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High Time to do Something About Pot Laws



In an interview with the New Yorker released January 19, President Obama stated that he felt marijuana usage was no more than a ‘bad habit and a vice’ and very similar to cigarette smoking. The Great Hope and Change put his foot out there people and I for one have to applaud the bold step he took; not just because I am an advocate of marijuana smoking but because of the way he dove into the timely issue to put a political ripple in the pond. Up to this point the vast majority of our leaders have shunned the mere mention of pot in any political statements other than to toe the line of past pundits that held the smacking resemblance of Nancy Reagan’s infamous ‘just say no’ approach. The writing is on the wall with Colorado le3alizing marijuana for recreational use, Washington right behind them and other states to follow suit in upcoming elections (Maryland, Alaska, Arizona, D.C. and Oregon). What used to be a black mark  in the book for politicians and entertainers (in regards to drugs – marijuana specifically) is slowly changing color and changing into the new buzz phrase cause to jump on.

Many wondered if this day would come and many wondered how it would come about – well here it is in the infant stages of development. This is how it is coming about so those of you that wish to expedite the process should feel a swelling of support behind you because now, even the fucking President of the United States has said that pot smoking is ‘no worse than alcohol’ and we all know how heavily this country endorses its drinking. Like so many political popularity issue bandwagons, the weed issue could become a new favored stance from would-be governors and mayors throughout the land to jump on board. I remember when a large group of political turds were hyped up about having drug tests  published for the sake of popularity among their constituents, a sanctimonious display of hilarity that meant nothing at all…but if they feel they can gain a few votes by stating that they feel pot is okay – they don’t even have to advocate using it themselves – well the laws could change quicker than one might have imagined.

A lot of people I know here in Sleepytown feel that we may very well become one of the last states to legalize weed, standing next to the likes of Utah and it’s Mormon majority populace. It doesn’t have to be that way. Personally I’m sure the smart move would be for the impoverished states, like Kentucky, to legalize the shit and start making some profit to pave their highways and pay for food stamps. Other states have recognized the capital marijuana sales bring about and by having key states like Colorado and Washington be the guinea pigs, we learned that selling weed will not leave our streets running red with blood. Entrepreneurs in the Denver area were smart to jump in quick when marijuana was legalized for medical use and sunk their investing dollars into clinics throughout the town. They made some fast cash and although they had their share of issues such as petty crime break-ins at dispensaries, overall the transition of legal sales to the public went pretty smooth. Any state in the union could be the next to make dope legal now that the gates have been opened but the question remains as to who will be smart enough to project the potential dollar amounts they could rake in….


For the Thrill of it


November twenty ninth, a man on the southside of Indianapolis dies in an apartment complex, no clues or leads for police to follow on this investigation. January nineteenth a man is walking down the street on the northside of town and is shot in the mouth for no apparent reason. January sixteenth, an eighteen and sixteen year old pair allegedly shoot a Yellow cab driver ‘ for the thrill of it’. That same week of January in Elkhart, Indiana, twenty two year old Shawn Walker Bair enters a local grocery and fatally shoots two women before losing his own life in a gun battle with police.

It becomes increasingly hard to support the rights of individuals that want to own a gun when shit like this continues to happen. The compiled list of wanton gunplay keeps adding up and the number of new gun permits issued keeps increasing. I ask myself how can I condone ownership of weapons when more and more lunatics keep popping off innocent people. This is a situation where the few in society have screwed it up for the majority.

After mulling both sides of the gun debate my conclusions tell me that our society has yet to reach an acceptable solution. Those who wish all guns to be taken away or monitored are wishing on a star because that will never happen. We’ve already unleashed Pandora’s box and there’s no putting it back. Keep in mind the advent of 3d printers which in the not too distant future will allow anyone to create their own weapon and ammunition within the confines of their own homes so trying to take all guns away is an impossibility. Those who feel it is their god given right to own a firearm are ignoring the point that anti-gun advocates are trying to impress upon them; that fact being, we the people are shooting too many folks around the globe. Gun enthusiasts tend to get defensive whenever anyone suggests they put down the pistol but our true desire is for shootings to stop, not to infringe upon their rights.

I still believe there has to be a compromise to this dilemma, a meeting point that we all can live with but that will require each side bending a bit for the betterment of all. I was raised in a house full of weapons – an overabundance of weapons to be exact – and never saw the need arise to where I or my family needed one for protection, gathering food to eat or anything else. To be fair, I didn’t live in some crackhouse  neighborhood in Flint, Michigan either. There are horrible sides of town in any major city throughout the U.S. and hostile reactions continue to surface wherever there is poverty, strife and a huge amount of liquor stores. Taking away guns will not stop the insanity brought on by desperation. What will retard violence is working toward a world where people don’t feel guns are their only outlet to whatever troubles them. The common person will not just walk out and shoot someone, it takes a lot of mental anguish to drive them to that…keep in mind I said the common person, the norm, the average Joe (or Josephine) so yes, we will always have the nutcase who runs out there and destroys lives but taking away guns won’t stop that. Taking away guns will also not stop accidental deaths. Automobile accidents chock up an alarming amount of deaths each year and they are just that; accidents.

The American cities and burbs of the twenty first century are morphing into an odd mix of new values (or lack of) brought about by a speed of light communicado. Morals and ethics of days gone by are not passed down through families like they were, the credo of the moment is to ignore  reality and appease yourself with the hi-tech one created on your smart phone. The death of a fellow human becomes a meme on Yahoo news for a day or two and then gets replaced by something else; the death is forgotten. We need to keep life precious and love one another, respect one another and stop shooting one another. We have the resources to help one another so why not try that rather than blowing away innocent bystanders that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? I know this post will not answer all the problems but the one thing I am certain is what I stated earlier…..our society has yet to reach an acceptable solution……

Welcome to the Church……


Tears of Nostalgia While Wading Through Excrement


The season of the dead is upon us; winter looms heavy on the streets and eaves of houses as a majority of all citizens here in Sleepytown huddle within their enclosures, cursing at the snow and ice.  I on the other hand find this the perfect opportunity to get out and jaunt around the decaying bowels of this city as the inclement weather keeps the street vacant of would-be harassers. I give credit to the local photographer who wanted to get out and investigate the old abandoned RCA/Thomson building on the east side of Indy. He let me and an entourage of others tag along with him timing the trip perfectly to miss the really nasty shitstorm weather that would come in a few days.

Abandoned buildings-especially factories-have a fascinating look and feel about them, something you really should experience if you get the opportunity…and you need to try and make that opportunity because you’re not about to hear a guided tour ad pop up on local tv. This is one you have to get out and make happen folks. Me and the group of four others ventured into the decrepit old factory and began wandering around this chilling expanse. It was ‘chilly’ on a few different levels; temperature chilly and silently quiet chilly. The ghosts of the past lie dormant and almost feral, the inklings of connection to humankind begin to slip away. Mildew and broken glass, ceiling tiles that now grow fungus and mold lie rotting on the floor covering two hundred yard stretches. All edible matter has been stripped clean for some time now and what’s left are remnants of things that will surely be taken by scavengers sooner or later. Dozens of boxes filled with unused plastic bottles, pallets filled with bags of unopened tile grout, piles of old worn clothing in the corner with no explanation as to why they are there, mounds of shipping containers and calendars still in their shrinkwrap dated 2009. Our group wanders through this structure while I remember back on what it was; RCA was a major player back in the day, producing vinyl records for the masses and providing steady work for the community. This was the place where my brother worked for a brief period of time. This was where my friend Sam worked, right before he died from AIDS. This was where my grandfather worked, who one day walked down the Michigan Street in front of my brother and I and had no idea who we were.

I assume  many communities around town have their own legends of factories or old stores that are now abandoned leaving nothing but memories and rotting debris. Take a moment to visit one of these places and you’ll enhance those nostalgic thoughts you have in your brainpan, memories and feelings will be heightened by wading through the excrement. Will this type excursion better your life? Not necessarily but it will evoke something lost within you I’m sure. A sublime something that will clear out the clutter in your head for a moment and make you think…welcome to the Church.

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