The Zombies’ Reticent Swan Song pt. 2; Presidential Lunchmeat

Hope is tomorrow’s veneer
over today’s disappointment

-Evan Esar

 I drug my feet slowly along the sidewalk that arcs through Civic Center park, looking around for signs of political unrest, a rally of patriotic fever from the Occupy troops. I think my mouth dropped open a bit as I witnessed this huge display of nothing. Life went on as usual down here at Broadway and Colfax, a few less troops, not quite as many homeless but still pretty much going about things as it has been for about a year. No war cry filling the air today, no blood stains on the pavement, just the normal drooling semblance of human beings shuttling among themselves, bumming cigarettes, smoking dope, soaking up the early evening air.

I thought what the fuck is going on here? Where the hell is the huge can of defiance I was promised by the resident zombie Captain-at-Arms known as ‘Mama’? I walked up to the meeting place where the group gathered to say their mantras and discuss Occupy strategy; a quaint bricked area with benches that looks upon the state capital building, an alternative to the meeting spot back in 2011, which has now been closed off with a huge fence. The Occupy General Assembly would be meeting in five minutes or so which gave me a quick opportunity to find out what, if anything, took place earlier this day. Was there a confrontation? Arrests? Death toll? My eyes adjusted and I recognized a few faces here….Crazy Jesus Lady showed up sober, very sober in fact. ‘Mama’ did eventually show up but that was just as the meeting was to start so I didn’t have time to speak with her. The rest of those gathered were made up of the weaker strain zombies, weekend warriors, so to speak. Approximately thirty crawled together and this short pig-tailed woman who I recognize as another zombie officer starts the meeting by demonstrating the preferred hand signals to be used for communication and rules of conduct for the group. “Put your hands up like this if you agree strongly….put your hands like this if you wish to speak next…..” yadda yadda bullshit-these school yard hand referee movements were to be used in order to cut down on the amount of over-talking and verbal frustration that typically upended a lot of their meetings. I wanted to suggest a hand gesture myself that involved my dick and their face but restrained and gave them the courtesy of giving me and all those gathered an explanation as to why the streets weren’t being painted red tonight.

Get yourself used to saying the words “President Romney” folks, because my forecast calls for a big dose of Presidential lunchmeat come November. There are no where near the record numbers needed from the Democratic supporters to keep their hope alive and way too many believe they can rest on their laurels, believing the ‘other’ guy will go out there and vote for Obama. That’s a risky call, in my opinion. Romney is one of those nefarious weasels who will do anything to get to the Big People’s table, he’s come so far and won’t let go now. He has the taste for blood and knows the White House is within his grasp. Reason and logic don’t play into this election, politics has become a game about who you hate rather than who you like; numbers of voters who put the Great Hope and Change in office are losing their zeal. The push against him from the opposition grows. Media is buzzing once again with eligibility issues from Donald Trump, New York Governor David Patterson (WOR radio New York) and Mark Levin (BirtherReport.com). Noted talking faces like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been beating that shield for some time but a large percentage of voters typically write those misfits of humanity off as being too biased to believe in-yes, Donald Trump should be lumped in with those two morons as being a pillar of idiocy but he does have this uncanny ability to attract worthy adversaries around him….like a thug magnet. This new rise in questioning the President’ background, school records, purported friends and relatives, shot records and any other official document are being scrutinized in more depth and more frequent by less extreme opposition making more moderate people ponder these allegations against the President. Mitt Romney, that bland packet of lunchmeat, can now sit back and let the Super PAC groups and string budget antagonists attack Obama. His best offense is to let the others do the dirty work while he plays the public with a pristine smile chocked full of pig lips and various animal parts. Just like those multi-packs of lunchmeat you buy at the store, they may say there’s a variety in each pack, but it all boils down to the same animal parts-same with Romney. He may say he has a new approach but it’s the same old song and dance and he knows his best strategy right now is to let others do the dirty work.

I stand off to the side and light my pipe, snap pictures and take notes while the zombie assembly prattles on about issues at hand. They ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room-the fact that the anticipated protest against the police was a washout. More to come on this matter but I need to give my hands and your eyes a breather.


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