Transmogrified in Sleepytown; Transgressions in D.C. – pt. 1


Transmogrify, by definition, is to transform in a surprising or magical way. This is what a transgender person described to me as their moment of realization about who they were.

An emergency schedule change in my personal life would coincide with Gay Pride, so I  probably wouldn’t be attending this year. I have attended every year since moving back to Sleepytown (‘Sleepytown’-not a putdown, rather a title of empathetic respect). I have tried to cover news and report on the state of things, as I see them, live and in person. I feel it’s important for me to be one pebble in the pond, a tiny ripple of information that grows and spreads. So, there was probably no coverage of Gay Pride this year from the Church, however, I did stumble across news of the Indianapolis Transgender community holding their third annual Trans Pride Social that evening. I needed to go. My need to report what I witness for the Church was impulsive and therapeutic. The horrors being displayed online about what those cutthroat monsters in D.C. were up to had me numbed with politics. I’m tired of being disappointed-daily-by the news of our leaders.
The news.
A dystopian world of madness with no hope; that’s what we are now living in-at least the news being broadcast before our eyes tells us that. I distinguish a big difference between the online world and the one you or I walk around in, physically, but trying to figure out what broadcast news is real and what is portion is fake can be impossible. Quite often, news is blown way out of proportion-sometimes it’s an outright lie….then sometimes, it’s too real to want to believe.

The glut of transgressions being broadcast cover all subjects, all areas of community life; government, special interest, sports and entertainment…but stories being thrown on the news feed via web news and 24 hour news stations work to keep us more scared, than informed. A Recent article I read from some website splash news site said the Transgender community was feeling ostracized by the LGBT network, as a whole, so I wanted to find a local source in Indy to validate that online report, from this town’s perspective. The timing of this event couldn’t have been better. I packed up my camera and notebook and headed to see TransFest (I kept calling it that….it’s the weed talking), where I hoped to get the skinny on the Trans community here.

Online and in our televised news media, someone started a Holy War and now things are heating up. Louisiana Representative Clay Higgins is quoted as saying ‘Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them (radical Muslims) down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all’. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.’ I wonder if it was a Freudian slip when he suggests to hunt ‘them’, before identifying ‘them’. A recently published picture of Donald Trump standing with Saudi leaders next to some glowing orb makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes from the UAE, and how will America be involved? Various (and numerous, by number) leaders throughout the world continue to scoff at Trump and the alliance America has had for years with these countries appears to be in jeopardy. Political and religious turmoil have brought out the offensive attitude of disgruntled Trump supporters and right wing, alt-thinking extremists. Self proclaimed Christians, which now days can mean a variety of beliefs, lash out at members of an Islamic faith, or people of color, or sexually different individuals. Ex-convict and televangelist huckster Jim Bakker gets on air to warn those who refuse to follow the Crimson King, that they will bring about the Holy War with their behavior. North Korea continues to flex it’s muscle at the world, China stands poised. And Russia? No one has any fucking idea about Russia.

So while all this news media madness is in everyone’s face, day after day, a beacon finally arrived for me. The notice I received for a social gathering with the TG community came along and I had just enough time to prepare and attend. This was another chance to be enlightened by reality, rather than some homogenized, pre-taped broadcast of what someone wanted me to believe. My past history with the Trans community was enriched while living in the Denver area a few years back. I had a contract job gig that involved helping a local independent video producer who was working on a documentary about the Transgender community. I got to meet and listen in on interviews with a huge group of TG people from around Denver and all the bullshit they waded through just trying to get by in life. Sad tales of abuse and violence thrust on them. If anyone needs support groups, it’s the Transgender people of the United States. I felt they are loved and accepted by the Gay Community, in general, and even a splinter percentage of the heterosexual tribes, but Trans folk are still a splinter entity of society that has needed help and most often, have been met with opposition and violent rebuttal.

My ride pulled up to the local theater/arts building where the social would take place…(contd.)


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