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Oh Mama, Is This Really The End?


On June 15th, Stacey Feeley posted a picture online of her three year old daughter standing on the seat of the toilet in their home. Stacey felt her daughter was just acting up, then her daughter told Stacey she was practicing the lock-down method she was taught at preschool. Some preschools now teach safety procedures on what to do should a lone insane gunman come bouncing by.

Tuesday at 7:30 am, Port Authority Enforcement apprehended three people driving through the Holland Tunnel on their way to the Big Apple that were armed to the teeth with assault weapons and quasi-military equipment. Two men and one woman said they were on their way to NYC to rescue a female friend who was on drugs and trapped in the city. A pair of senior law enforcement officials on the case quickly came out to report that the three in custody were “gun enthusiasts” and found nothing to connect them to any terrorist group.

Gun situations, incidents, and mass shootings hit the headlines every day then vanish before the next horror story jumps out. Some politicians, like Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords (others as well but with the headshot she took I feel she’s probably the most qualified politician to represent) are beginning to push just a little bit harder to get legislation passed that will do something about America’s gun laws. Old Republicans sit steadfast and dodge any semblance of work or obligation while the citizens of this country gnash their teeth…didn’t they mention something about the gnashing of teeth in the Bible? The point is, I’ve noticed an increased effort from celebrities, politicians and retired military to make congress do something about the shooting madness going on in the States. Here’s to hoping they come up with some action-soon.

A continuing problem that runs parallel to all the shooting madness is the voodoo incantations the web throws in our face every day. We’re bombarded daily from sites we’ve grown accustomed to receiving daily news from; sites in constant battle to gain the attention of an audience by alerting them to the ‘threat of the moment’, the viral video of whatever insane thing happened somewhere in the world, just now. News stations on television sold out some years ago, back when that was the only frame for broadcasting information to the general public. Internet news is an added feature our new age of technology has brought about and it is wonderful, yet lethal at the same time. Abuse of the information highway will lead you down a dark path of despair quicker than anything. It will make you forget the physical world outside and focus on the scary tales streaming over your phone or pad or computer. The stories pile up so quick and you know every day when you face that media machine of yours, you will see more bad…and the bad will eat you up. What most of us do with this experience is wring our hands and take our drug of choice to quell the horror thoughts…then there are those, like Jared Lee Loughner, or James Holmes, or Omar Mateen…those guys get exposed to high doses of media, mixed in with the huge amount of crazy they already harbor; they jump for a weapon. People on the brink may always be like that. If they don’t have a gun they might use a sword or a knife or a fucking brick upside your head…so if you give them easy access to assault weapons, they will use them.

The whole world tunes in to every story imaginable involving massacres and shootings, every little town in America is being frightened into believing a bloody gore-o-rama is on it’s way to their town. Yes, it could happen to any town in America but statistically speaking your odds are still pretty good against getting shot, unless you live in a high crime spot. People in Gary, Indiana are on a totally different playing field so they don’t count. More towns in America will be safe than those under fire, at least for now. If we keep allowing huge amounts of powerful rifles and guns and fucking bazookas, those numbers might tip in favor of more violent town incidents than not. Yes…perhaps there was a group of gun wielding maniacs driving through the Holland Tunnel on their way to save a friend strung out on smack but Port Authority did their job today and caught them, and the world was a little safer. Tomorrow, or the next day, there may be another incident but-

-let’s get rid of some of these guns…..


One More Gun


This past weekend, acceptance and love walked the streets of downtown Indianapolis; in Florida, hatred and death mowed down innocent people in a public bar. I was all prepared to post a positive story about what good the Gay Pride parade and celebration in Indy did for the community in whole, what with so many citizens here standing in defiance against their homophobic Governor, Mike Pence. It was truly a gathering of thousands, all in support and acceptance of people and people’s life choice, a wave of happiness for all…then news broke out on what was reported as one of the worst U.S. massacres in history.

Omar Mateen, a lone gunman living near Orlando, Florida, walked into a gay nightclub with a handgun and an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, and killed at least 49 people. Fifty more were wounded by Mateen before police intervened and took the gunman’s life. Within hours the media coverage of this horrible event began to expand into the who, why and what-all connected with the shooter. As with most first reports, the numbers hurt and/or killed were unclear and information about the gunman’s reason(s) for such a heinous act were still being collected. The story’s particulars began to fill in; a quiet man of Afghan descent, Muslim. His ex-wife spoke of him having violent bouts and being mentally ill, repeatedly beating her while they were married. He was interviewed twice by the FBI under suspicion of having ties with Islamic militants but was cleared. Federal officials could not verify the validity of any subversive remarks or actions connected to Omar. He held a job as a security officer and carried a gun as part of his duties but according to all federal scrutiny the man appeared to be trustworthy enough to be off any watch lists the FBI held.

Following swiftly on the back-end of the mounting reports about the man’s background came a barrage of responses from politicians and presidential candidates. Public figures felt they had to come out with a statement ASAP or be painted as insensitive by the media (and perhaps the public). Donald Trump wanted to take this most tragic story and spin it into a campaign plug for himself, announcing to the world his blame of tepid immigration laws and President Obama’s lack of being tough on “radical Islam”. In a message sent out, Trump said ” I said this was going to happen-and it is only going to get worse.” Hillary Clinton lashed out against remarks from Trump, hoping to quell any surge in Islamophobic vote bating her Republican opponent threw out there. Clinton went on to call the incident in Orlando an act of terror and an act of hate. The LGBTQ community mourned at this tragic event and once again are forced to sit in the wings; The Pink Pistols, a gay gun rights advocate group in Florida now call for the LGBTQ community to arm themselves. Social media celebrities, actors and actresses are all coming out with statements demanding something be done about this out of control gun problem the country is having and our lawmakers sit docile, unable to do anything.

It needs to stop and until we find a long term solution – or the closest thing to a perfect one we can get – we should at least impose a short term solution. On the short list? Strike off the country’s need list: one more gun. We do not need one more gun. We have more than enough and in fact, we need to get rid of a lot of them. We have so many guns, kids are pulling them out of their mother’s purses or wandering into their parent’s bedroom and finding one and blowing someone away. We have so many guns that people with serious mental problems, like James Holmes, can get a cache of them and go ass-berserk crazy in a theater. We have so many guns that a couple punk kids, like Klebold and Harris, can round up a bundle of them and take innocent people’s lives at school. We have so many guns that couples are shooting each other in arguments over the television remote control, or because they laughed at the wrong moment. We have so many guns that any terrorist in our country could just as easily arm themselves here as from abroad in some clandestine manner. We have so many guns, I feel we can afford to get rid of assault weapons. Assault weapons have never been used in anything good. Keep a pistol on you if you must but learn to use the fucking thing properly and keep it under safe watch-always. This I throw out as a compromise to both sides of the issue…baby steps to see how things go.  We don’t need one more gun in this country. What we need is to work on what makes people want to turn to that gun for solutions…and until then believe me-we have enough guns. We don’t need






Tearing Up Our Political Race Tickets


The last few primary races are coming in and network news stations got to where they were pleading with Bernie Sanders to concede to Hillary Clinton. Too many voters out there disgruntled by Republican’s choice with Trump are wanting to rally round a solo candidate; someone to thwart that Republican monster Trump’s attempt at the White House. The news stories were quick with the announcement of Hillary Clinton coming out the victor for the Democrats as Sanders supporters fight on, refusing to let go of their dreams. Reports raced on of Clinton’s apparent victory over Bernie while Sanders was meeting with President Obama for what must have been some juicy political tidbits privy for the Senator’s ears alone. Who knows what that meeting was like but damn, it sure seemed that everyone was giving Bernie a slow diffusing. There may come that awkward moment where the Senator will have to take a call from Hillary and when that moment happens, we can all officially say the 2016 election hit it’s lowest point. The final heat of a presidential race from Hell will begin. The two remaining warriors on the field; the last two thoroughbreds on the racetrack. The pompous little rich racist, and the mysterious political machine from Arkansas (technically, Hillary was born in Chicago, but the Arkansas connection will Bill will always be the beginning of her origin story).

Clinton supporters are upset with the Sanders Democrats and feel they should come to the table; jump into their Hillary machine so all can help defeat Donald Trumpenstein. Donald struggles to keep his cool out on the campaign trail. He no longer worries about his fellow contenders but he has to acknowledge the swarm of individuals out there who want him to crash and burn. His staff continues to primp him for the cameras and persuade use of a teleprompter for scripted offerings to the lost Republican voters out there that feel the party abandoned them. Those who didn’t support Trump have been floundering over what lever to pull come November. Then, there are the group of Republicans who were fed up with the dozens of possible candidates out there sounding like every other politician on the podium. Whether it was Kasich, Cruz, Fiorina, or the other right wing candidates that fell out of the race, the majority of conservative voters did not find a strong enough appeal inside any of them to back…hence, the Authoritarians pushed Trump to the front of the line and now he’s the candidate for the right wing vote.

Now that it looks like Hillary will become the Democrat’s choice, I see a developing split from left wing voters too. A small stirring among the wandering Sanders voters begins. Some have stopped feeling the Bern. Many will vote for Clinton but I see the suppressed shudder they give when asked if they will indeed, fight for Hillary to stop Donald. There are too many unanswered problems facing the one time Secretary of State. A true investigation from the FBI behind her suppression/destruction of information still faces her and I’m sure Trump will be more than happy to jump on that shot to the kidneys in a debate with her. This may leave a string of left wing voters adrift in the Sargasso Sea of American politics, along with their equally lost Republican brethren and sisters. Perhaps a division of both parties will arise from this growing number of dissatisfied citizens and we’ll see New World Republican and Democrat tribes. I don’t see voters crawling to support the existing minor parties like the Green Party or the Libertarians. Those organizations are seen for their past defeats; they’re like Whigs, or the American Communist Party-been around forever but more or less an irritant to everyone, not a true ideology to run a country with. I think people would want to start off fresh, a brand new logo to splash out there to say we’re the new, now thinking group of voters…but this is just a hypothesis on my part. I can’t say for certain that the parties will divide like that but this nasty little presidential race has left me wondering what the fuck will become of our American way of life. Will this all bring about a revolution or will we all become subdued under the corporate stranglehold of our financial existence? How you gonna get jobs back from China, Don? How you gonna get that wall built? Who all are you selling out to Hillary? Too many voters are tearing up their political race tickets and walking away, disgusted and gypped. We’re all looking for something to turn around this madness in our country and the old ways don’t seem to be working. Our elected officials are making a mockery of the Capitalistic success of America that made us the envy of the world for a while; but that system in a global economy? Will it still work? I feel we have control of our local offices, or at least have the ability to mass together and thwart any evil bastard trying to stay in office…at least I hope so. Local citizens of Indiana will put that to the test with their Governor and try to oust him next election. The race for the Big House though, that’s on a different level and I fear we have let it slip so far into the hands of corporations and cronies locked behind gold doors in Washington that they have become like Bond villains to us. Let’s see where the race heads next.


The One Thing We Still Have


Recently I’ve had more thoughts of a pistol in my mouth than a cup of coffee. Depression is a mother and the looming results on who America ends up with as president( come January first) settles hard on my cerebral cortex. Summer is close and the weather is beginning to ramp up the thermometer. More summer outdoor venues are popping up as the masses work out the kinks of winter. Here in Sleepytown, the annual running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race marks the unofficial beginning of events for the majority of folks. It’s the same in most towns throughout the country; every place has it’s big annual what-the-fuck ever to spend money on and feel comforted. The race has supplied revenue from it’s inception for this city, and race fans from around the globe hone in on Indianapolis, shelling out their money to experience the whole scene. This was to be the one hundredth running of the race and to mark the event, local televised broadcast of the race would be allowed here-something having been blocked from early on. As depraved and horrid as the whole nightmare scene one could find in the infield of the 500 track was, I was not up to the challenge of being stuck in that hellish scene. I lost my flavor for huge crowds some years ago at an outdoor concert where people were dropping like flies from sun stroke, bad acid and general mayhem.

My race day morning was actually spent with a good friend in some downtown gay bar before noon, sucking on mimosas and weed. I had been on a run watching local bands perform, experiencing the traditional 500 Mile Race Parade in downtown Indy and  participating in various community events. Summer brings out carnivals and live shows in greater force so I dove in to meet the season. More are still to come and all this festivity will distract us voters from the impending consequence; our future Ruler. I suppose it’s as much a numbing agent as a distraction to go to these different events and it seems to be good therapy for all us vertebrates-and not only does it help us, it helps others.

Lots of people will tell you they support the arts or they may even specify and say the ‘local’ arts but more tend to stay away or be less supportive of small local events. I followed some musicians for a small run of shows in various spots around town. It’s all part of the money train which feeds small communities. The bigger the event, the more dollar for (usually) larger-and even multiple-communities. Where some people fall off in true support of local arts is by ignoring the joint down a few blocks that hosts live shows on the weekend for a small cover, or going to a stage show or poetry reading one day out of their freaking lives. This is such a small thing to actually get up and do-trust me. I jump my ass out and get as tired as anyone else some days; I continue to wrestle those thoughts of the pistol away but make the effort…and get out…and feel appeased. Seeing local shows feeds those artists; the people out there working on little or no budget. Those who stick to it and get up to entertain do so as part of their personal therapy, which creates a symbiotic relationship with neighbors, friends and true fans. It can give an entertainer a small shot of feeling accepted-of feeling some worth. I recall the excellent extravaganza of watching great local burlesque performers during my years in Denver, Colorado. Mondays at the club on South Broadway where you can get in no cover if you strip down to your underwear. Brilliant performances by women and men who developed their routines, made their costumes and put it out on stage to make you smile. If you are the type individual who goes to events like these, you are true supporters of the arts. For those of you who never do, I shed tears.

The constant droll we call internet news shoves harsh crime dramas and useless pablum stories of made-up celebrities down out throats. One one extreme, I saw a tagline stating Kim Kardashian has released a new shot of her ass. The other side of the extremity was a story out of Houston, Texas, where the boyfriend of a fifteen year old girl, recorded himself as he raped and killed her. She was pleading for her life as the scum suck choked her to death…these are the allegations. These two stories are prime examples of why we should all get out more, locally, and step away from that hellish beast feed on the internet. Go live a true life and support local arts. Help support local citizens that want to provide creativity and numbing distractions in your life because as silly as that may sound to you, it’s really fucking important. You need something to quell the horror thoughts of things like President Trump and the taking of more innocent lives online to read about…or seeing Kim Kardashian’s humongous ass.

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