by to give us all the latest on that explosive cluster fuck as quick as they can get it.

In contrast, murmured stories here in the U.S. are erupting on various gun blogs and websites, speaking on this evil doom that ‘threatens our constitutional rights’ . A General Assembly was to be held in New York City and Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) is leading the online charge to fight against this UN Gun Ban which is alleged to prohibit handgun ownership. Now that would be something to bring some life back into this campaign, have Obama and Mitt get on the pulpit to tell us what they intend to do about the UN gun issue-and how involved they feel the U.S. will become in whatever new crisis pops up like an ugly zit in Syria? Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Secretary-General of the United Natons, Kofi Annan, both gave their one liners to express outrage-oh,  and the Syrian Army is probably not done yet.

Now that, is a protest folks. This is one pissed off group of people, one angry country. The back and forth prattle we witness in our presidential circus act is really moot next to these kind of reports coming out of the Middle East. Obama wants Romney to come clean on his record with Bain Capital, Romney wants Obama to apologize for his attacking remarks about the Bain Capital. Really? I think by now a majority of the public knows who they will vote for in the fall, no turnaround miracle philosophy is going to change the mind of a devout Republican or Democrat so rather than bring up these silly little rabbit punch issues, why not bring out the real heavy roundhouse punches? Address the issue our nation fears on this purported attack at our citizen’s right to bear arms. International sanctions against Syria did nothing but piss them off so bad that they claim to be ready for an All Out-will we be sacrificing more of America’s youth to play failed police in another Middle East location? Some real hardcore drama is taking place out there, we need to hear some hardcore answer.


In Search of the Lost American Dream

Decades ago a lot of us were led to believe that if you worked hard, you could become anything-at the very least, you would live a good life with home, security and the ability to take care of yourself. Now in the later years of life that promise mocks me like a stinging insult. I ran into two more people this week who have lost work and have had to downsize their living arrangements dramatically. True, some of you are fortunate to have built a nest egg and have good jobs, live pretty well and are still able to take vacations once or twice a year. Some are not so fortunate and frantically scrape what money they can to survive off the cheapest food available, no medical coverage at all and wondering when this might change for them-if ever. The American Dream of owning your own car, annual trips to visit some place to get away fro it all, Christmas gifts for the kids-these are not the norm anymore, they are becoming a luxury. A third world habitation is sprouting up in larger numbers across our country and no one can foresee when a boost to our nation’s economy to raise the standard of living will happen.

I have listened to dozens of stories from individuals on the street, homeless victims of the job/economy demise and in spite what popular material may tell you, the majority of the people out there are not alcoholics or mental cases, yet much more time spent out there may drive them to these ends. Political squabbles continue between Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members and others over what politicians are lacking to do in order to overcome our country’s great financial obstacles. I ask you this; what the fuck has the common person been doing to help overcome these obstacles? So often we jump up and cry foul at our elected officials as if we expect them to rid us of all these problems. That means we are putting trust in the same basic organization that runs your DMV-what a cluster fuck of an idea that is.

Summer is passing by very fast and soon Autumn will be upon us. The November election is closer at hand and we, the general public, are left with a handful of penny ante stories over which Presidential candidate did what little insignificant nothing, which is blown way out of importance as far as the grand scheme of things goes. I challenge you to go online and start looking at images of new architectural buildings from India, Dubai, Shanghai and Bangkok. Look and read about the advancements in supersonic trains in China. Read up on the latest automotive technology from Germany-it will blow you away. Do an impartial comparison of health care coverage from other countries and put it in perspective to the United States. You must be able to see how far this country has slipped behind in all areas of advancing our society. Where the hell is that American Dream?

So rave on and fight amongst yourselves, rally behind bullet point statements from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Oberman and every paid antagonist out there that makes their huge salaries by creating adversity and dissension between you and me. But maybe if we work together we can all help the collective society to better itself….Socialism you say? I say Socialism needs to screw Capitalism and create a new baby, bring forth an economic renaissance not master planned by politicians, not blue printed by just the haves, but the have-nots as well. Hell rich people are starting to give up their citizenship for tax purposes. Elderly folks continue to sneak across our borders to obtain affordable pharmaceuticals-is this the country you want to believe in? Before you start balking about standing behind the flag, help make it worth something to stand behind again.


Political Rabbit Punches; Death of a Movement

The perfect blend for summer-a mixture of huge doses of political disappointment with one hundred plus temperatures, clinic quality drugs, fires burning out of control and the remaining embers of a national movement gone stale. The last week or two of my life has been peppered with night time activities spread throughout Denver and surrounding cities; me, jumping on board the party wagon to celebrate all that summer has to offer, deluding myself with knock you on your knees weed (and other pills and liquor), integrating myself in conversation with friends and total strangers and relieving myself of the political spectrum for a bit. The presidential war wages on with a litany of predictable campaign rallies and cheap political shots, mere rabbit punches, to both candidates making a run for the 2012 White House, yet too much of this penny ante bandstanding from the media and the web left me feeling hollow. Who’s right, who’s wrong? Democrats nibble the airwaves with mincing slurs against the Romney camp while antagonists on air and off throw cans of garbage at the Obama machine.

Last week alone managed to scrape together some bland headlines from the campaign trail to throw at the public, as if these were life threatening reports paramount to any other issues. Both Dems and Republicans claimed victory on the Supreme Court immigration law incident, Romney’s campaign held a golf outing in Utah to treat attendees to speeches on alleged key issues (healthcare, financial services industry) from the likes of Condoleezza Rice and Jeb Bush-it’s fucking Utah folks, anything spoken there is harmless and meaningless. What else played out you ask? Well, the Obama re-election group threw together a commercial stating Romney shipped U.S. jobs to China and India. That’s kind of like twelve guys involved in a gang rape pointing the finger at one amongst them. Jobs have been going to China and India for quite some time now and I think every (current) politician in office had involvement in one way or another with that. One of my favorite reports came out giving air time to Herman Cain giving Romney advice on selecting a vice presidential running mate. I thought we got rid of that bastard when he got caught trying to fuck some white woman….that’s where our politics have gone, we are now reporting stories on advice given from alleged sexual predators. Certainly you can see how this had fouled my mind and forced me to walk away to clear my head.

So after taking a breather and getting in touch with real people and enjoying the company of those out there wanting to take in all that summer has to offer, I weighed the events that I stumbled upon last week and felt the true presence of a visual icon, a painting of reality, that struck me as I walked by Civic Center park in downtown Denver, that glorious bastion of insanity that played host for so long to the Occupy Denver zombies. The site now sits dormant of political activity and has grown back to it’s natural form, supporting the drug dealers and two or three wandering homeless folk. No more protests, no dedicated numbers of defiant citizens, just another lazy day of summer in the park. Both local and national news sits in my mind like an old bowl of oatmeal, crusty on the edges, bland, no attraction whatsoever. My senses are prickled by the liveliness of real people coming together and enjoying one another with music, spirits and food, dancing til we drop-no political differences here, no sign waving confrontations, just living for the day. My advice would be to go out there and do it folks, grab it and enjoy because the petty bickering that pounds the airwaves on supposed really important events will be there tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

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