The Oregon Standoff; a Nation Facepalms


The long fuse on the shitbomb of absurdity keeps relighting itself as public curiosity over the Ammon Bundy troupe waxes and wanes. This is a long tale involving three generations of delusional misfits who have chosen to see themselves as patriots; true Americans. More splinter idealists as of recent stand in defiance of Government authority during the Obama Administration and a huge part of the population is getting fed up. Greater numbers of Americans now fear gun toting self-claimed militia more than foreign terrorists on our soil. The occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is now going into it’s third week and many of us wonder, where does it go from here?

The standoff against ‘the Man’ starts back in 1993 when Cliven Bundy decides to raise a stink about the change in Federal grazing laws. The law found him in violation of grazing cattle without a permit and started slapping hefty fines on him. This fight influenced his son, Ammon, to take up cause against the Government, but not to help his dad. Ammon leaves his home in Arizona and works his way to Oregon where on January 2, he begins a seize and occupy campaign with armed enthusiasts calling themselves Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. This aggression was brought in response to charges of arson against ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond, an event that just happened to catch the interest of Ammon and his brother, Ryan. The real icing on the cake in this tale; Ammon claiming to come lead an occupation after receiving a ‘divine’ message to do so. These divine messages are beginning to reek of the same fodder the Twinkie defense brings out…or the Affluenza defense.

This has brought about some concerns among people who feel groups like this are being allowed to go unscathed from local or federal officials because of their ethnicity and political persuasion. Recent odds show that had the group been African American, they would be buried by now-literally. The anger is beginning to spill into hatred and it might not be long before this gets kicked up a notch…or perhaps it will die down in shame and humility, as it should. I have hope for the latter and here’s why I think it will work out that way. This entire Malheur Occupation reminds me of the fever our country was going through during the Occupy Wall Street fiasco (which hatched pop-up ‘Occupy’ groups throughout the U.S.), which reminds me of the Occupy Denver movement. If you look back further in this blog you will see the postings I wrote while covering the failed protest in Denver, Colorado in 2011. There are so many similar circumstances and traits to the occupations. One difference; the occupation in Denver started during more pleasant warm weather but carried into the cold winter months where it worked hard on protesters. This Oregon occupation is a little more than two weeks old so give it time, folks. Adding to bitter temperatures and lack of snack, the group has been hit recently with shipments of dildos and sexual lubricant. The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom will mutate into some new fringe outfit, probably trying to claim sovereignty, and begin a Lord of the Flies life…like Denver did. The place is exposed to become a haven for wandering nomadic homeless persons who any given protest group can use as faces on the wall; boots on the ground to show strength by number. Homeless people do have a strategic advantage to an occupation movement, but there are side effects. The truly homeless will include insane individuals hidden within goodhearted (like No Shirt Billy during the Denver Occupation), down on their luck folk. Weekend warriors will be there for a major protest rally or two but the spirit dies and people have things to do and lose interest in donating time for the ’cause’. Our split second response society only tolerates so much realtime involvement. Most people won’t waste a day standing somewhere with a sign in their hand or singing a song of solidarity while cameras shoot your images over the internet. Time will become the greatest weapon against the Bundy Occupation. Time and lack of interest will kill this Mormon rancher’s following, just as it did his father. Clive Bundy had all this conservative following and then he put his foot in his mouth and made a huge racist statement to the public and the masses walked away. The majority of us are now more apt to let legal paperwork bury these would-be despots in enough sorrow and misery to last a lifetime.

Let’s all just sit back a few months and see where this winter takes Bundy and his following. As long as his group is leaving citizens unharmed I say let them spend time living in some refuge. Be humane; provide them with enough sustenance to live but don’t support their initiative to get away with the legal standoff they hide behind. This is punishment within itself to be out there, so irritated at asking for something to eat and getting mailed dildos. What a public flogging……let the waiting game go on.



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