The Continued Nurturing of Idiocy


A continuing stream of stupidity plagues this nation as we close in on the next presidential election. Averting my eyes from politics for a moment, I glance on a story about rapper Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. (aka B.o.B.) arguing with famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson about whether or not the Earth was round. B.o.B. claims the Earth is flat based on pictures he took which show a level horizon rather than a curved one. I jar myself away from that horror story and jump back into politics where the fast running luck of Donald Trump, the little Bronx punk, sucked onto some viable assets for his campaign. An endorsement from Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. was performed for the religious right in hopes of grabbing some of those votes. Next, Trump’s campaign machine managed to get their hands on the pure energy lunacy of Sarah Palin. We all thought she was dead-politically. Her children were busing making headlines fighting and screwing, and we thought she couldn’t possibly be let back into the politico halls of the Republican elite. She went rogue for Christ’s sake; she abandoned the GOP by working against the grain of John McCain and walked away to go commentate on television and pop up now and then somewhere but basically, her career had died.
-and Donald brought that monster back to life.

We had that hell-spawn woman quelled when Trump pulled her out to stir up the crowd. He defies us, makes insane bullying threats, states he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and still win (the Presidency). Then he brings out Palin, who garbles mixed phrases to an audience in Iowa. The crowd is left hopeful…yet baffled as to why. Tea Party enthusiasts cling to a relationship with the former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential nominee which, combined with votes from the Religious Right, could tally enough of a lead for Trump to hold lead in the upcoming caucus. His numbers continue to hold high and so many people keep scratching their heads wondering how this continues.

I go back to the B.o.B. story and notice that he’s not the only quasi-celebrity to buy into the flat Earth theory. An entire society of people believing this are out there on the internet. Networks of morons connected via smart tech thinking the world is flat. Current interests like the flat Earth theory guide large groups toward popular trending thought rather than factual evidence. History and documentation mean little to the dullard; packs of slow witted Americans are being trained to do mob activities via information sourcing. Intentional marketing to persuade the masses isn’t new, but it’s become so hollow.

I go back to the news of Palin and Trump wondering if he plans to pull her out in future rallies. I do some speculative calculating on the ‘what-if’s of this election. When the caucus rolls around, I see single state votes being given to a lot of those in the race. Rand Paul will possibly get a state, maybe two. Kasich may get a couple but the bigger portions will probably be dolled out to Cruz, Rubio and (the lion’s share going to) Donald Trump. There are too many in the race at this point, which divides a robust backing for any Republican candidate. Recent poll swings haven’t shown a surge from any of those opposing Trump. The numbers keep playing about the same, week after week. Trump remains on top in spite his insane persona on the campaign trail…in spite? Hell, that’s probably the key thing keeping him on top.

We’re turning into a nation of idiots. American soil was invaded; not by turban wearing foreigners, but by a slowly declining pursuit of education and a desire to further our understanding of the world-and beyond. For Bobby Ray Simmons to claim he believes the Earth is flat sounds harmless enough but I see it adding onto a string of moronic concepts thrown out into the public eye being passed off as cultural chic, hip-hop suave. True evidence gets tossed aside and the public allows it to go unchecked. The rest of the world strives to become more educated, more aware of the global position of things, yet Americans continue to brag and boast-and don’t really don’t know what the fuck is going on. They allow this dumbing down of a nation and continue to avoid data and research. They continue to nurture the idiocy by letting things go on word alone and not back it up with fact. Trump continues to spew out misinformation, Palin babbles nonsense and we allow it to go on and pass itself off as truth.

I hardly have time to study the other side of the campaign coin; Sanders campaign finally started digging into my inbox…he’s finally getting into full steam mode. Clinton sinks back and smiles, a sinister grin with half closed eyes that make you only imagine the amount of campaign venom she can spit out if need be. We have enough access to real resources to validate what candidates-Republicans and Democrats alike-are telling us is Truth. Now more than other times in history, we have quick access to fact check and evaluate what our potential leaders are trying to sell us. Don’t let bold statements go by without questioning them. Don’t believe that the Earth is flat.

I detest the thought of a stupid nation. America has such potential and we’re pissing it all away…welcome to The Church.



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