A Rising Surge of Zealotards – pt. 1


The Transgender social event in downtown Indy I went to was over on Wednesday. Three days later came Saturday morning, the morning of Gay Pride celebration in the Circle City. The Gay Pride Parade and after-party always brought happiness, love and acceptance for those attending. I was certain this year would be no different, other than the fact that a previous engagement would have me busy and unable to attend the downtown excitement. It was a minor little something that I could get out of, but the responsible thing to do was go ahead and follow through with the appointment and leave Pride to the rest of the town. That was my intention and I could have lived with that decision, but then a last minute online posting of a rally at the Indiana State Capitol building sponsored by ACT of America sprang up in my online news-feed. Now it would be the Right Wing’s turn to take to the streets and march, carry those banners and chant their creative little slogans. I couldn’t pass that up.

I had been to about a half dozen rallies down at the Capitol building but they were all geared to crowds of Progressive thinkers, Liberals and Democrats who wanted to protest the reign of Republican bullies and the curse of the Crimson King, Donald Trump. This was my first opportunity in a while to see the other side of the U.S. political coin. Not since Trump’s local rallies during this last election campaign had I been privy to witness groups of Republicans, Tea Party members and Nazi wanna-bes, gathered for purpose of defeating the Left-wing. I felt the need for an update on where the mindset of a non-liberal voter was at this point. Their choice had won the election (or perhaps the one they opposed lost) leaving everyone else to sit and stew in the beginnings of a bizarre new rule here in America. The era of Trump had begun. The cracked bell sounded and the sycophants charged in behind their leader…kind of…at least they fell in line, goose-stepping their way to the tune of a different lay of law. Newly elected Vice President, Mike Pence had been a heinous Governor for the state of Indiana and many Hoosiers were glad to see that religious despot leave; not so glad to see him become Vice President, though. The problem was, now, those people would be bound in the psychological cocoon of hatred they had for Pence, but it was being put in check by an even more ominous hate they had for Donald Trump. Pence stood quiet in the background and let the Crimson King do his worst. There was little outward opposition from House Republicans or Senators. Bills and agendas were being introduced by Trump that seemed to reek of cruelty for our citizens, but everyone sat tight-lipped.

Now once a strong surge of political power begins to take form, the common people supporting that leader will revel in delight, pretty much flaunting it in the face of their opposition. This seems to happen no matter which side of the political spectrum takes charge. Back when the Democrats took charge and Nancy Pelosi took her turn as Speaker of the House, Democrats and Progressive voters did it. Reagan youths were snobs in their own time; it must be part of the human condition. The difference this time would be that the winning party’s supporters were not left-wing thinkers. These weren’t tree huggers or Environmentalists or Pro-Choice Advocates. This time the winning side has gun toting, self-claimed Christians and xenophobic/homophobic small town American W.A.S.P.s from all over. This isn’t the debate team from school out there that won the election, it’s the fucking bullies. It’s the guys and girls who slammed kids heads into lockers, or threw a rock at someone and called them a ‘fag’.

I need to stop this digression into my observations of the different voting classes in America-at least, for now. My objective to go witness this rally and report to the Church-this was critical. I had to postpone that appointment and go witness this performance, live and in person. The main subject for the rally was to protest Sharia law being accepted (legally) in the U.S. and to get people to sign up to help thwart it. I was ready to grab my camera and hear their argument and be educated and entertained. This looked like it might get good. I’m always open for a big crowd demonstration, human drama at emotional moments like that can be pure ‘art of horror’ for me. I made contact with mi hermano, Miguel, and we were off.


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