GenCon, a Faltering Kingdom and the Return of Bernie


 Joel Osteen in some mega-cathedral, walking back and forth…smiling at the frail and desperate flock that follows him. Other Televangelists sticking to the Trump Principle and refusing to call him out-instead, they are rebuking citizens who would oppose the Crimson King. A twenty-some year old girl dressed up as a female version of Marvel’s Thor. A female Deadpool. Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Trump’s book The Art of the Deal predicts the President to quit by Autumn, if not sooner. All this activity going on and I don’t even feel I have adequate time to jot down notes or thoughts before a new day erupts, and more insanity unfolds.
Then news hits about Bernie Sanders coming to town to speak on the Circle, downtown Indianapolis.

It started out as small groups of kids and nerdy adults gathering inside rooms at cheap motels throughout the U.S., and grew into a billion dollar business. Sales of games, game pieces, dice and playing boards, architectural structures, costumes, books, videos…so much crap one can hardly believe it. Back in the late 70’s I was privy to having some freelance association doing illustrations for an indie game/magazine publisher in the Austin, Texas area. The era of computer gaming was just about ready to open up; Dungeons and Dragons had brought about new found interests from players wanting a more elaborate scenario than Monopoly had to offer in a board game. I saw the involvement small business people put in to create a more elaborate game. They used stunning graphic models to play with rather than generic plastic pieces, introduced more variable game options…a continuing quest to make the game play more imaginative. This upcoming line of games definitely added flair and flexibility, but required more dedication to learning rules. When I looked at some of these highly detailed board setups in the main Con gaming area, a huge hall that used to host major rock concerts, I was impressed with their devotion to the play. Some boards averaged the length of two eight foot tables, neatly arranged with thousands of dollars worth of miniature scaled villages, rulers to measure movements and effects, multi-sided dice, cards and chits…it blows your mind. This is a sandbox, taken to extremes and enhanced with quality merch, that could only have been imagined decades ago. This is Twenty-first century gaming, bitch.

The mesmerizing affair at GenCon laced with the reality of a young woman killed over a disagreement, sparked by a leader who drove one guy to get in a car. That’s a strange mixture of action going on. I didn’t want to leave the serenity Con brought to me and those attending, the nonsensical folly you could lose yourself in while attitudes heated up out in the real world.  I knew I had to leave though, and hearing of a Bernie Sanders speaking engagement the day after GenCon might at least be something to help me transition back into the world. Bernie Sanders on the steps of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This couldn’t have been thrown together quick enough to respond to the Charlottesville incident. The Sander’s bandwagon was certainly already in full motion, visiting other states, but this would be an interesting time to see what response he would get out there from disgruntled citizens in the Indy area. I wanted to see if the feel of things, the tension between the two sides of our main political spectrum would flare up. Is Amerika now going to become some abstract version of the Crips and Bloods that mutate from the scores of freckle headed Trump followers out there that believed he would make America great again? Will the U.S. become a Western Hemisphere version of the conflict we see in the Middle East?, or can Americans skip all the back and forth violence and focus on getting things in running order?

Bernie Sanders seemed to be a man with a plan when he stepped onto the 2016 Campaign Trail. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who vanished from sight for all intentional purposes after losing the race, Sanders continues to be vocal and stands up in defiance against the Crimson King. Bernie Sanders, out there keeping the drive alive…personally, I think the King is scared of Sanders, probably because Sanders is still working toward dethroning him. I needed to update myself on what the plan of strategy was now from Camp Sanders. Trump will continue to wander around out there, day after day, stirring pots of trouble and media attention, but I had no idea what Bernie was up to at present. It was time to wave Aloha to GenCon and prepare to see the man and hear the plan. One downside would be that, like so many rallies and speeches, they take place during the week day when many people would not be able to attend. The representation numbers of supporters and opposition at a weekday event isn’t a true ratio, but it is pretty close to accurate. Probably better for me in a small number turnout. GenCon crowds were strange enough…political rallies have a whole different set of cosplayers and I would be navigating it solo-no Miguel for the Bernie speech gathering.


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