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Bloodlust Seized Our Nation


As I meandered the streets on the eve of Thanksgiving at two in the morning, I finally faced the catastrophic state of affairs our country is experiencing. I kept denying the reports I was reading-at least what these reports were implying to me-figuring they would fade out after a few days. The initial rush felt from Donald Trump winning the presidency by his supporters was bound to hit the streets with a display of mutated shadenfreued, pistol shooting white men hollering at the sky, smug chanting women in the streets cheering about how their man won. That type behavior is pretty much expected after any heated presidential campaign’s end but this shit has gone into an ultra-dark area folks. We are seeing the rise of a new founded Nazi movement in this country. I’d like to call that statement more reactionary than reality, but I can think of no other way to state the current state of hate in America, as I see it. The inauguration of Donald Trump, the Crimson King, is going to usher in a new Nazi era to the world. This feels like something out of a fiction plot but this is not fiction. This is happening right here, right now. Every day since the eighth of November’s results declared Trump the winner there has been an increase in attacks and violence throughout our nation on minorities of all color, people of varying religious beliefs and sexual lifestyles out of what 1950’s America considered the ‘norm’..

I had been avoiding the 300 lb. gorilla the election gave us, but at that moment, on the dark 2am streets in my hood, it hit me and made me shudder. This is a warning showing us a bitter, cruel country we hoped we wouldn’t see. The initial sparks of bloodlust looming like a deadly shadow over the land of the free and the home of the frightened. An increase in Klan activity and seig hiel salutes from uber-white organizations keep popping up in our news feed. White Supremacist organizations boost their presence to the public now, unafraid of being shouted down by more progressive people.

Now if you add that bit of racist/xenophobic/homophobic reaction with a developing touch of scrutiny over news presented to the public (via airwaves, especially internet based news sites), you have the makings for a possible shitfest of fun we’ll all be having once Donald actually takes office in early 2017. Established news agencies are calling for a crackdown on websites presenting yellow journalism to the public, noting that the effect from subjective news stories has created a skewed view of reality. That is an accurate statement, but the kicker is, the yellow journalistic news monster the public created has been built under the guarantee of our freedom of speech. The public apparently doesn’t have enough honor to keep their reporting objective; perhaps people just want to weed out and deliver commentary based on their beliefs and that’s fine, as long as you classify it as opinion, and not fact.

The growing list of cabinet members and associates surrounding Trump are a mixture of characters you expect to see in an episode of Mad Men, or from the movie Mississippi Burning. The violence in our streets dissuades people’s attention from focusing on who Trump is retrieving to be part of his ruling tribe. You can’t find a more right wing partisan list of individuals who will be our rulers for (at least) the next four years. The policy they create will be a battle taking huge amounts of effort from the progressive public; but the violence in our streets from thug hillbillies and old school WASP inbreeds?….that’s an added fight which will carve away at any army the left wing can muster.

I had to postpone finishing this post a few days because the implications of what my mind was telling me seemed too horrendous. I made myself pause long enough to see if this violence in the streets just needed a few more days than I figured to calm the fuck down.  Since that 2am stroll, there have been more news reports that the Crimson King has calmed down a bit and may actually be doing something constructive. Two Carrier plants in Indiana, previously scheduled to move to Mexico (along with a few thousand jobs) has been stopped and the jobs will go back to their homes in Indianapolis and Huntington. Trump quells his anger a bit and, at times, seems to be willing to act more civil. He does lurch out now and then with some random power bully rant about stomping individual freedoms, but then he calms down and gets back to trying to be constructive. It’s very confusing and everyone right now is willing to give him a chance to prove himself, but that nasty, lingering taste of an attitude from the days gone by when African Americans were hosed in the streets and hung from trees keeps showing signs of being reborn. Keep an eye on the bloodlust crowds and see if they continue to antagonize and attack citizens for their beliefs or color of skin. Stand against the atrocity out in South Dakota. Help those being persecuted for who they are, instead of what they have done. I need more convincing right now that we aren’t headed for a catastrophe, but all I can do-all any of us can do-is sit and wait and watch. Wait and watch Trump put his hand on that bible and get sworn in and then let’s see where the chips fall.


A Cold White Winter From the Crimson King


 The dust barely settled on the 2016 election before Donald “All Hail the Crimson King” Trump, America’s next appointed leader, began the slow transitional shift toward his new job. Some voters sit smug and relish the defeat of Hillary Clinton, others wail and hold tight to one another, fearing what will happen next. Donald begins to assemble his team of miscreants and demons to take position in his cabinet. His current short list includes Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA Director, Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and retired Lt. General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor. Multiple choices remain in play for Secretary of Defense, Agriculture and Treasury, to name a few. He has potential choices penciled in for most cabinet positions but as time draws on he will seal the deal and create the least diverse group of W.A.S.P.s since the McCarthy era. It beckons my mind to those words from a song by Rage Against the Machine:
  “These people ain’t seen a brown skin man since their grandparents bought one.”
The Good Old White Boy network of power struggles to remain in control of the U.S. as population reports show Caucasian birth rates dwindling by comparison to other races.

 In spite the non-diverse choices Trump has on hand for key positions within his Administration, his approval ratings took a small spike upward over the last week as the nation agreed to abide by the rules of the electoral process. Taunting demonstrations, where people held signs insisting Trump is not their President, took a back seat to our oath of American allegiance. People balked and turned their fists to the sky, but the majority of citizens would not chuck in the whole election process, because they know once you open that door, there’s no turning back. If those who oppose the Crimson King were allowed to negate his win, then any person chosen to fill the President’s chair would be fair game for throwing out. Bitter as it may be to a lot of people, they are going to have to live with this result. That’s not to say that they aren’t allowed to contest it, or to fight against any laws the incoming coven of White Supremacists headed for Capitol Hill try to pass, but we can’t chuck it all in. If we are to remain a nation that prides itself on freedom, then we must abide by those standards which say our election will decide the nation’s sway. It’s the same as allowing someone their freedom of speech. You may not agree with them, but you have to allow them their right to say it (yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater aside).

 The man is still months away from being in office but we’ve already seen a surge in racists attitudes and acts of violence against American citizens of color, xenophobic outbursts toward Muslim Americans and Latinos, women belittled and assaulted. The LGBT community is being beaten by thugs and bullies who feel that Trump’s election gives them free reign to prey on anyone they deem deserving of their hate. This isn’t a temporary reaction to the glee they feel at him being elected because if that were the case, why hasn’t Donald come out publicly to denounce this horrid behavior?  It’s the same aloof attitude he would parade to the masses at his campaign rallies, neither condoning or condemning the actions of overzealous animals that just want to beat the difference out of our nation. They don’t understand – or believe – that the diversity of our cultures and people are what make America so great. Too many dullards have been brainwashed into believing that this nation was founded by, and for, white men alone, and the rest of civilization was put here to serve them. They must also believe that our world is only a couple thousand years old and Jesus rode dinosaurs to chase down and kill gay people.

 Aside Trump’s bizarre plans for America, we need to keep an eye on the henchmen who surround him – especially the members of our House and Senate. Mitch McConnell, the highest paid Senator from the poorest state in our nation, lingers close to the ear of Trump and continues to whisper sweet, evil plans to the Crimson King. Don’t forget how much time, effort and money is wasted by our elected officials on pursuing and winning the next election down the road. Republicans now control a dangerous amount of our political system and now that they have the White House, they won’t be eager to give it back. Voters should be adamant about seeing true campaign finance reforms and term limits for Senators and House members. Those words have echoed too long on our streets, our television and radio programs, our blogs….will we ever do something about it? So as we all prepare for January and the swearing in of our newly elected leader, many whisper among themselves; keep this mad ride through hell to four years and you may yet survive as a nation, but allow this new Administration an eight year spree and you might just see that eight years turn into sixteen.


(Conclusion) Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King


By nightfall, Saturday evening, the protestors began to get a little teeth behind their bark. The confrontation with the white trash fellows driving the Trumpmobile angered some within the crowd, which is just what they needed to wake attendees to the matter at hand. Those who would oppose the Crimson King are tired of being bullied and harassed by right wingers. The time had come to show a bit of fight; not outright chaos though, like the rioting in Ferguson or New York, but defiance against adversaries. The campaign to fight Trump and Pence had begun. Bands of people all over the U.S. have been alarmed into action.

After the speeches ended at the State Capitol Building the large group took to the streets and walked from there to the downtown circle, their gigantic crowd marching in unison chanting and waving signs and mildly rattling their sabres. This wasn’t one of those all out battles where tear gas and pepper spray are released-at least it hadn’t got to that point. The police were certainly aware of how ugly the crowd could get if antagonized but seemed to handle the event with a minimal staff. They must have felt it wouldn’t get out of hand. Experiencing political unrest again…I recalled the year I followed the Occupy Movement in Denver. I kept wondering it this could be the birth of a new political zombie outbreak. That’s exactly what the Trump/Pence opposition is going to need to get this thing kicked into gear. Political zombies. Long tirades on Facebook are not going to make a change. The electronic world needs to be following them, not the other way around. That’s what will get their cause noticed.

Perhaps this will become my new venture; to witness and report on the battle to take down Trumpenstein. A new period of unrest may plague us for a few years, but do the protestors have the stamina to go the distance with this thing? I witnessed Occupy Denver zombies getting whittled down in numbers as the cold winter months came upon them. The standoff that transpired between angered citizens and the Establishment in the Rocky Mountain state…they fought the law and the law won. That was our country back in 2011 through 2012. Various cities protested Wall Street and big Government but in the end, the movement died.

Those who would oppose the Crimson King should look back at that failed 2011-2012 event and see where their movement against the President-Elect can become effective. A couple things that brought down the Occupy protest was lack of focus or leadership, and not a strong enough – persistent – civil disruption. I recall so many evenings in the downtown Denver park listening to the protest groups argue between themselves, vying for control over all the other little tribes. They might spend half and hour just explaining hand signals they wanted to use in order to speak within the circle; demonstrations on how to display your hands to the crowd to signify you wanted to speak…they forgot to focus on the big picture agenda. One small group would be campaigning for their cause, then another special interest group would get up and do the same. There were small demonstrations on street survival tips, like how or what to say when confronted by police officers, but for a good part of the time, they were just voicing frustrations. Their key objective was scattered so none could follow. Someone scrawled on the sidewalk “PROTEST SHIT” and I thought that pretty much summed up their lack of focus….about as focused as a goldfish.

Time will pass now and I wait to see if this becomes a full fledged movement against the incoming Trump Administration or not. Odd changes are happening within his coven even now, months before he takes office and it’s beginning to look like he’s weaving a cocoon of political professionals around himself. David Barton may be whispering plots in his ear. Mitch McConnell hovers within the circle of activity on the Hill and seems to be positioning himself to gain favor from the Crimson King…Giuliani as well, and perhaps we’ll see the Big Man, Chris Christie, form a pact with Trump too. This could be the beginning of the fight brought on by those who would oppose the Crimson King, or it may fizzle out and diminish as the masses sit back and watch and listen. We will all sit back and listen now.



Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King


Saturday would be a perfect day for protest; a bit of chill in the air, but no rain forecast. The event was to take place late Saturday afternoon and run on into the night. This allowed plenty of time to shake off my evening’s activities from the night before. Reports had been streaming across the wire showing noticeable protesting going on in various U.S. cities since it was announced Donald Trump had won the Presidential election. This protest would be Indy’s initial contribution to the politically progressive backlash against Donald Trump. I remembered a time I followed protestors camped out on Broadway and Colfax in Denver, Colorado, which had been a perfect study of modern day rebellion. I may have been handed another live example of society in revolt; time will tell. This may be only the beginning, or this thing might die out quick…that’s up to the citizens protesting.

The beginning of the protest in downtown Indianapolis housed the grounds of the State Capitol building. The protestors gathered with signs, wearing assorted costumes and colors to represent their own personal special interest group. The Indy police force must not have anticipated much of a resistance because their on site count was about a dozen officers; three on horseback, the rest on foot or leaning on a car. The crowd slowly grew and various speakers got up to fume their frustrations about Trump, or injustice imposed on them. The rally started sounding too peaceful for what I would consider effective civil disturbance. A bunch of pussies gathering to whine about how they ‘felt’-and that’s the attitude which will bore away your masses. Society is pampering too much and make people feel this entitlement to being given status without working for it. Days after the election, I read some colleges excused students from classes to cope with their feelings about Trump becoming president. Would this anti-Trump campaign soften into a moist mixture of goo and fizzle out? I was willing to give it a chance. One speaker got up, stated her name and said her favorite pronouns were ‘they’, ‘them’ and ‘theirs’. I rolled my eyes on that one but kept the pace up with mi hermano, who was there to witness the event as well and do a bit of photo shooting. We darted through the crowd and constantly stayed moving throughout the people there to get a good feel on the tone of engagement with the event. My ears perked up at one of the speakers who came on after the Favorite Pronoun Girl. This new voice boomed out and marked some poignant thought:
“Don’t wait for this to just be the next hashtag…”
“The time to fight is now!”

That was the one I was waiting to hear. That was the anger I was waiting to come on that crowd like the lighting of a fuse. She gave the sound to draw and get radical with it…..the people stood on. I suppose they were waiting for the list of speakers to finish before heading to the streets. This brought my thoughts, once again to the cold winter days back when Denver people were all hyped to protest and how that eventually burnt out. This is only the beginning of a potential ongoing commitment from the people to rebel and fight against the Crimson King. As the speakers continued and the night sky began to darken, a new sizable pack of anti-Trump protestors showed up at the State Capitol and marched around the perimeter of the building. I believe they originated at a point on or near the city’s Circle Monument. This brought numbers up to what I estimated between 1,500 and 2,000 people. A converted military truck plastered with large Trump signs kept circling the Capitol building and on one of their trips around, a sizeable chunk of people peeled off of the main protest crowd and ran to block the truck at a traffic light. They managed to catch up to the truck before the light changed and stood in front of it, taunting the driver and passenger. I kept imagining the back of this truck filled with Trump thugs, getting out and rustling up the crowd. There only appeared to be two people though and those found themselves biting off more than they could chew from the growing number of people showing up. Police officers responded quick and worked for a few minutes to get the crowd back on the sidewalk and contained. Now things seemed to be taking a more active approach. The talk was driving some attending to that action mode this protest needed. To be destructive and tear up local businesses was not the way to go, but some hillbillys in a Trump truck?..of course they couldn’t let those two jokers go. That would be the ultimate sign of humiliation to their protest. No one got hurt during that quick incident and the night continued…(more to come)


All Hail the Crimson King


 The 2016 horse race to the White House ended in a photo finish and as the midnight hour approached on the eighth of November, it was evident that Trumpenstein would be victorious over a bewildered Hillary Clinton. I predicted this outcome in earlier posts and gave ample warning that this is what we were facing, but few wanted to believe it. Everyone was prepared for Democrats or Republicans to face a gloomy after election day reality, and both parties were stunned when he actually pulled it off..and that’s just how it went.

 Now that masses of disgruntled Democrats have gone through the initial weeping and gnashing of teeth, they are calmed and trying to logically figure out how all this happened. Certainly, they felt, we couldn’t be a nation so xenophobic, so bigoted and filled with hate as to elect Trump in. As has happened in previous elections, the popular vote went one way and the electoral vote another. The popular vote was very close and slanted in Hillary’s favor, but she was close enough to Trump for electorates to vote in his favor without raising huge amounts of suspicion. So how did those two candidate’s popular vote numbers get so close? This man’s been deemed a sociopath and possibly insane and still he was getting these high numbers turning out at the polls voting for him. Trump won not out of love for the man so much as from hatred against Hillary.

 I don’t think Progressive and Democrat voters fathom the amount of loathing in this country toward Hillary Clinton…maybe they do now. A huge nation of people out there were waiting to cast a ballot against the woman who would be ruler. A large enough number so as to be a bullying point to convince electorates in Trump’s direction. Hillary Clinton is hated by a vast amount of Americans that were willing to vote for a caustic pussy grabbing, foul attitude like Donald Trump before letting her at the helm. That’s the equivalent of saying ‘I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the last person left in the race’. I wonder how that sticks in her craw, to know that her country is filled with such hatred and animosity as to say, I would vote for this thing before you. A lesser candidate might shatter and kiss the gun, but Hillary is made of stronger stuff than that and she’ll survive…survive and thrive as she has done throughout a long career of professional politics. Perhaps she’ll be back in 2020, perhaps she’ll pitch it all and just stay in the private market. Republican voters wanted a shakeup in our House and Senate and Trump seemed like the wild baboon to throw in there to rouse those sleeping bastards

Also included with those who despised the woman enough to vote against her was a sea of support from hate groups that couldn’t wait to get some alarmist like Trump in office. Trump is someone they feel will allow, or excuse, the hostile actions of their radical Nazi-esque tactics. The Ku Kux Klan and other White Supremacist organizations favored Trump. Most citizens in our country do not condone their ideology, but they are allowed to vote. Trump had those people to add to his list. Now add a swatch of abandoned Sanders supporters that left ship or went to vote Independent. A fair chunk of Democrats bailed once the DNC threw Bernie out in order to back Hillary. The DNC sold out and put their money on old school politics. Old school politics is the last thing voters wanted. They wanted a shakeup on Capitol Hill, which is why people were excited for Sanders. Bernie would not be the cooperating puppet for Democrat standards. He might go rogue on them and actually try to do something for people, rather than work out deals with companies who have their own agenda. Bernie would give Congress hell and that was dangerous, so the DNC backed Clinton and abandoned Bernie. Once that happened, a lot of his supporters lost faith in the DNC and walked away.

 These three key factors are what helped put Trump in the Presidency, so now all we can do is sit back and ring in a new era for America. All hail the Crimson King; be prepared for when he stands up there with his hand on a Bible and gets sworn in as our new Commander in Chief. You can make all the statements you want about him not being your President or how you’re going to leave the country but regardless, America will soon be led by this man and go on in one shape or form. I get the feeling we’ll become like a decaying shopping mall. A place where people used to go  that is now sad and dark. I can’t help but think about what he told the audience the night before election, at his rally. He told them that he would make this country one nation, one God, one flag.
…Welcome to the Church…


The End of a Disconsolate Presidential Race


As I write this, it’s one week away from the Presidential election. The two big candidates have taken it down to the wire and an undercurrent of seething energy to destroy either Clinton or Trump runs through the veins of most U.S. voters. Both tribes, the Conservatives and the Liberals, have fought like the Hatfields and McCoys in hopes of persuading enough people to follow their logic’s choice, despite how flawed or insane their logic may be. Some are still under the impression that our election is determined by popular vote. Perhaps that’s how it was back in the age of the Roosevelts, perhaps even during the Kennedy/Nixon election, but this is the twentieth century and things change. We’ve all become dullards or psychopaths. We are no longer interested in revamping our electoral process to give the vote back to the people. We let companies and clandestine organizations feed us the choices they want. We’ve given them control of our future.

We’re now at the end of a pathetic election race. This is something we once had pride for; now it’s a piss stained track and the horses should have been shot first thing out of the gate. I stopped giving a day or week’s appraisal of poll numbers because it’s too subjective out there on the internet. Major news sites have continued to work hard to hold your attention, the same as 24 hour news broadcasting stations, like Fox and MSNBC. Media conglomerates knew this news lull would come up around October and after the end of that last Clinton/Trump debate, they had to work extra hard so we would continue to stew and babble over who to vote for. Rare is the occasion when our conversations turn to what we might do to eliminate the electoral college, or how we should change the right for companies not to be considered ‘citizens’…to be more accurate, justices deemed companies “associations of citizens”-but those citizens who own the companies have constitutional rights. A company cannot go into a polling booth and cast votes, but the influence of their dollars paved the way for specific candidates to rise above others and that makes them more influential than citizens. If you go back and view some of the earlier Republican or Democrat debates, you’ll note the amount of air time given to the candidates now before us to be proportionately larger than the other 2016 contenders. I believe that was intentional and softly paved the way for Donald and Hillary to be the front runners. I still recall Ben Carson throwing his hands up during one debate, as if to say, ‘what the fuck’; his remarks about not getting enough air time-those same sentiments were expressed by a lot of candidates from both parties. Some that ran weren’t ready for prime time and were probably a bit relieved not be so focused on. No one wanted to pull a Rick Perry on the campaign trail, like Gary Johnson did when he couldn’t name a single foreign leader on camera. Not everyone who made it into the finals was unprepared but the governing producers of the debates kept a definitive favor to Donald Trump on the screen above other equally qualified candidates. As I write the words ‘equally qualified’, I have to laugh. Who the hell wasn’t as qualified as Trump? In retrospect, I imagine quite a few Republican voters and Clinton haters would be happy to rethink their selection now and vote for Carson, or Christie or Fiorina. The tragic loss of Bernie Sanders in this race is another story. His being cast out reeked of behind closed door sessions, where big money cronies and nefarious Democrat wraiths laid down the issue stating Hillary must be the Chosen One. The rising surge Bernie had in this country appeared to be gaining unstoppable momentum and almost every political analyst favored Sanders over Trump.The numbers looked questionable as to whether Hillary could beat Trump yet she managed to sneak in on the ballot over Sanders. This left a sore, bitter spot in the belly of Democrats supporting Bernie and that began to divide the party…just as Trump divided the Republicans.

Now both parties are split among themselves and voting takes place next week. We’re going to end up with one of these two-if I were to put money down in Vegas, I would say Trump wins. Not due to superior leadership capabilities or larger number of voters in this country who think the way he does. I say Trump wins because the entire 2016 election was cursed with voodoo, created from a mixture of ill twists and carefully created xenophobia. Regardless who wins, I want everyone to remember that we still have the ability to make things happen. One insane person in charge of this country does not mean the country will collapse. We will struggle and be humiliated throughout the globe, but if we work at this we can turn things around and survive the ridicule our once great nation faces.

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