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Bus Tale; Local Heroes;President Trumpenstein


This guy is hammered and rolls his way onto the bus I’m riding. He has a couple small cases of Budweiser perched in a wheelchair and makes the driver go through the routine of setting up privileged seating for his chair and brew. The driver insists he either fold up the chair and put the beer on a seat next to him or sit in the chair and be strapped in, like someone who actually needed a fucking wheelchair. In all fairness, I suppose as drunk as he was, the wheelchair was probably a good call on his part. He was making his way to the Indianapolis 500 race track with a buddy and the party had already begun. Once he was seat belted in the chair he asked the driver if he could have a beer.
“You can-if you want to get off.” Eventually it sank into the guy’s brain that he was being a bit of an ass to the rest of the riders so he just quietly fumed at the rest of us for putting a damper on his buzz.

For me he was a distraction from the evaluation I had been doing on where this presidential race was going. What a sickening turn this political system of ours here in America has taken. One of the benefits of Capitalism we like to tout is the freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice. The sad joke of it all is, what we end up voting for is not necessarily what we get. Superdelegate status and uncontrollable power votes for a candidate from those deemed ‘qualified’ to represent the vote of their party/people in caucuses and primaries leaves many of us scratching out heads trying to figure out the numbers breakdown. The rules seem sketchy, at best and in spite of a candidate winning the people’s vote, those called the winner of a primary are doing so by an ill-logic numbers ruse we’re being fed. Both Democrats and Republicans are privatized clubs that manage the rules and run them around a series of obstacles hellbent on giving them control over what potential president they throw before the public. They can disregard the results of any given primary and state delegates can easily-and untethered-vote for whoever they want…fuck the people, they’re the professionals here.

Drunky Man keeps looking back and sneering at me because he’s heard me laughing at him the entire time he stumbled onto the bus. I can’t contain myself ..he’s the epitome of an American at this point. Self medicated on some cheap liquor with a brand name that meant something to a generation now fading away. On his way to the Hoosier tradition known as ‘going to the Track’. A legacy of drunken brawls on the infield and high powered money, high powered cars. Soon I would be getting off in the heart of town, on Massachusetts Avenue where a rally was developing to oust local despot Governor, Mike Pence. This is the man setting back race relations in Indiana a few decades or so. I can think of no toes he won’t step on in order to preform his sadistic reign over this state. His homophobic, uterus probing agendas are far from representation of the common person here in Sleepytown. The city is boiling fucking mad and they want this maniac stopped. The effort of local heroes gathered the LGBT community and anyone else who happened by on Mass. Ave. to sign petitions and get involved in raising a gauntlet of force to oust Pence. This seems much more doable than trying to turn out one of the presidential candidates-or a senator. Senators are power monsters in Washington…State Representatives too. Politics on a nationwide basis is more time consuming and more costly than Mayoral or Governor’s elections. State and local are much more obtainable for the common people…so these locals work to oust Pence and will take any and all support they can get from the masses here in Indy. For those wanting to know more about their group, go to www.Pencemustgo.

I keep looking at the numbers the three remaining candidates are pulling in and making my end-game synopsis. I just call it like I see it and I know, opinions are like assholes, but if you spend anytime wading through the muck of this election and can stay somewhat bias, I think you can end up with a fair assessment of where this race is headed. I know Sanders supporters want Bernie to take it but it’s looking more and more bleak. They can still put up a fight and make things change, but should prepare themselves for the opposite of what they had hoped for this election. I’m not telling you how this race should work out; I’m telling you, the majority of polls I’ve watched come up with numbers that say Clinton beats out Sanders and Trump beats out Clinton. This doesn’t mean the numbers can’t change, but the head of steam needed to accomplish that seems hopeless…people seem as if they would much rather buy some Budweiser and get so shitfaced that they need a wheelchair to make it home. They too, may envision a future where President Trump stands in the Rose Garden to address us…drink on, you patrons of the bus…and welcome to the Church.


The Sins of HRC; The Ascension of Trump


Interesting and bizarre results are forming on the political arena as this race to the White House chugs along. Bernie Sanders supporters are continuing to wager large assaults against Hillary Clinton (in more recent primaries) but superdelegates are snatching away support of the Democrats ticket for Sanders. It’s a heartbreaking thing for Sanders people to witness because they are just now seeing the possibilities with this man in charge of our country. Trump’s recent tweet said Sanders was being treated terrible by the Democrats and should run Independent.The possibilities from such a statement make for an interesting fare to watch here in the latter stages of the race. It all seemed so cut and defined early on; people assumed Trump would be out of this race by now and one of the remaining stump heads that ran for the Republican ticket would be out there as there front runner boy. That’s not how it happened for the Republicans though. Influence from what have been termed ‘Authoritarian’ Republicans are the reason Don is the man the party has been given.

More thoughts on Authoritarians later…my mind is humming going over all the news stories popping up about Hillary Rodham Clinton. She recently told the people of Ft. Mitchell, Ky., that if elected she would have to have her husband (Bill Clinton, yeah….that Bill Clinton) come out of retirement to help her get people back to work in the coal country and inner cities.That image certainly had to send chills down the back of ex-Bill haters. More questions rise up about allotments of money surrounding the Clinton’s foundation. Her recurring issues on email tampering. A bombardment of negative stories against Hillary Clinton are picking away at her electability, but still Sanders seems a long way off from getting the nod from the Democrat’s Powers-That-Be.She won’t give up without a fight and I can only imagine the pandering involved on that level to keep afloat as a White House potential. I’m not saying she’s any worse than a huge number of our current elected officials. Clinton seems to be the only true Old School party politician in the bunch. Sanders is the Lone Wolf out there and has done a tremendous job raising funds to keep in the race from the common people-and a few firms along the way. Trump tries to give the appearance of paying for his campaign from his own wallet but that will probably work into another bankruptcy thing or a monster write-off of some kind. Hillary has been bathed and trained in the ways of politicians as a First Wife, Senator and Secretary of State. She knows how to raise cash. She knows how to rally support from power players all over the globe and that may very well be the thing that seals her candidacy to the Democrats. Whatever sins Clinton may have to commit to grab the ticket, she is ready for. She is so close to being the first female President of the United States and now being this close, she has put the expenditures on full throttle. Whistle stops and closed door dealings with secluded cronies. To be so close to the throne-yet this is where it can really get chaotic-and this election certainly has had it’s chaos.

Recent studies show a large percentage of support for Trump has come from those who display characteristics of Authoritarianism.Surveys were given with trigger questions to verify that there is, in fact, a growth of Authoritarian support (with regards to voting choices) in America. There has been a noticed increase in fear brought about by social changes in our society and this has added to a split in the Republican party voters. Old Republican views on policy aimed at national economics have been overrun by those aimed at fears brought about by change in a growing diversity in America. Some have suggested I watch the implosion-or rebirth-of the Republican party and see if there isn’t a split between old Conservative Republicans and a New Age Authoritarian Republican. The splintering of that faction started when the Tea Party managed to give the House to Republicans back in 2010 and this was the first step for creating the monster I have come to refer to as Frankentrump….or Trumpenstein, whichever you like better. Trump was the by-product of a growing fear among Republican voters brought on by a focused stream of fear and loathing reports via Fox News. People like Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity fed the social phobias those with Authoritarian tendencies held inside. They were brought to the surface by continual news coverage that wanted to point the finger at some indication of change in America. This was becoming a different nation and that scared a lot of people. Trump is not the last who will come along to appease and feed off the superstitions our changing global presence creates, but he was the first, big iconic example; the poster boy for all that is shameful in America.

So here we are at this leg in the race and the scorecard stands with Clinton and Trump running neck and neck and Sanders keeping pace…but for how long? Who will give out first-Clinton or Sanders? Should Bernie do as Trump suggested and go third party? Will news moguls launch enough propaganda and mud smear on Hillary to knock her out of the race for 2016? Do you think you’ve experienced the scariest part of this ride yet? Wait until we see what’s up ahead.


A Horrorshow Photo Finish?


The rain continues to linger here in the Midwest; a fitting tribute to the pulse of recent events in my life. A fitting tribute to the climate of this Presidential election. These recent¬† gray skies were cover for me, lurking in the chapel here at the Church. I spent a few days being a nurse for someone going through the throes of beating a nasty addiction to opiates…trying to beat it, I should say. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, as Berra once said. Opiate addictions are a nasty affair. One of the most disrespectful things a person can undergo is the transformation heroin will put them through. Pain meds like Oxycontin or Vicodin aren’t much better but typically the pill addict still has some semblance of decency bouncing around in them, somewhere. The full, balls out-skin popping smack addict is a miserable sot to come in contact with.

This past week also gave us the parting of political Republican candidate, Ted Cruz (Sen. -TX.) who bowed out of the race as cameras caught his awkward retreat. He accidentally banged his wife in the face with his elbow-three times and left the race to go do whatever it is Ted Cruz does. Cruz always appeared uncomfortable in that body of his, leaving me to question if he were truly human, or an early first-gen android being controlled by a secretive pact of old Nazi scientists. He was a man who, later in this campaign cycle, gained a higher percentage of voters believing he was more insane than any other presidential hopeful. When you listened to his speeches, you envision a world like something out of a religious nightmare story King wrote, taking Christianity to that crazy point where a person tries to justify murder or confinement of those who disagree with them. Not to say that what Republican voters are left with is much more endowed to take on the Presidency, but I believe (as a lot of people) Cruz would have brought a cruel term in office to the American public. Trump might run the country into the ground, but Cruz would have run it into the ground and set fire to it.

On the Democratic side of the spectrum, huge turnouts of Bernie Sanders (Sen. -VT) supporters have been hellbent on keeping his campaign alive; trying their best to keep a hopeful possibility for this November’s election. Sanders won the Indiana primary but committed votes from superdelegates¬† to Hillary Clinton (frmr. Sec. of State) give her the win in Indiana. Too often during this cycle of primaries, Sanders has been thwarted by the political grey matter of American politics, leaving him a growing popular choice for the people, but not for the Machine. Democrats, Republicans and big business interests aren’t too keen on having this man at the helm. Sanders intends to take the upper crust society of the world and give it a well deserved shake down. His campaign has been built on the promise of getting a Democratic Socialist strategy in play by having wealthier, large corporations to start footing tax dollars and expenditures back into the U.S. economy. Clinton began her campaign as a fair option for some Democrat voters, but as the election coverage waned on and more stories continued to emerge against her character/involvement in domestic and foreign policies, her popularity declined. Not so many are anxious to see her take the Dem’s bid for the election and now, optimistic Sanders supporters are left worried. In earlier blog posts I had predicted the possibility of Trump coming out as the candidate for Republicans, as well as my prediction that growing numbers of people would give him their vote-not because they support him, but because they detest Clinton. The money played out on that prediction and if I had laid cash down in Vegas, I would now be in that sinful town snorting cocaine off a high priced hooker’s ass.

The race seems to be leaving us with one of two alternatives; either Trump wins because more people vote to keep Hillary out, or Clinton wins because the popular vote no longer seems to matter in U.S. politics. This country supposedly prides itself on democracy yet the procedure and addenda of the free vote grow stale. Some laws that stand to this day were based on a less populace America and are in need of revamping. It took professional politicians decades to develop the current strategy of passively rigging elections; rezoning of districts, superdelegate manipulation…these are dirty little tactics used against the American voter in such a manner as to have them fight against one another and ignoring the fact that they might just have voted the same bastards back in office that caused their recent problems. Even with the number of popular votes Sanders may bring in, can he win the spot on the Democrat’s ticket? It’s a hard fearful question to ask myself…it’s like asking myself if I think my friend is going to kick opiates……hard to call, and I fear the worst.

welcome to the Church……


The Herd Thins; Sanders on the Prowl


It’s the night before Primary in Indianapolis and Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took to the steps of the downtown Circle and gave local supporters what they wanted. The full on money-shot, real deal candidate was here to assure the crowd that he was not letting go of this race. The Midwest has been hit by a follow through whirlwind of 2016 candidates, the strongest leaders as well as those barely hanging onto the race. In all honesty, I have no idea why someone like John Kasich (Gov., OH) is still on the track. His campaign bus was spotted on some outskirt town of Indy, a sad and somber remnant of the man’s hopes and dreams, driving through muttering repetitive rhetoric of his political philosophy.

Bernie Sanders (Sen., VT), amid constant reports of his own defeat by Hillary Clinton (fmr. Sec. of State) is not backing off one bit. For him, this campaign means going non-stop against Clinton now that the smart money says, Trump will take the nod for the Republicans. I can see no other options for the GOP. Ted Cruz (Sen., TX) threw out a last ditch effort by teaming up with the former Baroness of HP (and Destroyer), Carly Fiorina. The Fiorina announcement felt more like Ted wanting someone to hold onto as he sank. His appearance in Indiana was met with a barrage of putdowns. He snapped and told someone their kid should be spanked….implied it, I should say. Members of the audience were eating him alive; continued jeering responses, like this one, will put the killing blow on the Cruz/Fiorina campaign.

Local supporters of Sanders were elated to have the Senator among them in person and his appeal continues to swell across the country. If Sanders wins the nomination for the Democrats, many feel it will be a slam dunk against Trump. Bernie is quick on his feet and has a lifetime of practice and concern for the common people. Donald is being instructed on how to appear concerning and possibly even empathetic, but that’s going to take some time. I suggest that in the mean time, while Bernie continues to swell in popularity and as Trump gets closer to accepting the bid for the Republicans, everyone should remember to study up on local, state and federal position up for election. Everyone was hot about stopping a Congress that does nothing and suggesting to oust those in office. Well folks, the internet will allow you to study up on Representatives, Senators…..Governors…find out who is up for election and put the scare of Jesus in these motherfuckers because one person along cannot tackle the cluster fuck our nation has gotten into. Sanders has some solid sounding ideas but it will take the House and Senate cooperating with him to accomplish the miracles needed. The ability for those two Houses of Thieves and Bastards to co-operate with Bernie, or Hillary, or Donald, is not very promising at this time. Their ability to stall out President Obama on a number of programs showed the nation that they did have some power, but it was more like a negative power…an anti-power. It showed how long they could hold out and pout and bicker and accomplish nothing, while we all watched on, dumbfounded with the knowledge that our taxes were paying for this pathetic folly. Putting one person in office is not going to solve our current issues. People in Indianapolis have littered the landscape with signs wanting to oust current Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) but how many will look into the background of the person they want to replace him with? Who do they want, specifically, to run against Pence?…and how many of us know or keep in touch with our State Representatives and Senators? I certainly don’t. We all have more important things to do most of the time but I fear it’s so far out of hand that we all should try a bit harder to put a reign on these animals. They’re getting away on a power trip and need to take some Quaaludes and come down. We need to get control of our Reps before our nation’s laws become sold out to the highest bidder. That last sentence may have sounded a bit dramatic but the point is, if they continue to go unchecked, they will run things further into the ground than they already have.

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