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Anticipation Looms for my Interview With a Vampyre


Winter continues to lay a dull sleep on our nation with frigid below zero temperatures and record amounts of snow. All across the United States we watch reports – more winter weather pasting our asses with blizzards and freezing sleet that knocks out power and strands victims in it’s path; meanwhile I pace about Sleepytown like a caged animal, desperately waning thoughts of a future adventure…..when will I begin this new saga? My original plan was to venture into town on the first Wednesday of the month, the designated day that the vampire club would be open. My curiosity to find out what I can about the clandestine bunch of Indy vampires – or vampiroids, more than likely – has left me anxious to get this show on the road. I spent numerous days dealing with personal issues, drowning out their noise with vast amounts of liquor while in the back of my mind, I lie waiting for the first Wednesday…vampire night.

…and Wednesday comes with piles of the white stuff (and I don’t mean cocaine) that leaves the city backed down to a crawl. City offices and schools close down, cars move along the street like drunk ducks on ice and this leaves me with little confidence that the vampire bar will have much participation this evening; better to wait another month. My designated partner for this venture, a younger man who I planned to use as a decoy if, indeed, these are true blood suckers, understands about the delay and pencils in the first Wednesday of March as our next possible date for the hunt.

I feel this need, this desire, to keep the search alive; the search for new experiences, new endeavors into the mystery of life on the Blue Marble. My desk and phone have become cluttered with loose jotted notes I’ve taken while swilling down whiskey in some bar while low thump hip hop pulses in the background or on the lanes of a bowling alley. New things to investigate, new sources to look into, new tales for the Church. Holotropic breathwork is punched into my phone’s notepad, something I recall typing in late one night as I sat discussing worldly thoughts with someone who I managed to persuade out of some prescription medication; painkillers are almost as easy to get in a bar as they are from a physician. A conspiracy theorist I must get in touch with to pick his mind about the hidden messages scrawled into the architecture of downtown Indianapolis, the pulse of the arts scene…..all the potential fodder for tales is out there, I just have to wait this damned storm out before anything will happen. I have no problem trudging through the snow; Denver taught me how to deal with  inclement weather when I sat into the wee hours with the Occupy zombies in their snowy campsite. This blizzard in Sleepytown is doable for me, but like the Mile High city, only the street weary venture into the cold dark nights so I must wait. More pleasant temperatures will arrive, the people will come back out to play soon, the vampires will awaken.


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