One life to Open the Game


Well they did it, folks, they raised the bar on citizen reaction in modern politics by giving us a kill. James Alex Fields Jr. has been charged with second degree murder in Charlottesville, VA, for smashing his car into a crowd of protesters, killing a thirty two year old woman. He injured a reported 19 other people as well with the car crash, so now the cherry has been popped on a new generation’s social/political  behavior. Rules have been broken and I now have to believe there’s a small, darkened room full of politicians somewhere in Washington D.C., old white relics in stuffed suits, wringing their hands with evil glee. Their formula has worked and they appear to have control over Trump followers, enough so to have them commit murder. The Crimson King has served his purpose and lowered the level of tolerance many of his more extreme supporters harbor. The hatred from those who oppose ‘fake media’ and “Hillary Supporters” (the woman appears to pull more power from not being elected, than if she were) will now be backed by the strength of legendary urban tales created from Field’s action. They can no longer be considered political activist virgins, they are killers.

The protest is said to have started over a proposed removal of the Robert E. Lee statue which resides in the city of Charlottesville. The semantics of the statue being allowed to stand, or being taken down, both are huge topics of discussion, but I won’t waste time writing on that debate. The people who live in their region have more a dog in the fight than me, because it’s their home turf. I will, however, qualify myself to look at and characterize the insane actions of one brainwashed individual that was driven to the point of taking a life and injuring others, all over his opinion. An opinion that was fed by the political agendas of a two Party system which can’t manage to get along on anything. A neighborhood and network of relatives and associates who classified Fields as a quiet person who kept to himself enabled him…we keep hearing about the loose cannons, the psychopaths that finally do snap, and I feel that number may grow. Certainly the potential for growth in numbers of loose cannons out there may be spurred by a critical lack of medical support for those who rely on meds to keep them together.

Our nation continues to crumble under the present Amerikan leadership, and we experience rot from within our neighborhoods. Neighbor battles neighbor as our nation’s infrastructure decays; and all this rang in a new level of bloodshed, Saturday, while I prepared to tour an historic old Coca-Cola bottling plant in downtown Indianapolis.

This tour was the nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottling facility (in it’s prime), now defunct and preparing to be scrapped after sitting years in abandonment. The eight acre lot is an architectural splendor to investigate, a showcase of Art Deco design from an era now past. They have made plans to tear down the Coca-Cola building(s) and surrounding ground to renovate into a new business area along Massachusetts Avenue. New facades, new growth for the area, a new era of development and progression. Now as much as I don’t have a dog in your fight, Charlotte, I will at least say that life goes on and sometime the old must make way for the new. Old factories die out, sometimes statues must be relocated; change takes place for different reasons, but is a statue really worth engaging a psychopath to take to the streets and kill someone? You can argue all you want about the ‘real’ issue being deeper than that, but after all the talk, it still boils down to someone being shot over a conflict that started from a statue. I have to imagine that the most pleasant memories Charlotte’s citizens hold dear to heart from growing up there, the history of their town, the citizens, all have little to do (directly) with the statue itself…certainly not such a reverence as to hypnotize someone into running over people with a car…not unless the person was Jared Lee Lougher, or James Cunningham crazy.

Here comes the bottom line, Alt Right enthusiasts: This time, you took out one of their people and want to justify and weigh that action on your core principles. Next time, they might take out one of yours. Is this how our nation should go down? Should the true enemy of America end up being our own citizens? A mutation took place once we allowed an ex-reality show tv host to be leader of the country and shit’s starting to happen real fast. We will have bigger battles ahead and haven’t even made it through Year One of this Administration.Which ever side caves in now will lose. The ante has been put in the pot; one human life. Who ups the bet?


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