A Slow Start Round Two While Colorado Rocks My Socks

Summer is in full swing in the Mile High city and I have been taking advantage of the night life with all the gusto I can manage to pump through my veins. Ample amounts of drugs and adrenaline have kept this old body of mine slamming it with the best of the celebrating masses during the month’s parade of celebrations, music festivals and general outdoor activities. So what about the Presidential scene you ask? What of all those blathering reports on the Occupy zombies I have provided so many with? Read on for the update.

Last week, Gay Pride Days was a two day celebration that showed the city of Denver it is possible for people of all sexual orientations to all get along just fine. Civic Center park and surrounding areas were filled with straight people, gay people, bisexual and trangender people, shoe fuckers and every noted diversity/perversity you can imagine, all stomping it out to the dance floor dub step bumping music pouring out onto the streets. It was a thing of true beauty to witness and participate in, especially when enhanced (for me) by a nice dose of medical strength marijuana. One of the more pathetic things I stumbled on before heading into the dance pit was my witness to the Occupy Denver zombies attempting a circle jerk gathering/meeting where they normally congregate in the park for their general assembly. I had to stifle my laugh after witnessing the sad attempt to rally their handful of patriots together. Here they were amid an ocean of festive people decorated in all variety of gayly (no pun intended) apparel and they were trying to organize their fucking political meeting? Those hopeless bastards were no more than an obstacle to walk around.

I would occasionally check news feeds and political updates throughout my days of dance, drugs and debauchery but found no significant campaign moves being made by either Democrat or Republican committees. Perhaps they too are busy with festivals or celebratory mind-fucks to attend. One in four voters are still undecided about who to support in this race. Barack Obama has taken a boost in favor from Latino voters which makes him the early starter in round two of this battle for the presidency. Romney continues to wane on the campaign trail with all the electricity of a bowl of oats-unsweetened. Obama still has a double digit lead on the Mormon contender but as round two marches on the Obama campaign is sure to be slammed time and time again by Super PAC warriors and ABO (Anybody But Obama) supporters. Romney’s best offense seems to be coming from voters who are mad at Obama, not supportive of Romney. Public elections continue to throw us into an arena of stale choices, in local and national races. We are left deciding between a bullet to the head or ten penny nails shoved in our eyes-who will fuck the country up the least?

These few days away from the political agenda have been therapy for me. The evenings of dancing and coexisting with everyone left me with some hope in the knowledge that no matter what kind of ass fucking these politicians and bureaucrats give us, we, as a nation, continue to band together and stand together as a united country. Being in the park with thousands of GLBT folks dancing and digging the whole scene, the 420 Day of Weed smokathon downtown, the free concerts in the park-THAT, was patriotism my friends, not this shit being tossed around about fight these people or shut those people up or pump all the oil out of this country for the sake of the good ole’ USA…..no, patriotism for this country is made from the foundation of our acceptance of the diversity of our nation, the willingness to keep this country held together by protecting it (even from ourselves, if need be) and the good nature of spirit that allows you to be you and me to be myself. Let the presidential race continue it’s slow second round, we’ll all still be here come November. Let the diminishing number of Occupy zombies continue to play their games and babble their mantra to the vast hordes of no one that listens….meanwhile, I will dance the night away.


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