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The Impending Doom of the GOP; Thank you John Boehner


The Democratic and Republican Party continue to lose face and drop in favored poll numbers with the masses of Americans. The U.S. Government has been shut down by our elected officials and the squabble continues on Capitol Hill with little hope for mending this disaster. Clandestine operations set forth by House Republicans enacted a rule into motion that allowed them to block any mention of overturning the shutdown Dems may wish to bring before the House. Past Monday numbers show a seventy percent disapproval of the Republican Congress and a fifty one percent unfavored stance to the President’s handling of this situation. Our Great and Fearless Leader, B.H.O., continues a stern but intended fair approach to the GOP members but his negotiations are going nowhere. Sophomoric cunts like 8th District of Ohio Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor continue to propose late night suggestive options for the President in hopes of lifting the debt ceiling and stopping the shutdown but Obama isn’t negotiating on their terms. Squawking mouthpieces like Senator Mitch McConnell (Ky) insist on the good ole’ boy approach before the cameras but the public isn’t buying it anymore. The most silent majority during this fiasco are the Democrats who whimper in the corner, unwilling to mix it up on the issues of Obamacare and the country’s debt ceiling problem.

Our nation seems to have finally lifted the veil (somewhat) on political propaganda to note both parties are ineffective and, essentially, running this country into the ground at a much faster rate than anticipated. Left wing enthusiasts stand adamant against the GOP’s solutions (defunding Obamacare) and now, even right wing advocates in the public sector are willing to move forward with their opposition’s plan…albeit grumbling, they do not want this Mexican standoff within our government to continue. The results of the shutdown are compiling daily. More and more federal funded programs are closing, citizens are denied access to our national parks and strike back by jumping chained gates to view our purple mountains majesty under threat of serious jail time. Health spas and other amenities stay open for our public officials while our nation’s citizens suffer. Now more than ever a call goes out to throw the entire House and Senate out of office. The GOP is losing public backing at an alarming rate which leaves most conservatives wondering where the fuck they’re going to go now. The Tea Party was too rogue and insane for them (i.e. Michelle Bachmann) so now where will they turn to defeat their nemesis, Barack the Terrible?

Most people are now wondering what can be done…let’s all continue to sit tight in the pews of the Church and wait to see what smarter, unelected Americans suggest as a cure and when that cure surfaces, don’t fear the needed change this country faces. I seriously doubt our elected officials will be pulling a solution out of their maws any time soon and even if they do, where does that leave our confidence in them for future problems within the American political infrastructure? Bipartisanship seems to be a thing of the past and our House and Senate squander their hours concerning themselves with re-election efforts or sabotage of the ‘other guys’ – forget bailing out our nation. These are sad times indeed and I truly feel the time has come to look for the sensible citizens to lead us out of repression and recession. Our political halls have become foul with vermin let in by popularity polls and now we need to throw out the fetid system that let them in. The ideals of how we should govern and be governed are now rancid with hucksters and demons. We should govern our elected officials, not the other way around because having them lead has led us to what we now stand in….a stagnating America that owes itself to other countries, refuses care for the needy and pits citizens against one another…..thank you John Boehner.

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