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A Quim Stained Contender; A Bond Villain Prattles

debatesWednesday evening, these dog and pony show debates came to a close in Las Vegas, with the final round between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton giving us their last hurrah before we voters run to the booths in November. I was watching this final performance from a hospital room; not my room, but the room of a friend who the night before had someone attempt to steal his car and ended up dragging him along the ground. He has a huge chunk of flesh and muscle taken out of his arm, a concussion and who knows what else. The hospital stabilized him so visitors were allowed…no one should be without a friend or someone to visit them in those places, which is why I had to go see him. Staying any length of time in a hospital is like spending time in a minimum security jail; visitors always help. I was going to be there for my friend.

I brought some whiskey for him and with that, and his prescribed pain killers, we were all cozy in his room being disappointed from the televised selection of Presidential contenders we’ve been left with. Both candidates held no mind blowing surprise up their sleeves, no catastrophic mud slinging rant to bring the other guy (or gal) down, just a continual droning mixture of accusations and denials. Their performances mimicked the routine they had grown comfortable presenting to the public, time and time again throughout this election, with Trump continuing to live in a world of lies and denial and Hillary working hard to keep a straight face or appear human. Clinton can’t get her on air persona any more homogenized, it’s the same smooth approach to the masses her husband used that won him the nickname ‘Slick Willie”-and a couple of elections. The Clintons are masters of oration and by comparison, Trump sounds like some bully punk from eighth grade with a fifth grade vocabulary. I know he likes to claim he has ‘big’ words, but the majority of us aren’t buying it. But in spite any analysis I might write about those two, regardless any writer’s or reporter’s take on Clinton and Trump, it just doesn’t seem to matter. Trump people are still voting for Donald, Clinton supporters won’t waver and break ranks from Hillary.

I found this final debate to be a bleak and hollow reflection of where our society’s mindset is right now. We continue to watch these two political monkeys up there on stage throw shit at our country and then we personalize it toward one another. It seems to work at the core of our frail emotional state of being; to persuade us into believing that not only is the opponent’s candidate going to destroy the country, those who oppose your beliefs and ideals are doing the same thing. We’re reverting back to a mentality where we want to kill everything that isn’t what we want or desire…and we call that a Democracy? I’ve known ten people (in my life) who committed suicide and that seems a bit high for anyone short of a soldier or police officer. Attitudes are getting more defensive thanks to the onslaught of memes and unbridled posts on social media platforms. Our nation is going through one of those ugly growth spurts, but we can live through it. I think back to our country’s periods of ill times….Chicago mobsters during Prohibition, beatings and lynchings for Civil Rights, Crips and Bloods warring on the West Coast. We’re going through one of those rough times right now, stemmed inside a techno communicating world. We all keep getting geared up from these debates, these two political clowns, then turn it back on one another to keep the social media cauldron bubbling.

Why will no one hold Trump’s feet to the fire about his statement on how you can grab a woman’s pussy. That statement opened up a whole new era of acceptable public vocabulary. The airwaves smacked with reports and rebuttals on him saying the word ‘pussy’. The censor of communications (via the FCC) in America morphed….and we all experienced the event that made the word pussy become a societal norm to our vocabulary…remarkable. A real live, mind bending scene from civilization’s evolution.

So Trump gets away with saying you can grab women’s pussy and people out there who despise Hillary Clinton stand silent, pursed lips and quiet tongues, just waiting for November. They’ll hold fast against the pussy statement because the wait is almost over. Soon they’ll fill out ballots to try and stop Hillary from gaining control of our country. In spite her presenting Trump’s own contradicting words back at him on numerous issues, his lack of character or Trump’s business failures, this doesn’t seem to be enough for Clinton haters. They still view Clinton as if she were the incarnation of James Bond’s nemesis, Dr. No, on stage. A Bond villain just chattering away. They just can’t bring themselves to trust or vote for her.

This is how the race is going to the finish line folks. I witnessed that final closing act on the American travesty we call an election from a hospital room, on a rainy night, with a friend.
Now we can all go vote in November…see what we create this time.


The GOP in Hell; Trumpenstein Explodes


This was going to be it…my Perfect Storm. I’ve followed the beast they call Donald Trump since he descended to the masses on that escalator to announce his run for the Presidency. I followed through the media, as well as attending his two local appearances here in Indy and keeping abreast of updates from his camp by signing up on his email list. I did this with most the candidates for the 2016 election so as to keep informed on each person’s up-to-date propaganda. Then this email arrives for me to attend a more closed session gathering of Donald Trump supporters…Trump supporters and Clinton antagonists, I should say. There are just as many (or more) Conservatives voting against Clinton as there are voting for Trump. This Republican Party Debate watching party would be held at a nice steak house restaurant downtown, meals and cash bar provided, come to politely shout banter at Hillary. I had just purchased a fair quantity of natural hallucinogens to do some micro-dosing (longer period use using smaller doses) to test their purported ‘clarity of thought’ benefits. A Trump rally would be an ideal scenario to test any clarity of thought I might receive from micro-dosing.
…and then audio of Trump leaked out where he spoke about grabbing women by the pussy.

That evening, Friday evening, I wasn’t ready to call Trump out yet . The book I have been reading on Donald Trump, “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston, records approximately 200 pages of out-right felonious behavior by that monster, but until Friday night, the man had managed to stay afloat as the top Republican contender. If he could get away with bribery, extortion and a mixed bag of devious shit this long into the race, he might just pull it off. One of the earliest reports condemning Trump’s taped conversation came from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who uninvited Trump to a Saturday event in Washington. Within less than 24 hours, gears have been put in motion by mainstream Republicans to oust Trump once and for all. Donald’s Vice President running mate, Mike Pence (Gov., Ind.) is now squirming like a worm on a hook, damaged from being skewered and just waiting to be eaten. He has been making statements about being ‘willing to forgive’, but being offended and unable to defend Donald’s remarks. Trump’s affiliation with Pence hasn’t appeared all that stable at this point, so add on Trump making comments about grabbing women by the pussy to the list of things that rub the religiously zealot Mike Pence into an emotional meltdown. This all would make a fantastic movie or television series, but this is the reality of what’s going on with our election.

Since starting the micro-dosing I’ve been re-notified by the Republican Committee putting on the debate viewing shindig. Local fire codes would only allow so many people in the hall, and they had tapped out on the amount of people to let in…unfortunately, they tell me, I didn’t make the cut.  Perhaps, all the better because now with Trump getting caught making that kind of statement, the only way out of this will get ugly and I don’t want to be at a party that goes ugly. No matter what type spin, what type damage control the Trump campaign unleashes, he won’t walk away from this one. I’m sure soon we will be reading stories about how technically Trump can’t be taken off the ballot or other hidden doublespeak etched within the bowels of Republican voting procedures, but whether on the ballot or not, Trump will not be able to get enough votes to win. This video was the one thing that could have taken him out.

I think all we have to do now is figure out what the Republican Party is going to do. Do they just give up and let Hillary take office? Will they ramrod some quick by-law situation to allow them to slide an alternate candidate before November? This is only one month away and I have to marvel at the strategy behind the Washington Post for waiting this late in the game to pull out that 2005 clip of Trump. Perhaps they didn’t plan it all along and just lucked out stumbling across it. Either way I have to think surely the Trumpenstein beast is dying now. He can’t possibly survive this political catastrophe….yet we all know how those old Hammer horror films go…just when you think the thing is dead….




Political Munchausen by Proxy pt. 2; after Urbanex


Having rifled through the old abandoned Jameson Inn, shooting pictures and savoring the leftovers of growth and decay, old buildings down, new ones up….it was time to face the debate. Twenty Sixteen and the forty-fifth President of the United States is on the plate and nobody likes what they see-not in great numbers. I managed to find advocates of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out there among the savages, people who say they truly support one of these monsters, but neither candidate is popular right now. Thankfully, that urban jaunt to an old building helped cleanse my palette and prepare me for their first one-on-one debate. It was time to face the dread.

The news feed suggested there would be record breaking viewership for this first debate-one hundred million predicted. Speakers came out and announced how the game would be played that evening and explained why candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson would not be participating. Those two didn’t meet the ‘criteria’ to qualify for this night’s shindig. Tough darts, Green Party-screw you, Libertarians. This is the Donald and Hillary show-those two are the ones making this country’s blood run hot. Anyone still following Stein or Johnson will tell you the benefits of eating kale…off-track misanthropes with high glucose levels, or something, setting their brain wiring askew. This country has not (to date) been successfully taken to a three party system so until we reach that point of frustration with our politics, we remain settled on two. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt was the commentator and it was no easy task for Lester to throttle Donald Trump from continued interruptions and infantile behavior. The debate was streaming around the world-Mexico was said to have an avid, almost sick, fascination with this election, and as all eyes tuned in to see what new provocation we could get mad over, few bothered to re-examine the point that brought us to having these idiots as our choices this fall. Huge numbers of voters loathe Hillary Clinton and most everyone believes Donald Trump is clinically insane. He kept sniffling throughout the debate-which days after, he denied ever happened. He threw random words together, blurting out statements like ” It’s all words…it’s all sound bites”, or “I just gave a lot of things”…those weren’t statements chopped off or taken out of context; that was just how he threw them out there. The man is definitely not a polished public speaker. Anyone who has attended any public speaking engagement where Trump spoke will know how easy he becomes flustered and once that happens, he just starts spouting off random words, usually accented by a flourish of “they’re nothing”, or “he’s a bum!” This is the kind of dialogue I expect out of an Italian mobster movie, not from the potential leader of our country.

So with that fanfare and insanity Trump brought to a viewing audience, Hillary Clinton was left unscathed (for the most part) and allowed to just step back and let Trump shoot himself in the foot, over and over again. Trump did land one good punch on her when he brought up the N.A.F.T.A. agreement she helped support, a point she tries to deny but records show that indeed, she was a supporter of that disaster. Unlike Trump, Clinton is very polished at public speaking; a smooth, evasive approach that manages to keep her off the ropes for those severely swayed right (politically). Conservatives keep thinking they have her pinned in the corner by mentioning the word ‘Benghazi’, but time and time again, she waves off the hard punch…you can’t bring her down, she’s too evasive, too slick. Pinning her down is like shooting pool with cooked spaghetti; futile and useless to even try. She could, in reality, probably wave off the debates altogether-which might not be a bad idea for us voters. Why the hell do they continue to put us through this farce of an election?

Why indeed?…because that’s the political Munchausen by proxy our country’s media put us in. They fed us a wired up conspiracy and suggest this country’s ready to fall apart, because the candidate you oppose is about to bring about Armageddon. News shows like MSNBC and Fox want you to believe this country is doomed (which it might be, if we don’t start being constructive about our country’s infrastructure) and that the only cure is to keep tuned to watch your candidate tell you what’s wrong with the opposition. They want us to feel if we beat down hard enough on the other guy (gal), everything will turn out right. They’ve convinced us of a sickness they helped develop and make us feel like we’re locked in a room with our children, forced to pick which one to shoot. I can’t stack the plus or minuses up any more than what’s reported by news pimp programs; you’ll vote for the candidate of your choice. You can vote for a nefarious professional politician, or a megalomaniac who sprouted from the bowels of Conservative frustration. Either of these choices is not the solution. The real solution comes from taking back control of our Government…you remember, for the People, of the People…We the People…remember that old chestnut?


Political Munchausen by Proxy pt. 1; Lead-up to the Debate


Urbanex…Urban exploring seemed to be the only thing able to take my mind off the suffering and humility this country is going through right now. The Presidential selection has been whittled down through a list of more competent and less vulgar people (albeit Ted Cruz was certainly at the top of the slime list), and now we are left with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So many now feel we are living in the Last Days; Four Horsemen should come galloping down the highway any day now.

The anticipation to see that first debate between the two candidates dropped off my radar for a while. I was overwhelmed by that charade of freedom created for us…they left us two choices – and don’t argue the chance for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, who currently are heading down Fuck No Road and will not be elected. Everyone felt the burn (Bern?) of frustration in their gut at having to accept this outcome. No one claims to have wanted these two assholes back in the fall of 2015, yet all of a sudden, both parties have staunch supporters out there canvassing for their party’s contender. Media and politicians worked hard to conjure mass fear throughout our nation. They want an election where people vote against a person, rather than a political philosophy. Use your heart, not your heads….that’s what they want from you. The fear builds up and a division of the lower class against itself begins. Donald and Hillary, who will it be?

Then, out of the blue, as it usually happens, the call comes from mi hermano who has arranged another urban explore session. This was my solace. This was the break I needed from the mounting paranoia hitting our streets, the frustration from injustice. Seems every day the news crawl is filled with more racial strife, outright immoral and unjustified killings of people. There’s a fight to stop a pipeline through Native American territory going on, riots once again erupting as a result of innocent individuals being killed by cops. Retaliation murders on officers, a surge of growing public presence from the Ku Kux Klan…amid all this growing tension, urban exploring was my escape.  I had the first debate between Trump and Clinton coming up and needed to clear my head to enjoy that horror show entertainment. Urbanex was just the thing to do that.

To those of you who may not get it, urban exploring (urbanex) is not just touring some abandoned place or ghost town that has survived long enough to gain a star locator on Google Maps, or some paid setup, like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. Urbanex is about finding those buildings that are slowly decaying back into our grounds, our atmosphere, awaiting destruction pending someone buying the lot and paying to have it cleared. This is organic art performing before your very eyes. The stark images of human debris, created just so it could rot away in some abandoned building years later. Each site seems to have similarities yet each one is unique in it’s own pattern of decomposition. The questions you begin to ask yourself as you wander, floor after floor of an empty seven story structure. Your investigation leads you to theories about what the place must have looked like when it was up and running. This particular session, we were at a old Jameson Inn that had closed down. We observed the oddity in how floors could be categorized from their appearance, like the one floor that had all these bathtubs removed and set on their sides, or the floor with all the bed pillows. It wasn’t until around the fourth, or fifth floor, that the wallpaper which hung on the walls when the place was opened showed up. The bottom floors were bare naked down to the concrete and block brick. Someone had taken one of the bathtubs,  some black paint, and created a photo stage for shooting noir bullshit, I assume. Variety is the exploration, the key ingredient, that takes you away from your other thoughts. To be able to get lost in something familiar, yet so foreign.

So this is where my head was at days before the first debate would take place. U.S. citizens being jockeyed against one another through suspicion, the looming change of hands with our country’s power about to take place in less than a year. I thought about an old Temptations song called Ball of Confusion, where it says “And the only safe place to live, is on an Indian Reservation”…not so fucking safe on the Rez right now, Homes. Actually, when the hell was an Indian Reservation considered a ‘safe place’ to live? Go visit Wounded Knee, that will tear your fucking heart out with sadness.

I digress. Back to Donald and Hillary. Back to the debate…soon.


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