Between Round Amity with the Sexually Challenged

This past weekend downtown Denver played host to a monumental two day celebration for the GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) lifestyles which gave me a break from the placid Presidential campaign we all are bearing witness to during these slow months of summer politics. Small polite banter between the incumbent Commander-In-Chief and the Massachusetts wanna-be are the most we are getting right now. The punches are being pulled and neither Barack or Mitt want to bully the other man. I think they believe it will make them look less gentlemanly, out of control. They have hired goons to take the job of mud slinging off their hands, like some mafia boss who gets Lenny the Nose to go break some legs on is behalf, yet even their henchmen are too soft core.

I don’t want this milk toast political campaigning right now, no me-not Fox News. We hard core political junkies want our fix and the more toned down it is, the less we enjoy it-in fact it’s like poison to us, like strychnine mixed in with your LSD. As crazy as he was I have to admit that I miss Newt Gingrich being in the race. That monster kept me in hysterics with his vile accusations and repugnant soapbox antics. Rick Perry could have come close to having that same vomit-in-your-throat zeal but he lost his head early and was put to the curb. I don’t want to saunter through an entire season of lazy political bandwagons spewing out these minor, droll talking points that get rehashed on every television and radio station out there. I want something to stop the presses and make my jaw hit the floor, make me choke on a big hit of weed. The most recent mind numbing stories involving the presidential hopefuls include a call by Mitt Romney for a special prosecutor to investigate counterterrorism leaks from the Obama Administration, implying that the President allowed these leaks to go out in order to boost support numbers for re-election. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is trying to stay away from the finger pointing game (at least not heavy handed), focusing more on accomplishing constructive key point legislation and engaged foreign affairs to place on his ‘things accomplished’ list to dole out to the public. Safe game to play, but leaving me with very little enthusiasm for his next four years.

I can sit and weigh the actual tasks performed by our President and not find anything too Earth shattering; keeping the number of wars we’re involved in to a minimum is a definite plus. I would like to hear some more ideas from Mitt Romney and especially get him to nail down choices for key figures in his ideal Administration. So while waiting for that bit of pig flying to take place I took the weekend to go downtown and frolic with the beautiful people who came out in support of the gay/bisexual/transgender lifestyles. Not since the 420 celebration had I been involved in anything quite so endearing, so one in unity with everybody. There were no riots, no gay-bashing (other than a few lost sots down there with a Bible trying to sway the masses…..yeah, that worked), just thousands of people enjoying the blistering hot weather, dancing in the intense sun and grooving on the whole event.  I fought off my fatigue with tons of water and dope and ended up dancing more than I had in years-decade. If we could all manage to gather like everyone at the Gay Pride celebration with one another to discuss the true problems in our country and face it with no preconceived opinions of one another, just think what we might accomplish? I know I should take off my rose colored glasses but knowing what we as a nation face this coming election, I have little left but faith in the common person to be the catalyst to start turning  this country around. The two candidates are looking more and more like each other so what hope is left? I’ll go back to Pew Central here at the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons and strengthen myself up for the next adventure, waiting for the campaign banter to gain steam…..watching and waiting.


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