Conversing With an Ex-Stripper pt fini


My conversation with Hunny continued and we refilled the pipe, me scrawling down notes as fast as she could recall the details of that time in her life. Working at different clubs gave her knowledge on how to bump up the dance/performance income with a small amount of marketing tweaks. She made sure to tip her support people within the club. Hunny said it was a necessity to tip the DJ playing tunes (some joints only had coin operated jukeboxes, but in a way, feeding a jukebox is like tipping it). DJs kept the songs on for your set and good music is an important asset to keeping an act alluring. She also tipped bartenders, waitstaff and security. This close knit group of people working in the club kept a dancer going; those who got her food between sets, made sure the liquor flowed when she needed it and protected her from any of the strangeness that may exist out there in the den of onlookers. Some DJs could be paid to keep a select song so no other dancer snatched it up that evening/shift. A girl wouldn’t want to be all prepared to go onstage and dance to Joe Cocker’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On“, and find out someone just did a routine with it. That would be like re-singing a song at a talent competition.

Songs and moves, catchy costumes and a certain, simple visual appeal or fetish, may be the thing to put extra money in the pocket on any given night. Hunny kept a back-up costume to change into, just in case a select, high tipping client walked in the door that preferred a certain look to his eye candy sessions at the club. Her normal attire was a funky, heavy metal looking outfit, but she kept a softer costume on-hand that sported a garter with her name emblazoned on it. Success in getting a good bank that night might depend on reading the crowd and knowing how to adjust your performance, how to dress for the occasion.

I asked her what her most unusual, most outstanding thing she did on stage was, and Hunny told me she had a routine where she would take a dollar bill and roll it it up tight, like making a coke straw out of it-but tighter. Her nipples are pierced so she would slip the rolled up dollar through her nipple, wind it up like an airplane propeller and let it go. Now I really wanted to see this because it sounded like one of those sights to behold-but I couldn’t lose focus. I was here for the interview, not for a show…although I might have to call her up on that one later, because it sounds too eye insanely cool. Next I wanted to know about the most unusual show stopper she saw being performed. Without hesitation she told me of a girl who would open her legs and place a length-wise folded dollar bill on her crotch, and puff the thing into the air. The appearance was that the strength of a queef was blowing it in the air, but Hunny informed me it was a trick and the girl actually puffed air from her mouth down along her belly to her vagina and that would generate enough push to put the dollar in the air…made it look like it was being airborne from a pussy fart.

I eventually learned the thing thing which caused her to go into stripping was the thing that drew her out of it; anxiety. Like a lot of us (myself included), Hunny suffers from anxiety and depression and worked through a period of searching out a better tomorrow for herself. We are all prone to looking and trying different things, and certain paths actually do work out for people for short periods at various points in their life. Stripping was just what she needed at that moment to get through a rough patch of coping in the world, and she moved on and now is in a different world, a different environment. Yet to know who this person is in the flesh and blood world out there, some might pre-judge Hunny and use it against her.

We all get on with our lives and leave a hundred personas behind, a variety of things we were once involved in. I will end this sermon and interview, folks, noting that we all walk down myriad paths throughout our lives, and we should savor the variety. For those who’ve never been in a strip club, they are like everything else which is unknown to you. We all fear the unknown and hate stems from fear-go face the foe once and see what you think…don’t pass judgement on everyone working at a club until you’ve experienced it yourself. You might find it vile, you might find it more harmless that you had thought…but at least, you will have sought the truth in person. You will judge on what you see, rather than what you are being told, which is becoming alarmingly more important now days.

..and when you do go into a club, be prudent with your money.


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