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Campaign 2016: Bizarre Obstacles on the Race Track

deeznuts The race continues, now taking on some twisted detour as new obstacles are thrown on the track. Republicans stand in a quandary over what the hell they should-or can-do in order to pull a win out of this election. They cling to Donald Trump as he appears the front runner in opinion polls. Who can say whether they are guided by genuine belief in him? The Washington Post ran a story online about the closest runner to Trump on the Republican side, which is a candidate known as Deez Nuts. Nuts was the masterful creation of a fifteen year old kid out of Iowa who momentarily has taken the polls by storm. Albeit the candidate can’t legally serve in office, his popularity with the public spells out their frustration with voting choices. Different generations have had their comic candidates pop up: Pat Paulsen, Joe Walsh…on the Democrat side we have the announcement of a cat named Limberbutt McCubbins announcing his run for the White House. Hillary Clinton has enough issues right now with the surge of popularity for Bernie Sanders; all she needs is for a fucking feline to beat her in a poll to send her off the deep edge.

The Trump dilemma is currently another issue for the race, as far as the clandestine Republican Overseers are concerned. This is not the candidate they want in the race. Their liking is more for the security of a buffoon like Jeb Bush. Bush they can control, but Trump? Donald’s brash attitude grows each day he’s up in the polls. He is the popular choice for neo-nazi organizations and the Ku Kux Clan but that statistic is overlooked by trueblood Republicans. The problems with Trump don’t seem to phase the common voter, it’s the power behind the GOP which finds him so offensive. Trump could certainly accomplish some bold moves in office that would address a lot of the issues conservatives are adamant about, but at what cost? What side effect from the little Bronx rich boy would pop up in his Administration?

All other candidates have fallen far behind the front of the race. Cruz, Rubio,……Huckabee.. they see themselves fading on the poll boards and nothing short of biting the head off a live chicken will put them back in the mainstream. This is a troubling sign for those old school Republican puppeteers because they’ve been around long enough to know the signs of an election. By now they should have a solo candidate selected to start attacking the Democrats, which is what has them concerned. It’s like they’re trying to ask the public if they’re sure this is the guy they want to go with….the man’s bound to get in a brawl with Clinton which could end up painting an ugly picture of Republicans. Trump would most likely end up calling her a cunt on the air and in spite what you may feel about the woman, tossing something that offensive on the air is a huge problem they don’t want to have. The Republicans lost enough ground when Trump called Mexicans coming into this country a bunch of rapists. If he keeps offending groups the only noticed support the GOP will be able to show are the skinheads and the Klan.

Obstacle like Deez Nuts or other bogus candidates ( or legitimate candidates for that matter) to come along can be overcome by either party at this point in the race. One more real refinement on the Democratic side and they’ll have their candidate for sure. Numbers have Donald Trump far enough ahead to be considered the conservative choice so but what exactly will voters do if Trump gets thrown out on some unforgivable stunt? Say he pulled a Bill Cosby and the press finds out he has some horrible dark secret hidden that surfaces. This will force them to go back to one of those left behind, like Jeb Bush or Carly Fiorina, a giant step back in the race. Who would voters go for then? They almost have to go with Trump at this point.

I really want to see a one-on-one debate with Trump and Clinton though. That’s a car crash I really want to witness. If some network wants to grab ratings, that would be the debate to schedule, just for the sake of entertainment. That kind of a bitch-slapping contest should last a good ninety minutes, have guest commentators like Jon Stewart and Ted Nugent-make it a real horror show. Why stop at promoting gag candidates like Deez Nuts or the cat. Throw a robot in the mix, get people really scared because folks…..we really need to be scared.


Circue du Pomposity: Mysterious Political Alchemy

political-alchemy“I argued that television was a volatile industry in which
success and failure were determined week by week”
-Frank Hacket  Network

 The performance went on while 24 million people watched; the highest numbers any cable watched debate has ever pulled. I was hoping for a circus and by God, they provided. I felt televised debates had become slack and predictable. Decades ago, Ronald Reagan pandered to the camera utilizing his acting skills to present a wholesome appearance Americana. Reagan’s on-camera persona reminded me of Raymond Shaw from The Manchurian Candidate mixed with a bit of John Wayne. Whatever it was, it worked and earned him the Presidency for two terms. Following him, George Bush Sr. gave a go at it but decided to dumb it down a bit and rather than go into long, garish speeches, he opted for bullet points and choppy hand gestures. This seemed to be a trend that went on for quite some time in these debates and I think a lot of people were boring from the repetition of predictable presentation. I was hoping for a bit of flare and fuck if I didn’t get it with Trump giving the thug hands wide open stance to those assembled. He was not pledging himself to the GOP machine. He was like the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight, when the Clown Prince of Crime lets the other street hoods know, when they wanted to get serious about their problem, they should call him. They called him in and the fireworks were lit.

I think part of the Trump appeal right now is not so much that people believe him, they just love to watch this guy…but could there be more to the success behind his performance?

On a hunch, I resourced the numbers that were swimming in my head. I felt Donald seemed to be getting a lion’s share of the airtime and I was dead to fucking right on that one. Dozens of sites showed the ‘minutes on-air’ breakdown and the bitchy little Bronx kid pulled the highest numbers all around. I feel these numbers have to be due with his dancing monkey personality. The guy astounds and leaves mouths wide open because you can’t believe what you just heard come out of his mouth. This type behavior glues people to the tube and Fox News knows it. All you have to do is look at the popularity of current day favorite reality tv programs to predict the more crazy, the more watched. The Kardashains, Honey Boo Boo-monstrosities like those shows had been pulling in big ratings. Then, people began sitting through entire seasons of their favorite program as subscription programmers like Netflix and Hulu came into our lives. It’s a blood battle for mass viewing audiences to focus on a ‘thing’ and twice as hard to keep that audience…but Fox wanted those viewers.

 Trump spoke more than twice as much as Rand Paul and I’m certain, very soon, we will be waving goodbye to the Senator from Kentucky. More feebs will drop off and the lasting numbers will wane. Most important to Fox, they had the brilliance to host the premier 2016 televised Republican Debate; that move could have proven risky but they rolled the dice and came up winners. The got the juicy sound and vision clip of Trump out there touting his independence, telling the party (more or less) “you need me!” Up to twelve more of these debates are scheduled before the next election, rotating from one host network to another so tell me that’s not putting pressure on the rest of these performances to ring in high numbers? CNN is next in line to host a debate in Simi Valley, followed by Boulder, Colorado, then Madison, Wisconsin. How are they going to hold the attention span of some voters? If it starts getting too cerebral a lot of viewers are going to tire and flip on Game of Thrones or porn or something. The sad fact is, a lot of Americans appeared bored with researching the dogs that rule their country. They will make up their mind early and listen to no more; How homogenized-how thinking-inside-the-box that is.

 I notice that the next scheduled debate does not have Trump and Fiorina slated on the same stage. I sit and wonder if that schedule won’t be erased and replaced. Maybe they’ll hold on to Carly a bit longer and build that peacock in a toupee up some more before setting those two Titans at each other. I will certainly watch the coming debates-at least until, or if, they decide to get dull. I follow political campaigns like bird watching.

There will be more to write on this race to the White House. Hell, I haven’t really touched much on the other party………….yet.


Cirque Du Pomposity: Trying Not to Kill Your Own Chance Pt. 1

cirque-du-pomposity“So now you’d better stop and rebuild all your ruins,
For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.”
The Immigrant Song  Led Zeppelin

 Less than a week ago the Big Top threw open her canvas flaps and gave everyone the thrill they’d waited for; the 2015 Republican debate. No erratic trips to go swill whiskey with friends this evening, I had to witness the debate live time and savor every nuance of the political rage on stage by the top contrending (sic: a mixture on contend and trend…drugs made me think of that one…thanks drugs) GOP potentials. An earlier debate for what the media considered lesser chance winners wasn’t pushed as hard as this one and presented at a non-prime time slot for most the public to gaze in on. This later debate would carry the candidates they wanted to focus on. That was sort of a shame to me because I wanted to see Fiorina in a bitch rage against Huckabee or Trump. That woman could chew a guy like Ted Cruz down in seconds, gnashing on his thigh and disposing of it as if to deem his meat not even worthy of digestion. I believe Fiorina’s exit numbers came in hot enough (on top of all in the early debate) to guarantee her some good coverage in the next heat of the race.

 Ten Wannabes in front of the camera that evening: Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich. There was no way they could block enough air time for everyone up there to give a good representation of themselves, which made this stretch of the race the toughest so far. They like to whittle down those that can’t stay up with the big boys; those who would pull a freeze up or fuck up….like Rick Perry last go around when he suffered an awkward bout of amnesia right in the middle of a rant. Neither party wants to have a major fuckup on the air because major fuckups costs poll points. Poll points that follow you for two or more voting cycles and it doesn’t just take down you, it takes down the entire party. The preshow warmup let us watch the camera pan over these clandestine old Republican palm greasers eying the stage, looking at the stock they had to choose from. A good enough show from any of the potentials meant dollars in the pocket to finance their campaign. I keep my hands busy back and forth, multitasking on this keyboard while the thing marches on. Some old school male idiot suggests that Fiorina would make a good Vice Presidential runner-what an ass. She just mopped the floor with those earlier candidates and this schmuck thinks she should take second place like a ‘good woman’?

 The Big Hurrah started, an awkward kind of walk-in for the event for moderators Bret Baier, Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace. The Moderator (Wallace) tries to lighten it up and put things on track by asking a fairly innocent question. He asks if any candidate would refuse to support the leading candidate from this group should that said person rise in numbers enough to take the nomination. Seemed a gentleman-like polite thing to throw out three but they all forgot there was one guy in the round that wasn’t a gentleman. In true Trump fashion, Donald Trump refused to give his blessing to any candidate should he slip behind them in the race. He more or less told them he was all in and wasn’t playing party policy here. That could very well be the thing that’s put him so far ahead. His bully attitude and pompous display of arrogance are laughable but his raw attack on some of the old party rules of etiquette hit home. I think some people admire the man for standing his ground. The guy never backed down calling Mexican immigrants rapists and he wasn’t going to take any of it back. He threw it in the other candidates’ faces saying ‘come on motherfuckers, try and dance with me…I’ll rip you apart!” Everyone on that stage knew somebody had to go after Trump like a pit bull on bath salts. He was making it too difficult to play old school campaign. Personally I felt the Big Man, Chris Christie, was the only one who could dance with the Donald that night. The others would be too polite, or too whiny-like Rand Paul. No, Trump was ready to rumble in the mud if necessary and Christie was raised in mud so I was really hoping for a shout-off between those two. Sad to say, none really developed.

but there was more than enough to savor without a Christie/Trump battle…many facets.

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