A Rising Surge of Zealotards – pt. fini


The Dragons.

He continued to smile and handed me a business card with a picture of the proverbial ‘red pill’ on it, a visual reference made popular by the Matrix films. In the movies, those who take the red pill are shown the true nature of things, the true reality that hides behind the alleged facade we live in. Using a red pill graphic is like saying ‘we know the truth others won’t tell you’.

I stared at the card. The blonde man went on babbling stats and information about his organization; His ‘Dragon’s are a group known as Identity Evropa (also known as Identity Europa). I looked at the front of the card again before turning it over, nodding politely as he continued to chat over the background voice of the main speaker on that crackling microphone. Some Trump supporter couldn’t hold his tongue and started bellowing out threats to the group of Trump protestors standing behind the speaker. That brought about a response from the opposition that wore black jackets and scarves across their faces and I just tried to focus over their jeers and the guy on the speaker to hear my Dragon man better. This back and forth verbal battle goes on a lot at rallies and as numb as you can get to it, it is still distracting. I was trying to listen to  this guy dole out more info about his organization, then noticed the back of his business card which had eight other alt-right groups listed, along with their website addresses. Screw it; I could look up the Dragons online mission statement later if I missed out some on what he was saying to me. This list on the card would save me a lot of online footwork. I now had a list of active right wing organizations in support of one another, a good reference sheet for future investigation.

Not all those sites listed on the card had people representing there Saturday, but I was able to confirm ACT of America and Identity Evropa were present. The opposing faction had the Hoosier Anti-Racist group and various onlookers. strays pulled in by the barking voice of the ACT spokesman on the microphone. Police stood around the group but looked more bored than anything, or pissed that they got assigned this job for the morning. Local law are smart to watch for the potential threat of a crowd-especially one supported by individuals who come out on the streets sporting paramilitary garb and toting firearms-but even the cops gave off a vibe like this probably wouldn’t erupt into anything too severe.

Gay Pride was going on just a few blocks away and I asked the man if the Dragons planned to show up for that, wanting to see if they had any antagonism set for that celebration. He assured me that they had no intention of going over there during Pride. That was a relief to me because in spite my fascination watching cute little demonstrations, I did not want to see one that would disrupt such a feel-good, wonderful celebration as Gay Pride. Pride brings happiness to town, political demonstrations typically bring anger and hostility. Let those who play with fire fight one another and leave the rest out of it.

The two groups continued to snap at one another while the microphone crackled on. The speaker brought up a new voice, a rather large lady in a chador who was there to relay her story about being a victim of female genital mutilation and abuse. Later I would remember seeing her chain smoking, sitting among the Trump protestors. I still don’t understand whose side she was on. The lines were getting blurry on that story and whoever she was there to support, she was not as effective as they would have wanted her to be. I can’t recall if it was before or after Mike and I broke away from the crowd for our traditional breather (coffee, evaluate our latest images taken, edit notes) that I heard this new female voice get on the loud speaker and yell out to the crowd:
“They rape the women….they rape the goats!”
That one gave me such a goosebump rush…they rape the goats. Damn, lady, that was brilliant. Her saying that was so monumental, in that moment, that I had to stop and make sure to put that in my notes-verbatim. Play that on the news feed…play that on MSNBC.

Once we broke away and came back, we could pretty well tell how the rest of this demonstration would go. it would be just like the other string of protests we have seen down here recently-very little bark, no bite. My synopsis on this particular event could be summed up by what I saw during the latter part of the day. The Alt-Right supporters stood there shouting “Donald Trump!”, as the opposing side stood there and yelled “Fuck you!”. They did that back and forth for a minute or so and that’s about what our entire country is doing right now, just standing there, facing one another, while one side shouts Donald Trump and the other side yells fuck you.
This is what our world has become.

Welcome to the Church.


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