Conversing With an Ex-Stripper pt. 2


The ‘lot closer’ reference Hunny made left no doubt she was talking about full on penetration from a club patron. I’ve been to clubs and bachelor parties where this went on, but didn’t think it was governed under some rule of law, so much as an individual’s own ethics. Some will take the jump, others won’t. Again, judgement on letting a guy finger bang you in the dark part of the bar, or screw you in a small little room where they pay top dollar to get back there, is meant for some other blog post…probably from some other blogger.

Hunny didn’t go for the ‘lot closer’ scene; she only wanted to make enough cash to go out after work drinking with her friends. She wasn’t an ‘all about the hustle’ girl either, so she never really worked too hard at making club money. Just enough to party and pay some bills. All girls will set their limit based on how much they want to work, how much money they need to take home. If you’re a party girl, you’ll make your set bank and leave, if you can. If you can make enough cash to go out and have a good time, then that’s what you’ll do. Party girls are just one type who work in clubs. We paired it down to a nomenclature of five different groups of girls at any club she worked in: party girls, desperate single moms, girls who are all about the hustle, pole girls and junkies. Hunny was a party girl, which I’ve been describing. Desperate single moms is a pretty self explanatory moniker. Pole girls are those gymnast types who would rather be in Cirque Du Soleil, but do strip clubs as a compromise. Pole girls usually just want to perfect their craft in a club long enough to get over some financial hump, or perfect some routine, then they will move on.

My personal opinion is, the most dangerous girls in a bar fall into those last two categories; all about the hustle girls and junkies. Either of these two will give the nastiest, most x-rated performances, but make you pay the most-in more ways than one. AATH girls (all about the hustle) will seduce the money right out of a man’s wallet who isn’t careful, like some sexual siren. These type are more apt to pull a cutthroat stunt on the other girls at a club, like walking in on a regular customer to wedge a lap dance out of him first, or the worst, undercutting another girl’s price for a dance. Undercutting is unforgivable and if turned in to management, usually gets a dancer tossed out of a job. A successful AATH girl will not have to go to that extreme, because they have honed their skill to be a grifting succubus who can seduce you with luring words…and eyes…and tits. They can make a factory worker feel like he’s king of the world, until the money train runs dry, or a bigger tipper comes along. They play their audiences for top dollar and have a much higher bar of financial demands than the other type performers.

Last comes the junkie, who seems most similar to an AATH girl, but has her bar of financial expectation set to the price of her high. Like junkies of any sort, money needs are set pretty basic as far as clothing, food, shelter, etc., in comparison to the finances they’ll have on hand for drugs…drugs and liquor, usually, because they go so well together. Who wouldn’t drink in a place where they serve alcohol and solicit naked bodies shows? The temptation would be next to impossible to escape.

Now Hunny was certainly up to making quick money, if she saw an opportunity where she didn’t have to work that hard. Clubs next to airports and industrial areas seemed to be good cash cows for her. She’d be at a good locale and eventually, some new girl would come in and give a job lead on a ‘better’ deal; some club down the road where guys were throwing it away, or a good place for establishing regulars. Regulars are a boon for dancers. Hunny could always have a good tip night when a bunch of drunk frat boys came in to whoop it up, or a gaggle of men on a bachelor party hit the strip joints, but frat boys and bachelor parties aren’t always happening. They weren’t like a regular, who was there time and time again to throw out money. Establishing regulars meant a more stable income to rely on. Plus, from the different little stories she told me, her regulars were more apt to give her little gifts, bring her food or take her out on a platonic date. Regulars were there for something more than just the sex aspect. They were there for an ear to bend, for someone to listen to them. A cheap psychiatrist who would spread their legs and let you look.


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