Premiere Demonstration for 2018; Pregame Warmup


Two days from now, a scheduled demonstration titled “Reclaim Our State” will be held at the American Legion Mall in downtown Sleepytown. Speakers will talk about social injustice and crap like that. Real rattle your paper saber stuff. Then everyone will be encouraged to participate in a staged march to the State Capital where even more speakers will blather on about the atrocities we Americans suffer…of course, I’ll be there representing the Church, reporting back to you avid readers, not as a participant, but as an observer. This will be my first demonstration of the new year, something to kick off Year Two: the Reign of the Crimson King-not to be missed by this preacher. Mi compañero for the excursion, Miguel, will be there too, driven by the same addiction for observing the masses that I have. This languishing habit we’ve developed for watching demonstrations and demonstrators gives us no hope for change, there’s none to be had. They still don’t fucking get it and the day they do get it together and accomplish something, I will be shocked as shit…more shocked than anyone, I think. No, we go to see the human tragedy play out before us, the nuance of social behavior being stirred up like soup, not quite boiling, but right on the verge.

My brother and I have been chomping at the bit waiting for something to knock us out of our winter hibernation. Too much television and online media masturbation leaves me aching to escape the shelter of home. I gotta get out and stretch my legs, breath in the choking fumes of buses and cars, stay out late and close down bars…chat with real people. We’d been putting out inquiries and feelers to find new sites for an urbanex walkaround, another habit Miguel and I love (see earlier writings on urbanex, somewhere in my backlog of blog posts posted here on the Church), but to date, there is nothing on our radar.

The major winter holiday cusp passed, and with Christmas and New Years being out of the way, more demonstrations and protest marches will begin to pop up. The insane whirlwind of shit coming out of the White House, Congress, and various little spots throughout the country, has worked it’s frenzied paranoia on Progressive voters and Trump haters for a year now. After this Saturday’s demonstration, there is another scheduled protest in Indianapolis, one I believe that will be focused on Impeachment of the President. As January marches on, the days get longer and the temperatures will become warmer and slowly, I envision folks crawling out of their cubbies to shake their fist at the Crimson King. How hard will they revolt? Will they reach a breaking point and go Berserker on the politicians in charge of our nation’s affairs? Will this country grow a pair of balls again? I think those who would protest at a ‘Reclaim Our State’ rally have the potential to get results, they just lack the ability to give direction…and they have to be willing to get dirty. I mean street dirty, fucking wild in the streets attitude, because those in power will not just give it away and your signs aren’t doing shit to move your cause.

Reaching back one year ago, protesters raised their weary fists on the downtown streets of Indy to protest against the pipeline being constructed on American Indian reservations. They had protests against the looming (looming at that time, before it started to be enacted) threat DACA would have on immigrant families. There were minor inflections of protest from groups opposed to Islamophobia and those trying to support LGBTQ rights; half a dozen other causes, but out of all that defiance, no change in their favor came about. The few elected officials they had on their team were ineffective at stopping the smothering rule of Republicans. People in charge of defense for the Trump Administration and political kin, people like Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, helped influence congressional members and key politicians to hold the Right Wing fort against the onslaught of Democrats opposed to the President. A purported fever Trump has to destroy anything connected with the past Administration (Obama) brings about headlines to infuriate American voters that loathe the man. If he isn’t busy destroying the legacy of everything Obama, he’s pulling some boner statement or fucked up action that sends the press lighting into it to work up the flames of hate, again and again. How long can they keep fanning those flames before an uncontrollable fire erupts? The gripping control of a narcissistic leader whose whims are as bizarre as anything Caligula would have dreamed up have become a daily affair for us to face. At some point, the boiling point may be reached and that’s what Miguel and I are really waiting for. Maybe it will be this Saturday; doubtful, but I suppose it could be. Maybe it will be the following protest, the one aimed at Impeachment. I’ve been looking long and hard at this Generation to see what sprouts up but so far, all we have are young fucks eating detergent pods. They need some focus, because they have the potential.

Let’s see what Saturday holds.



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