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My Spiritual Sojourn As Our World Burns


Last year on my birthday I decided to rekindle the pursuit of spiritual matters and see if there were any hope of keeping a belief in higher power alive. I gave myself one year to see what happens; see if something moves me back to the studies that made me ponder beyond our lives on Earth, or maybe I would distort into a zealous following of Appalachian snake handling…maybe venture to the Minnesota Temple of Eck and revive that old 60’s cult, Eckankar.

I started rummaging through teachings and philosophies I had laid aside about three decades ago, telling myself back then to revisit spiritual matters when I got older-if I made it that long (which I did…proof being this absurd blog). It seemed easy enough for me to let go of religious doctrine back then, back in the 80s, back during the years of Ronald Reagan. Most of the public at that time were busy being yuppies, the 80s equivalent of current day Hipsters. Spiritual organizations and mystic teachings were not among the trendy things people craved in the 80s. A lot of folks had their fill of following soulful paths to enlightenment back in the 60s and 70s and wanted to pursue gourmet food, drink giant mixed drinks and line dance at clubs. I don’t fully even recall a lot of the chatter on the street from that period (as far as spiritual matters go), but I do recall there being an awful lot of political actions going on. The pendulum of our nation’s politics had swung back right after a period of shame with Jimmy Carter. Everyone was tired of Carter’s failed attempt at stopping inflation, gas wars and lines at the pump, and to end his final year as President, Iran captured a group of U.S. citizens. Americans wanted blood but Carter couldn’t supply, so, Reagan was elected and the hostages were released. The era of young Republicans grew, and they looked the other way and paid no attention to the Iran/Contra scandal or other issues opposition would bring up. These Reagan supporters felt everything was movin’ and groovin’ in America and they had paychecks in their hands, so things were copacetic.

I was younger then and kept abreast of politics but laid back on participation, for the most part. I also set aside my search for life’s meaning. I was a family man with a wife and children. Things were going okay and I could pigeon-hole the doctrine of the Tao Te Ching in my mind for later. Later eventually showed itself to me, after the nation swung back and forth through a spectrum of presidents, Senators and political lizards that went (ideologically) from left to right; Reagan to Bush to Clinton, then Bush the Second…on to Obama…then…

Good leaders and inept ones and we still have large groups of citizens saying all politicians are crooked. That may be, but there are degrees of how crooked a person is and if you put that on a sliding curve of performance, there are defined ‘good’ leaders and ‘bad’ leaders in this country’s history. America’s current leader, the Crimson King, is a unanimous choice winner to receive the title of our worst. We are being governed by some emergency standby crew of knuckle fuckers, scrambling around Washington trying to plug up holes the president keeps creating in public relations. It’s to the point of going beyond the concern of Republicans as to how this man will reflect their image to the voting public. Most people have begun to believe that true Republicans are not associating themselves with Trump; everyone’s distancing themselves from the man, and he just storms about lighting little fires. Imagine the pressure his current staff must feel patching up the wrong Trump keeps creating…yeah, I know, shed a fucking tear for the monsters who helped support him. Donald goes off to play golf, steps in now and then to do something-and he has no barriers about what he might do. In the last few days he launched missiles at Syria and Afghanistan, meet with China, who he badmouthed as the bad guys throughout his entire presidential campaign, played golf a lot and worked hard to hide his past tax information.

All this madness going on and you wonder if I still have an interest to seek a higher power out there? Now more than ever, folks. The logic of humans trying to make a better world seems almost pointless. No matter how good a plan we have for society to run, shit keeps falling victim to chaos, and chaos does not play by the rules of physics. You’d imagine, with all our intellect and intelligence, we’d do the right thing…but power and greed is a variable that poisoned our governing system and no one knows how to stop the transgressions of the Crimson King. We may not need to throw out the ideals of Democracy or Capitalism, but we certainly need to throw out the asshats running ours right now. As ridiculous as some feel it is to seek out an ethereal Supreme Being, I can’t say there is much satisfaction seeing what humans are letting happen to this nation. I’ve felt the pull of truth coming from moments in meditation, when I’ve let my thoughts of politics and the woes of injustice on our streets leave my mind. There is an answer out there and I will continue to pursue it. That answer is not coming from our leaders. That answer is somewhere beyond them.

Welcome to the Church.


One of the Good Ones


Mayor Joe Hogsett did a meet and greet with the constituents and maniacs that dwell in one of the worst crime areas of his city this past Saturday, and I was lucky enough to watch (who I consider) one of the good politicians that day. During a time when our House and Senate seem to mock the very existence of our Constitution and harbor themselves in dens of cronyism and pure fucking greed, here stood a man Saturday who was willing to go among those who help make up Sleepytown to say hello, I am your mayor. This was not high end rich folks in a subtle suburban setting…no, he jumped right in at the 10th Street and Rural locale, the old NESCO (Near Eastside COmmunity) neighborhood that has turned into a slum of punk thieves, desperate hookers and inexperienced grifters. Not more than ten minutes before he showed up to walk the streets with the IMPD Chief of Police Brian Roach and some other community figures, I witnessed a guy run from cops, which turned into a B&E after he got into a building to hide from them. They tried to flush him out but it was Saturday afternoon and the business the man fled inside was closed for the weekend. The location is notorious for scams and shootings, but all the local businesses in that vicinity want to make a decent living, which led to these steps from the Mayor’s office to start doing something, I assume.

My initial reason for being down on 1oth was not to see him – I didn’t even know he was going to be there, but once I found out he was supposed to show up I thought I might as well stay and check this out. I knew a little about this new mayor so here was an opportunity to further my knowledge on him. My first spotting of Joe Hogsett was at the downtown Indy Gay Pride celebration last year, where he showed up in support of the event by marching along with the grand parade that’s held in Indianapolis. Involvement from his office with downtown businesses met a halfway point on some city money appropriations in support of the arts, so, those two items were a couple of credits I could give to Joe. He was a mover and a shaker and a poster child at supporting my observation that local politics works quicker with more immediate impact (proportionately) than federal politics. So many here are trying to forget that our current Vice President used to be the Governor of Indiana, a twisted, soulless kind of Governor that tainted the image of the people who live here. The penance Hoosiers were willing to suffer to get him out of Indiana was to let him be carted off for the inane, mostly ineffective job of being a Vice President. I could go off down the rabbit hole which Mike Pence, the Crimson King and his gang who work at destroying things for you and me, but my main premise for this post was my observation of what turned into a positive experience with a local politician; one of the good ones. Joe was out there shaking hands with store owners and firefighters, street people – the type people you see who just sit there for a couple days and never leave that spot on the street. He listened and shook hands and I could see the synergy he was bringing to this normally hate infested side of town. At the very least, you want your political leaders to not break anything…if they can just do that, not break anything, then I have to say they’re one of the good ones. Not necessarily a great one, but at least, a good one. Joe wasn’t out here breaking anything, so Joe is one of the good ones.

The weekend came and went and gave me time to reflect on the Hogsett visit to 10th and Rural, and that’s when my mind remembered something eerie from Trump rallies I attended during his run for the White House. There was that same semi-mesmerized stare in people following Trump as I saw from people meeting Joe Hogsett out there on 10th. Successful politicians always end up becoming a polished presentation and will practically hypnotize crowds with their charm and charisma. Powerful, successful people, all have this aura about them that attracts others to them as if they are somehow a part of the person they just met. If you get to shake the hand of a pro athlete or meet a famous singer or someone even famous on a local level, these type people can make anyone fall victim to following them with rose colored glasses in times of falter, so I am beginning to understand part of the Trump support that led him to the Presidency…but there again, I did not want this post to turn into a tirade on Trump, I wanted it to be a nod in favor of the job Joe Hogsett is doing. One of the good ones…and the fucker pulls it off with a last name like Hogsett…bravo.


Saint Pats; Celebratory Hyperbole


Each year I have the need to go out and remind myself why I think St. Patrick’s Day is the saddest holiday of them all. This year was no different. I did a pretty good bar crawl across Sleepytown to witness how Indianapolis watering holes and historically deemed places of Irish celebration took on the DrinkFest America has turned the holiday into. America has molded St. Pat’s Day into a monstrosity that has little or no connection to the origin of the Irish celebration, like we did with Cinco de Mayo and Easter. We tend to take things to extreme out of frustration and our instinct to create a societal bastardization of a good thing kicks in way too often. Our celebrations, our politics, our religion….we mutate them into sad statements on our culture as a whole. Saint Patrick’s Day proves that to me each and every year.

The weather was grey and a bit on the wet side for Patty’s Day, but it wasn’t nasty enough to keep the crowds inside. The rash of pounding we’ve all received from our politics as of late is leaving everyone with a desire to go out and purge the poison our media pumps us with on a daily-hourly-basis. For a successful St. Pat’s evening for bar owners, the weather just needs to be a bit tolerable, a bit on the sweater rather than coat side, and the masses will get out to drink cheap green colored alcohol – and not just any alcohol, but the low end margin of beers and bar liquor priced to make a killing for the bar owners.The kind of liquor guaranteed to give most of us a fuzzy headache the next day; everyone seems to be re-reminded of that, each and every year. I ran into cheap Irish Car Bombs being made with some off-brand whisky and felt the crime in not using Jameson for an Irish Car Bomb. No Jameson in your car bomb? To hell with tradition, they want to make an extra dollar. Budweiser went into full production with green colored aluminum cans of their headache beer to sell the masses for an outrageous price. One of the stops along my crawl deemed a ‘must-see’ for St. Patty’s Day in Indy, was some small dive that made you pay a five dollar cover, just so we could be hustled back behind the bar where you stood around in a rocky, wet, muddy pit of depression with the other bastards who paid to get there. No free token for the five dollar cover, just expensive brats and cheap green colored spit I would not touch. One of the bars I attended (probably a pretty standard practice) sectioned off patrons so those buying hard liquor inside the bar weren’t allowed to take it outside in the open air/tent area. Some festering little law somewhere, I suppose, to keep the bar owners from losing their ass when one of the amateurs drinking cheap green beer decides to order a Crown and Coke and goes off the deep end, but this just brought my attention even more, as to how they had this entire event corralled into something not as fun and light as it should be.

One day prior to Saint Pat’s I went to a small local event in my neighborhood; Open Mic Poetry night, which is held at a little coffee shop near by, as all poetry readings should be. That’s one tradition they haven’t fucked apart yet and I try to support events like this when they happen. The small crowed gathered and listened as people went up to the microphone to pour out their emotions. True therapy for those listening, as well as those performing. For many attending, this is their one vestige of sanity from the demented world we all work so hard to create. Real life encounters with drug abuse and suicide, worthless relationships and all sorts of torture, all those problems, put on paper and read to a crowd for the sake of feeling better about themselves. Some times, people can cope, as long as they have a little window to look through, somewhere to participate in something as simplistic as poetry reading. For that moment, they are a star and the world applauds them, in spite their fucked up lives and fucked up minds..for a little while, they are loved.

-The next day I witness St. Patrick’s Day and see the inibrietated approach to soothing the nation’s temperament. I suppose all that green beer gave momentary happiness to folks who never get out, never attend a poetry reading, or see a local play. I suppose for the people who never see a burlesque show put on by the artisans who do it for the love of the craft, not for the money, St. Patrick’s Day is what they’ve come to expect, and nothing more. I suppose it’s quicker to them than hunting down a show of local indie bands they could go listen to. They get out that one evening and drink themselves into a stupor just to surmise that all neighborhood celebrations must be like this; a night of over priced alcohol in a forced social surrounding of green hats and bad attempts at Irish music and it forces them to stay in, assuming all events are like this…and that is why I loathe Saint Patrick’s Day so much..not for what it is, but for what it is not.


This is What Democracy Looks Like


A little more than fifty years ago, Malcom X addressed a rally in New York to call for freedom, justice and equality ‘by any means necessary’. By 2017 we have devolved into tribes of spineless quasi-protestors reminiscent of the hapless morons I witnessed years ago on the streets of Denver, Colorado. Eagle Force Five (see The Church archive October, 2011 “Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again”) has brushed itself off and been thrown back into the mix of local antagonists, resembling a bunch of whining little babies with no power whatsoever. People shake their fist in anger online at the mighty Crimson King and blame Trump for everything currently wrong in this world, yet what are they doing about it?  Did someone cut off their balls and leave them to be a squatting group of eunuchs holding poorly made protest signs? Creeping Jesus shit people, they shout to the heavens that ‘this is what Democracy looks like’…..well, I’m unimpressed, Democracy, and you are achieving nothing.

I have covered the last few protests in downtown Indy with mi hermano and the last 3 have proven to be little more than a few dozen protestors, 125 people tops, gathering to lift signs and chants slogans to let their voices be heard, but in reality, most the world here and all over go about their daily lives with hardly a notice paid to the movement to stop our current Administration. Only the truly devoted would have spent time on the state capital grounds to rally against DAPL and Immigration policies being enacted or LGBT legal status; the unity to bring down that one factor which brought all this travesty about, the overlord we are coming to know as the Trump Administration, continues to pick away at our freedoms….or does it?

The world online that is fed by an unending stream of pro-Right/pro-Left agendas hammers away at our screens nightly, working the masses into an online fit of rage and punishment that never seems to accomplish a thing. Progressive liberal talking heads and green thumb websites spout off daily statistics to show all the awful atrocities which continue to go on, yet what is really being accomplished? Is anything stopping them? I say no, not a fucking thing is being done to fix these issues. There are words of unity and cooperation by masses of folks online, dedicated to write angry emails and click little buttons to show support against our oppressors, but nothing is really being accomplished. The right wing enthusiasts say give Trump time to get things working, yet everything his plans continue to whittle away at personal freedoms. The left wing supporters pray for more folks to show up to rallies to hold more signs, but what does this do? It might bring about more public awareness but if you aren’t aware by now, you never will be. I have gathered and talked to groups of individuals on both sides of the political spectrum and neither side seems satisfied with things, yet no one is willing to go to the extreme Malcom X spoke of; no one is willing to set the bar at ‘by any means necessary’. I get people saying we need stronger organization of committees, focus on an agenda to take the power away from the White House, all which sounds good in theory, but in reality, I saw that enacted years ago when Eagle Force Five failed the masses efforts to bring down Wall Street. They couldn’t govern themselves, let alone a nation of potential protestors. We are doomed and this is Hell.

I may continue this sermon in a few days but covering the few protests out in sub zero weather left me with near fatal consequences – a nasty bout of adrenovirus, pneumonia and influenza, all at the same time. I was placed in the hospital for just over a week trying to recuperate from it all and so now I need to heal and evaluate what I’ve witnessed, although I can’t say it looks too promising, with regards to the protestors accomplishing anything. Doubt me at my word, if you will, but I have seen it in realtime and the reality of it is, if we rely on Eagle Force Five to fight the battle to oppose the Crimson King, he will continue to reign victorious.


A Revolution Without People


What does a revolution without people look like? That sounds almost like a Zen proverb, but this is what I witnessed Saturday in downtown Sleepytown. Two planned back to back protests were scheduled for the weekend at the state capitol grounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, so me and mi hermano decided to give it some objective coverage. It can be hard staying disconnected from the event when you attend so many of these events, . Sometimes I will be persuaded toward sympathy for ‘the cause’ (fill in the blank cause; depends on the protest) but at other times I’ll be drawn to mock the event for it’s lack of effect. It becomes more like an unfunny Monty Python sketch or something. That’s how Saturday’s protests went down.

In other parts of America, and the world, demonstrations were being held against the growing effect of President Donald Trump on everyone (and everything). Indy put out a quick call of action for a rally on Saturday to protest Trump, and to show unity in the fight against egregious things happening with the Dakota Pipeline (DAPL). I feel like it might be stirring up again, the temper of people, the ‘what-are-we-gonna-do-about-this?’ moment. I tell myself this could be different than the failed ‘Occupy’ protests I followed in Denver, Colorado starting back in 2011. Will a new breed of political zombies pop up to invade our neighborhoods, and if so, will they be effective?

The 2011 ‘Occupy’ Movement fell apart due to it’s lack of organization and focus. I will always remember the message scrawled on the sidewalk off Broadway and Colfax I saw down there during the Occupy Denver period. It read PROTEST SHIT. That, to me, defined the sheer stupidity in that crowd’s approach to a revolution. Protest shit? Really? Shit is too general a term; they needed a specific focal point everyone could get behind to push and break. Yet they could not settle on one cause. Diversity group’s of every imagined branch stood up with signs for their cause, and they were drowned out by a sea of other diverse groups…swallowed up in a stream of grievances.

The Saturday protest in Indy was scheduled for 3pm and we arrived on time with pens, scraps of paper to write on, cameras, batteries, drugs….we were ready to venture out into the February chill to observe and document this bitch. Sometimes protests take a while to build a decent crowd size, but after almost one hour I had the quick head count there at best to be 60 people. This one girl had a sign that read DON’T FEED THE BLACK SNAKE. My mind immediately went to thoughts of porno; luckily, mi hermano asked her about it to get the skinny behind who or what the Black Snake was. He’s great at approaching these people directly for information, asking all those questions you would like to ask people but usually don’t…and for those people who don’t ask questions, the Black Snake refers to the oil pipeline system running through the country. It looked like there were perhaps as many as eleven Antifa posers, kids smacked out in black attire but not associated with the real group that’s been smashing windows and wreaking havoc at other recent protests. There were people there to represent Native Americans, the Latino community, LGBT (growing to become the LGBTQIA), underprivileged of all sorts and sizes with at least one person to represent, yet it was failing. During that first long hour, they were prodding the small audience for anyone to walk up for ‘open mic’ and to come up and speak their grievance. You can imagine how quick that turned into a bitch session, therapy on the street at it’s cheapest and most unregulated. I think eventually all those points fell in on folks because they could sense the lack of real unity and charged spirits from those attending. No one felt the kinetic  energy you feel in a huge angry mob.

After a while I found out the first protest, the one I had thought was to protest Trump directly, was organized by the Indiana Socialist Party. It hit me; they were making it a fucking recruitment drive, not a protest against Trump. The second protest, the one headed up by the Indiana chapter of A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) drifted away after about twenty minutes of the crowd listen to a couple of speakers they could barely hear on a bullhorn. Both of Saturday’s protests could now be recorded as failures.

Well, sometimes these events give you gold, sometimes they are a washout with nothing but tiny fragments in the silt. This was the latter. We did shoot some great artistic photos and it is what it is for me; an observation of a revolt, not a participation. That’s why the Church is here, witnessing and reporting. I do believe there will be more protests in the future-in fact, a schedule is already developing for other events in the months ahead. Will those add toward a focus of stopping the Trump madness or will this new revolution fall apart from diverse interest? Will this end up like the 2011 Occupy Movement; failed, having us witness a decaying stop to the new breed of political zombies?


Let the Danse Begin


 “Will you won’t you will you won’t you
Will you join the Dance?”
– The Lobster Quadrille, Lewis Carroll

 The big entrance to really start the protest against Donald Trump began with a huge march on Washington by women and women’s advocate groups all over the globe. The response to the march from Trump supporters was dry and coy. They were certain that those who would oppose the Crimson King had their day in the sun with that march, and everything would calm down once they all went home. Jump forward from January 21st to February 1st and break away from D.C. to hit the streets on UC Berkley campus and that’s when we saw the real danse macbre begin. Greek born conservative author Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at Berkley, which caused the protest to start up on school grounds. Technology came to the aid of anyone wanting to follow the event as a lone soul with a phone, broadcasting on social media for Buzzfeed, captured the event live and streamed it to the world, unaided by conventional media channels. This was raw as it happened and I was able to follow the event online as students, onlookers, reporters and members of the radical group Antifa (Anti Fascist) banged it out in Cali. The twenty-first century civil war may have just started.

The new Administration sits huddled inside the White House and maneuvers law, constructing some new Donald Trump landscape throughout the country; his plans keep being taunted and challenged by adversaries and world leaders, but Don hangs tight to the Presidency. His recent plans and defeats are updated at an alarming rate, falling apart while his supporters tell everyone to ‘give him time’. He sent a team of Navy SEALS on a raid into Yemen which failed and resulted in the death of an American soldier. He proposed the Mexican border wall idea to a contractor friend of his (who has worked with Trump on a variety of his real estate projects) and was told it was “the most ridiculous thing” his contractor friend had ever heard-he turned the job down.  Protests at airports throughout the U.S.-Indy included-showed groups concerned with the new crackdown on immigrants and challenged the President’s orders. The Crimson King broods and waits for better news.

The Berkley scene was definitely what could be classified as the start of things heating up. The Trump era begins and we witness the christening from UC Berkley…infamous history locale of protests. Fade back in time to the Nixon years and remember what took place when we were protesting the war in Vietnam and racial inequality, the war on drugs. The cycle starts up again. Seems almost too poetic, too ‘made for tv’, but then again, this whole Presidency cycle has a tv drama feel all over it. Actually tv execs would probably say this story is a bit over the top. So not only were we able to follow this new Revolution online, as it happened, but we all got a good long look at Antifa in action. The black suited berserkers who stand opposed to fascists and Nazism, rushed in and destroyed bank windows, ATM machines and set small fires in the street. Antifa is what happens when you push masses of opposition to the point of desperation. I can’t recall seeing this much hate from so many in a long time. Protesters were repeatedly warned that if they did not disperse from the campus, they would be subject to arrest; pepper spray and rubber bullets were threatened-and used a few times-but the crowd stood firm and would not stop.The protest went on for around two hours and ended by bleeding into the streets of Berkley, away from UC campus, leaving smashed windows and metal barriers as evidence to their protest.

I feel there will be ample reports here from the Church as this era of demonstrations and revolt against the new President begins. I need to keep on top of this thing as it develops at a rapid pace. Donald Trump hasn’t even been in office a month and you can feel the tension beginning to build. As the months get warmer, the protests will grow. Political zombies will once again inhabit the cities and whoop their war cry….as proof to my theory, the day after the protest in Berkley, protest breaks out in New York outside New York University-which is where I have my eyes focused (online) as I write this. Two days away from a scheduled demonstration here in Indy and I wonder if the masses that gave the world Mike Pence are up to the challenge? Will they have a presence from Antifa? Will the streets get filled or will this end up a fizzle?
Let’s see…..


The Crimson King Takes Office: Thugtown Urbanex; fini


The Gary trip is over; it’s back to the reality of things. After a bit of rest and a few more weeks living in this 2017 dystopia, I’m sure to be needing another session inside rotting buildings, somewhere.

Since the trip, our newly elected president has taken to restructuring laws and doing away with various programs that took decades to put in place. Vice President and religious zealot Mike Pence, as well as a slew of other white political goons, stood watching while Trump signed papers against funding for Planned Parenthood programs; a room full of men enacting laws mainly focused on what women could no longer do with their bodies. People suspect the cost of women’s contraception will go up once these bills kick in. I can sense the revolution building up in this country. Small signs of anarchy are beginning to blister on the surface of our streets as we witness Trump throw his Tweet tantrums to a public he claims rule over.

We weren’t the only ones rummaging through buildings the day women marched against Trump. Our party ran into a couple other groups going through abandoned buildings in Gary. One guy we ran into twice while there, named Jason, not only got off on urbanex, but also loved to ledge walk high rise buildings, scaffolding on buildings being built or construction cranes. He pulled out footage he’s posted online of him atop a crane as the sun was coming up in Chicago, he being parallel in height to the Sears Tower. Like I said, we humans have varied ways of distracting ourselves from the world’s woes. Walking the edge of some building up that high would probably take your mind off just about anything but the task at hand.

Republican heavies like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan believe they have control of the president, for now, but you can tell they feel uneasy about this relationship. They hide behind a guise of All-American good morals, and they do a pretty good job for a large portion of people, but Trump’s appearance of being out for himself is pretty evident. The Washington heavies are kind of twitchy about how far they can try to screw over the Amerikan people and they don’t want the Crimson King to blow it for them. Trump could be out in four-some of those bastards in the Senate have had their job for decades…decades. Mitch McConnell is the longest standing Senator for the state of Kentucky, despite him having the lowest approval rating of all. He doesn’t want Donald fucking up his retirement plan. Actually , I think McConnell could live fine off his investments right now; he could retire tomorrow and live a cush life, but for him, it’s about the power. He gets off so much on the fucking power.

The relationship between Trump and the GOP has been rocky from early on in this election.  Donald was ready to abandon them at a moment’s notice if he didn’t get his way, but he did get his way and he’s in office now. The current working cooperation between the Republican (House and) Senate and Trump seems about as amiable as the relationship they had with Barack Obama. Very few programs both seem in attune with promoting, but they will not outright attack one another, in the public eye. That would be too much, too soon…that grace period will eventually end and the honeymoon will soon be over. The Republicans will have to decide just how far they will go backing policies Trump promotes that they might feel uneasy about.

If you look on the other side of the aisle, the Democrats (by comparison) stay true to their modern day nature by being the biggest gathering of milquetoast pussies one could imagine. So little rebuttal is being heard from them opposing Trump. We see snippets of Bernie Sanders, out there fighting the strong fight; Senator Al Franken making solid points against the nominees for cabinet positions being put before the floor…but those acts of resistance are about all we see coming from the Democrats. There was a time, recently, (the past Administration, to be exact) when the Dems had a majority rule up there on Capitol Hill, and they still couldn’t stop the Republicans. What hope do they have now?

I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to do urbanex journeys, and I believe folks like me will continue to engage in this form of activity/leisure. I can only imagine, some time in the future, when more of this country stands rotting away. Enthusiasts will tromp through their grounds, deciphering the clues left behind to try and determine what that structure must have looked like in it’s heyday. Years from now, will there be rubbled remains of a huge wall between the United States and Mexico? Will our National Parks lie open and ripe for the pickings from squatters; will there be square miles filled with oil seeped ground, unfit for living?
Let’s wait and see…..All Hail the Crimson King.

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