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Nipping at Their Heels Pt. 2-Reluctant Pig March, Krishna Vampire

The future’s uncertain

and the end is always near

-the Doors, “Roadhouse Blues”

 How fitting that this day started out with me hearing a marching band in downtown Denver performing the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” They couldn’t have planned that any better even though the two events were in no way connected. A fitting theme song for this days events. I had decided to take my youngest down to the rally, a youth of fourteen, because she showed real interest in the protest and wanted to see more, firsthand, on what was going on in the capital city. What an excellent opportunity for her to witness the real ebb and flow of a demonstration.

The block long wall of Denver PD was ready to dance, gas masks now donned and billy clubs ready. I tried to position myself and my daughter close enough to see the real horror show events that might be coming up without getting so close that we ended up getting sprayed. She was all gung ho to get in with the crowd so I had to explain to her how fun pepper spray really is. Apparently she had already forgotten about the gent in the wheelchair  we talked to earlier who was still having difficulty breathing. I know I wasn’t looking forward to a face full of that nasty juice. My lungs were coated with THC and I certainly didn’t want to ruin the high with their chemicals. The first warning came over the bullhorn and all I could catch were random words but the main part of the message was clear. They were reading the required dogma that allowed them to go in there and tear the tents to the ground, allowed and approved by Denver’s mayor. The  warning gave everyone five minutes to clear out before they came in with gas and batons. One officer came over to where I was standing and asked the group if we could act as a liaison and talk to  the angry mob. If the squatters  took their tents down the cops would leave them alone. This made me feel a bit sympathetic to the police-for a minute or so. You could tell they felt bad about the physical faux pax pulled earlier that day when a handful of protesters were beaten pretty good and the crowd got a bathing of chemical spray. They were trying to give them a way out by saying, take down the tents and you can continue. Too late for that. The protesters were growling at the line drawn in the sand. They were ready.

The five minutes passed and the wall of reluctant pigs was ready to storm in. Cell phones and mini recorders were focused in on the crowd all ready for some good time action. Members of the Denver Legal Observer were on hand jotting notes of the events as they took place. Volunteers came by and presented us with vinegar soaked gauze pads to hold next to our face to combat the effects of pepper spray. Jesus, the stink of the vinegar was worse than the spray. I have very little sense of smell left in me due to an industrial accident but even I was gagging at the amount of vinegar on those pads. I was trying to juggle my cell phone’s camera and this soaked cloth and keep an eye on my surroundings. From past experience in crowds I knew that once a wave started you had better go with the flow of direction or get mowed down. My daughter had youth on her side so I was confident she could run to safety.  The countdown ended and the police started moving in. Tension rose along the rank of officers holding the perimeters as the main surge of cops drove into the scattered collection of tents and began dismantling them. I saw some scuffle in the midst of it all and someone went down into the feet of a half dozen officers. I quickly grabbed my daughter and focused her attention on the ass beating. There you are sweetheart, justice at its’ finest, eh?

The tents went down with limited commotion from the crowd. A lot of yelling and jeering but no physical stuff to speak of, no rock throwing or flaming bottle toss. The mob just wasn’t quite ready to commit themselves to true warfare. Large trucks were rolled up and soon vested city workers started hauling away the remains of the tents, the cantina that had been constructed and any other structure that was constructed in the park. The crowd continued it’s verbal attack on the police line, slanderous yelling and taunting, only inches away from the masked patrol. Before long it died back down to a manageable ruckus and soon everyone was back where it started. The tents were down and that part of the park was cordoned off by a circle of officers. I decided to mill around to gather more stories, more information, more venom from the mob. My daughter asked to stay back to watch and be entertained by a circle of Krishnas who had begun to dance and sing. Sure, why not I thought. I warned her about strangers and took off for five or ten minutes to collect data. I should have know it would only take that amount of time for those mystical vultures to fly in. I came back to my daughter sitting on the ground and next to her was a Krishna woman who had given her a book and pamphlet on their little cult.

I walked up with a swift stride and gave the Krishna a violent stare. “Get away from my child you Vampire” I roared at her. The tactic worked. The succubus crawled back to her den of dancing companions and we were safe from their prattle. My daughter wanted to hold onto the book and I decided that it couldn’t hurt; In a pinch we could use it as a projectile if things got out of hand. The Krishna continued their dance and music adding a kind of theme song, a sound score to the evenings event and soon we felt it was time to leave. The police kept their word and no further pounding was issued now that the structures were down.

As I left and headed back for my vehicle I pondered the points of the day’s events. The police hadn’t really won anything other than taking down a few tents; a little over a hundred officers on pay to perform this task. I don’t see how the city can continue to afford a blockade of police down there very long so if the protesters are able to keep this up, they should win at some point. Eventually the city will say ‘okay, enough…let’s talk’ and that is the point that has to be reached before anything will get done. As long as the lines of jeering protestors can hold out, more and more people will jump on the band wagon and they will overcome the political strong arm that keeps this wall of vest and batons on guard. Hold strong brothers and sisters, keep the faith.


Nipping at Their Heels; Will the Dog Bite?

approx. 5:50 PM, October 29, downtown Denver

 The day started out pretty tame as I worked my way around downtown Denver for a seasonal event.  The event itself proved to be wholesome clean fun which left me for a taste of a little Schadenfreude at the expense of the Occupy Denver crowd. After leaving last Saturday Night (see earlier blog, “Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again’)  the political assembly of protestors left me with very little hope for their cause. In that short amount of time a recent eruption in Oakland California has fanned new life into a lot of city movements throughout the U.S. so I felt I should look in on the Denver crowds and see what’s developed.

 Once again I parked my inconspicuous car away from the heart of it all. My car is a pretty Joe Average looking vehicle which is just the way I like it. Takes interest off me while I’m driving around town with some of the monsters I associate myself with.  I walked down to Colfax and Broadway, on to the line in the sand that separated police and angry mob. Before I made it all the way into the heart of the crowd I could see a much greater police presence that last week in the middle of the street. More than one hundred officers stood in the middle of the road, traffic completely blocked off. Squad cars created a barrier to prevent anyone from coming into the road and pedestrians were redirected around the park.  Well this looked serious I thought. The swarm of those waving signs of corruption had grown to a noticeable number and now I heard the voice of a bullhorned rebel spewing venom at the line of police men and women. He was giving a pretty good line of ass chew to the cops which made me wonder if something had sparked this more noticeable aggravation in the crowd. I left the bullhorn there on the east side of the street and headed over to the other side where the small nylon tent village had been settled by the political zombies. A couple weeks ago they had been driven off and relocated in the park across from the capital.

 I walked over and begin milling around the crowd to gather the latest. I managed to fall in on some guys talking about some protestor who had been shot out of a tree. This perked my interest so I wandered up close and asked to see the phone video footage they had taken of the event. The video showed a blonde haired guy displaying large bleeding welts on his arm where the police had shot him. His story was that while up in the tree earlier today the police had come through the park an began to tear down tents and hit the crowd with pepper spray and gas. They ordered him out of the tree and before he could make it down they shot him with some nasty crowd control invention that left him with a bleeding arm. He was able to run back into the obscurity of the large crowd of protestors; not that he need fear prosecution because he broke no law. I wondered though. I’m sure had he been within arms’ reach they probably could have drummed up something to at least detain him. This sounded a bit more promising to me. Maybe this protesting dog was beginning to grow some teeth. I spoke with a few more people attending and found out that the police had lost their cool earlier and may have gotten a bit out of hand. The one damning thing Denver’s Finest had working against them was the electronic age we live in where every Joe and his mother have a cell phone camera/video recorder so a lot of people had records of the earlier incident. I spoke to a gentleman in a wheelchair who was having some difficulties talking with me. He still had a good dose of pepper spray hanging inside his lungs. I spoke with a protestor who had come up from Colorado Springs which had a pretty successful rally against their city, wounds still visible on his head. More than the typical street urchin zombies I had grown accustomed to seeing down here. Now the park had sprung alive with war vets and elderly couples, foreigners and tourists milling around the crowd and tents wondering what was going to happen.

  “Better get ready” the guy in the wheelchair coughed. “They’re getting ready to do something again.”

 “The cops?” I asked.

 “yeah” he said and now I did notice more movement from within the ranks of the line of officers. The upper guys in charge were pacing up and down the line and gas guns were being loaded. Not long after that gas masks were being donned and you could see the police were readying themselves for a bit of crackdown. I needed to prepare myself for what was to come.


I Think I Liked It Better When The World Was Round

Remember the kids in the playground

avoiding the bullies each day

Timing your life to the monsters

the monsters that won’t go away

-Ian Hunter “When the World Was Round”

 One of the saddest things I can think of is an unloved child. In my mind what constitutes an unloved child is one who doesn’t have a parent there to clean them up and feed them, no one there to read to them and read with them, no one there to share in their joys and help them through their sorrows. To some this may sound like a fairly easy agenda to fulfill but my witness into the world around me shows quite a lot of neglect; neglect both physically and emotionally.  A lot of folks out there have a real problem with letting a kid be a kid and this is crushing them, taking away the spark that makes kids alive with energy and zeal. We are stomping the fun out of kids.

If you have a young one at home and you’ve never been mattress surfing with them you should be shot. Grab that mattress and head for a stairwell before it’s too late. Go have a water balloon fight with them when weather permits. Take them out to the Great outdoors, build a fire and let them throw sticks and shit in it. Be a monster for them to slay. The simple pleasures of life should be shared with a child and not monitored on the sideline of some soccer game where half the people are watching over the top of their phone texting some all important bullshit. Do you think your kid doesn’t know they’re second fiddle to you when you do this? Do you want them to just veg out in front of the XBox watching fantasy characters blow each other away? By forcing them into a half dozen after school activities are you making them a happier, more well rounded individual?

Last weekend I went to the Occupy Denver political Rally (see earlier blog post “Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again”) and amidst the small group of protestors was one couple who brought their daughter, a girl of about seven or eight. The young girl was pulling at the poncho of her mother, calling to her to get her attention but the mother seemed too preoccupied with following someone in the crowd who could be a potential leader of that fiasco. The daughter gave up and told the mother she was going to see her dad, then walked away, probably already prepared for her mother showing no response. The girl walked about fifty feet over to where her father was sitting cross legged on the sidewalk talking to some woman and paid his daughter no more attention than the mother. Hippie parents can be so cold people.

One other problem society seems to be disrupting our kid’s lives with is this desire to merge fantasy with reality, for what purpose, is beyond me. Why do they feel a child will be more well rounded if we introduce a homeless character on Sesame Street? And why the fuck did they stop Cookie Monster eating cookies? He’s a fucking cookie monster for Christ sake! Some people believe it will encourage their child to eat too many sweets and cookies. Here’s a thought, tell your kid they’re not a cookie monster. In fact, tell them if they eat too many cookies they’ll get diabetes and have to have a leg sawed off, that’s more realistic than letting them believe some fictitious puppet has to change his diet because it’s not healthy for him. Not healthy for a puppet? Do you really think your child has a problem distinguishing a puppet from a real live boy or girl? Wll your child really listen to nutritional advice from a fucking sock on your hand?

Halloween is another example of adults going overboard. I saw some woman walking out of a pharmacy the other day and her son wanted to put on a zombie mask they purchased for Halloween. The mother informed him that he wasn’t allowed to do that until October 31st. Who put a stick in your ass bitch? Let the kid wear the mask, let him walk around and pretend he’s a zombie-he’s a kid! I think kids should be allowed to wear costumes to the store whenever they feel like it. Trust me, the clothes parents force their kids to wear are just as much a costume as anything else.

The bottom line is, let kids be kids while they’re still kids. The time will come soon enough for them to grow into the world of wonder and delight that you and I now share, that world of taxes and mother fuckers taxing you. They’ll develop prostrate problems and suffer menopause, may get herpes, may get AIDS and die, may get shot in Afghanistan, might become meth heads, may become a crack whore but not because you allowed them to wear a zombie mask before Halloween. Let children be children and maybe some of that happiness will start to rub off onto you.


Attack of the Dark Sith; the Fall of Eagle Force Five

Emilio and I continued to watch the growth of the newly formed group. Junior college and college aged night crawlers began to multiply at a mundane rate and before long, this gathered Dark Sith of youth were large enough and strong enough to take out the older Eagle Force Five. A learned irony of life we all face; the energy of youth is wasted on the young. The poor old zealots of EFF didn’t have the stamina or support from those gathered and the younger uprising rabble had no direction. Okay, the older group didn’t have much direction either but I feel they would have bound themselves in support to a strong uprising had one developed.

Then I began to hear the wailing cry of an electric guitar being fed through a cheap amplifier with the speaker about ready to give. That same awful music I heard weeks when I came down here. Damn, I wish my friend Eduardo was here, that maniac came here with me last week and he was practically uncontrollable. I would love to turn Eduardo loose on that guy and his guitar. I don’t know if it was the magical strings playing through that cheap speaker but something, at that moment, caused the sea of people out there on Broadway and  Colfax to stir. The ring of the Dark Sith began to move toward Eagle Force Five and I feared (or hoped for?) a confrontation. I imagined it would be nothing violent, just painfully embarrassing to watch.

I called that one right on the money. The Dark Sith allied with Eagle Force Five and soon a new group of, maybe twenty five or so, stood in unison with one another to form the Dark Eagle Force Sith of Five or The Dark Five Force of Eagle Sith or whatever the hell you wanted to call them. So who would they choose to rally the troops together for a strategic coup? Would the balding pudgy fuck from Eagle Force Five take control? Did the Dark Sith have some Euro-tramp student ready and willing to take the reigns? It happened so fast that neither Emilio or me knew where this guy came from but we heard the voice and knew he had the charisma, the voice to lead on a mass of eager followers; a mature black man! Perfect!

This new leader proved to be more than either of us could handle. He was leading the crowd in a pledge which involved such nonsensical demands of oath as ‘if someone starts to talk you down, simply ignore them’ and similar ridiculous mantras. That was the point we decided to leave. No heads would be cracked tonight, no flaming cocktails in the street. This was a political temper tantrum at best. As we left I noticed a sticker someone had placed on a light pole next to the park where we said adieu to the Dark Sith and Eagle Force Five and all the other political zombies huddled in their sleeping bags living the hell most of us would not suffer. The sign said ‘boycott shit to kill stocks’. Out fucking standing. Boycott shit is about as direct as they could be. That was the problem here all along and continues to be the problem for their effort. No one is going to rally around a bunch of morons who don’t even know what the hell they’re doing out there or what they want to accomplish. If you leave the strategy of your political pursuit in the hands of an aging Dungeon Master who hasn’t been in mixed company for over a decade, can you really expect a mob strong resistance to develop? One tap of pepper spray and a crowd that size would disperse within minutes.

If the Occupy Denver people or similar groups throughout our country really want to accomplish something, the first thing they need to do is get rid of the carnival folk. No one is going to jump on the bandwagon with a group of misfits like that. If they can’t cure their own sanity, how can they fix the country’s insanity? Another critical point is to make sure they know what they want to fix and how they would go about doing it. Boycotting shit is not a very well thought out plan. War profit equals crimes against humanity is not a very solid protest campaign. A lot of people in this country are hurting right now but if you lead them astray and force them to join you in a march alongside a cacophony of mutants, I promise you, nothing will be achieved. You will lose.


Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again!

So if you wanna live

a nice quiet life

do yourself a favor

don’t come out at night

-Whodini “Freaks Come Out atNight”

 It was Emilio who first spotted them. I was still adjusting to the night air and the general feeling of sympathetic giggling brought on by a large amount of medicinal marijuana and the (no more than) one hundred lost souls wandering amidst the refuse known as the ‘Occupy Denver Movement’. Just weeks ago they had made their initial plunge into some cat and mouse game with the Denver Police who gave them a nice taste of pepper spray. Nothing to damaging, more a polite little gesture to let the crowd know they were being  watched.

On my last trip to beautiful downtown Denver (see earlier blog “Return to the Land of the Political Zombies”) I left with a feeling that retaliation had to be close at hand. Certainly the shoving match they got into before with cops would bolster their fighting spirit. I anticipated a scene from years gone by at Berkley and other infamous locations of public unrest. What me and Emilio witnessed with was a satirical group of burn outs, aged protestors with little steam left in them and a playground mentality that permeated throughout the vicinity. The last time I had driven by the protestors that had set up camp on the east lawn of the capital building. Since that time they had been forced to move across the street into the public park. A gauntlet of Denver’s finest stood guard weeks ago to ensure the protestors didn’t weave their way back to their old location; tonight I saw the number of officers had been whittled down to four and I think one of them was just stopping by to drink coffee and shoot the shit. There was  a lot more meandering and a lot less shouting than last time. The cause was certainly dead. La Raza was dead in it’s tracks.

Emilio pointed out a circle of misfits not far from where we stood, slowly congregating to form a pack of resistance against ‘the man’. They appeared to be a rag tag group of older folks, possible revolutionists from years gone by, gathering here now to form an alliance of strength, a force to be reckoned with. Emilio dubbed them, Eagle Force Five (even though there were seven in the group)!

A weighty man with thinning hair began to bark out some chant in hope of support and encouragement from those near by. He apparently believed everyone down there was as enthusiastic as he about this protest. What erupted were murmers and half thought out quips from the encircled would-be heroes. No one around this warren of anti-Wall Streeters gave a shit what this guy had to say and it was clear  they didn’t intend to join in or support this pudgy anarchist in any way. That awkward silence filled the air which made it even more of a challenge for the squad  I now came to call Eagle Force Five. Another member of their posse carried a sign that read “War Profits Equal Crimes Against Humanity”. What the fuck was that about? War Crimes? I thought they were talking about jobs and making bankers and large corporations pay for their atrocities. I’m sure if I were to venture into their Circle of Justice they would have connected the dots for me and shown how War Profits somehow bailed out the banking institution but I wasn’t about to go in there. Not this stoned, I’d never get out without losing my mind.

Emilio and I continued watching this satirical group of  aged infants while others there were bedded down for the evening or browsing over by the newly formed cantina. The cantina they had before was better equipped and constructed fairly well but that was before the police came and tore the structure down. This new food dispensary seemed thrown together and looked like a lot of fodder spread about for anyone to walk over and grab. I couldn’t imagine anything too edible, probably some nuts and grains, water, the basics.

Soon I spied a new group forming next to us. This circle was larger than Eagle Force Five. They had at least nine in their group and they were sending off messengers to other parts of the park where you could see other concealed tribes lurking about with whispered words of chaos. These pudgy foot soldiers from the new group made little haste in relaying the order to different circles of people in the park to come, merge with their group; Eagle Force Five had to be overthrown!


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead for Now

Well the news came over the wire that Ghadafi (or Gaddafi or the half a dozen other ways we spelled it) bit the big one, killed actually from a fatal blow, but dead  nonetheless. Cheers went up throughout the world as the guy responsible for so much destruction and terror for decades is defunct. If your life were a movie one might imagine that this would be the part at the end of the flick when the happy ending comes to fruition and the star gets the girl. What we seem to be experiencing instead is some horror show excerpt when the naive teenagers let their guard down.

Media banter has set the wheels of diverse thought in play by presenting a barrage of words and images to further distract and befuddle you. I talked with someone yesterday who doesn’t trust the stories about Osama being a deep sea worm feast and wonders if the U.S. might be involved in some coverup of his death. How long can it take before suppositions and doubt arise concerning Ghadafi’s demise. Really? A coverup involving hiding Osama or Ghadafi? We’re talking about the Administration that allowed that stalker couple (Tareq and Michelle Salahi) to crash a 2009 State dinner. Slipped right by Secret Service. Do they really have the knowhow to pull off a coverup? I’m sure the Obama Administration would fall victim to some boner hiccup in a plan of that magnitutde. It would be much easier to just kill the leaders and get it over with. I think it’s safe to say Osama and Moammar are dead.

Now if you do believe those two are dead you’re safe, right? Wrong. Certain Political strategists are working hard to discredit anyone associated with our current Administration. Sound bites and video clips show the likes of John McCain practically choking on his tongue not wanting to admit that his arch nemesis, a.k.a. Barack Obama, was our Leader in Charge and aided in the destruction of the now dead Libyan leader.  How quickly they scurry to spread dissention throughout the U.S. to make us feel unsafe in this world. They want to keep the fear alive, keep you believing in the inadequacies of our Commander in Chief and armed forces, which kind of works against the high they get supporting our troops.

This does not help the Republican’s jaunt to swing the pendulum back their way. It seems to have deflated the anticipated throw down between two African American candidates. Everyone got ready for the Rumble in the Jungle but first, the Republicans have to deal with this hard blow to their midsection. How do they discredit these achievements made fighting global terror without looking hypocritical? It’s a long arduous path but they won’t be foiled that easy. They’ll bide their time and as long as Herman Cain doesn’t do anything stupid, he will remain a presidential hopeful. A new face may get discovered or invented as backup, one with the intelligence and finesse to steal the lead from Cain but….do you really think they have the knowhow to find or make someone like that?

So keep on scaring us, you political monsters, it is the season for scary things. Haunt us some more with these tales of deception and conspiracy, I love a good scare. Just remember to wrap it up by October thirty  first because not long after, Thanksgiving will be here. I for one would like something to be thankful for this year.


Who Wrote the EBook of Love

“The book of love has music in it
In fact that’s where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb”

-Peter Gabriel “Book of Love”

 An entire new era of romance and relationships is making it’s way worldwide and I for one don’t know whether to feel sorry for the present generation or hopeful. In years gone by we could rely on the advice of an older sibling, a good friend or possibly (if it didn’t get too freaky) a parent or pastor-strike that last one, pastors have a warped sense of reality, they can’t help it. Being thrown between the sheets with God does something to the psyche.

But enough of that, back to my point. In years gone by we could rely on the experience and conversation with someone to fill in the gaps when it came to courting or romance. The basics could be covered in groups or one on one and eventually people got together. Things seemed to have worked out for the most part. Long past are those days now because Christian singles dances are pretty much dried up. Local malt shop or pinball/video arcade are rotting in some abandoned strip mall somewhere and love has become an electronic interloper on the world wide web. This holds both good points and bad points as far as meeting that special someone. Pre-computer era socializing typically involved going somewhere to hang out and with a lot of luck you could stumble upon someone that took your breath away that flt the same way about you. Teens still do hang out but on a much smaller scale. What used to be a three to four nights a week out social calendar has trimmed down considerably. Most are staying in touch through their favorite social media format like Facebook or instant messaging one another; too busy to get out, too much to do.  The convenience of staying in touch via phones and Ipads is astounding but lacks the true punch of ‘being there’.

Just like Alfred Nobel and Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the inception of computer socializing took a life of it’s own and the monster(s) created is slowly altering our reality. Is this change for the better or for the worse? I can’t decide as the results aren’t all in yet. Relationships can develop faster but are they better? Pro point; you can meet someone in your neighborhood that you may not have known existed. Networking is great way to discover people. Bad point; the person you meet online may not be the same person you meet in person. Every freak, alcoholic, pervert, criminal, deviant, Glen Close psycho is out there and most of them have a computer. The one thing that regulates their personality to you is…themselves. Young twenty eight year old brunette hottie can suddenly acquire ten years and fifty pounds. Man in his early twenties looking for a LTR (long term relationship)  may actually be  more like in his forties and five inches shorter and fifty pounds heavier than he said he was. There is nothing better than meeting someone in person to give you a dose of reality. From the word go you begin to see where things stand.

Then there’s the sour side of online romance. Society is developing a herd of laziness out there and people no longer feel they have to work that hard to attract a mate. The posting below was taken from an online ad from a female  wanting to met a guy:

Sassy, curvy & funny! – 30
So anyone wanna actually do something sometime or is this just pointless???
Ok so here’s some shit about me you might wanna know lol!

* I’m a smoker
* I will likely hit you in your junk if your rude to me
* I will likely kiss your junk when I’m done because I don’t know my own strength sometimes WOOOPS lol
* I have a small mouth don’t kiss my entire face please
* Don’t eat all of my lays potato chips those are for me and my dog and if you do can you please eat them one at a time it’s weird how you guys can shove 10 chips in your mouth at once lol
* I love to cook and to be cooked for!
* I love to laugh and make you laugh!
* I love animals you must love mine! My dog’s name is Mike and if you care you’ll reference him in your email to me! lol
* I like milk ALLOT but never drink it when it’s in the fridge, still trying to figure that one out!
* I also love cheese and will eat it all before you get a chance too lol seriously!
* I love my back to be tickled but not my sides, don’t touch me on my sides that’s all I will say it’s ugly.
* DO NOT EVER TRY TO TICKLE MY FEET you will lose your teeth and or the ability to have children!
* I don’t like to be wrong, disagree with me in a way that makes me sound right lol!
* I’m Italian and German I can be mean if you say something stupid, you must have common since and morals
* I like to be spanked when I’m bad and when I’m good lol
* I do not want to spank you lol
* I don’t drink or go to bars

So that’s all I can think of for now, if your interested shoot me a message with a pic k! pic for pic!
I’d put up a pic but i keep getting flagged! ( annoying !!!!!!!!!)!\ And please 25-35 ages only! I love a cute white boy that’s funny and sweet at the same time!
Nice, eh? Just the kind of girl every guy is looking for. Granted quite a few guys may actually overlook the illiteracy but all these rules and regulations she’s laying out on top of the various benefits she has, like eating a bunch of cheese, drinks milk (but not when it’s in the fridge), wants to punch your testicles, then kiss them, insists you love her animal before meeting the mangy mother fucker(I mean the pet is the mangy mother fucker, not her)? I was too kind to post her picture but I don’t feel most people would consider her a raving beauty; more Rubenesque mixed with a hint of fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s like they’ve given up on themselves and they wonder why they’re getting no replies to their ad-but they are getting replies, that’s the scary thing. Why? Because neither men or women are actually getting out and meeting one another in a social surrounding. There are no limits behind a keyboard, you’re as free as a bird to type whatever you feel. The artifice of language and prose no longer play into the factor when you can contact a mate while sitting at the computer in your underwear eating a hot pocket.

Then comes the real horror show; online visual sideshows. There is more porn out there than you can possibly imagine in all shapes, sizes and deviations. This self feeding initiative has spawned a rapid fix shock to the brain while defaming both genders. What’s the newest craze, what’s the newest visual out there to sexually stimulate someone? Whatever it is, no matter how insensitive, no matter how outlandish, it’s out there with photos an possibly video. Look at what’s happening from Japan with the popularity of ‘sharking’ sites. This humiliating practice is spreading into the laptops of young men throughout the world and what kind of a lesson is that? Will this make out and out attacking of women an acceptable behavior?

I won’t end by saying the computer age is the downfall of our nations, I’m not wise enough to envision the end result. Possibly we may be going through a growth period and need to get it all out of our system before coming full circle. I do worry though. The personna one can adopt online may soon become the personna they adapt to and then the Book of Love won’t be the only thing changing.

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