This is What Democracy Looks Like


A little more than fifty years ago, Malcom X addressed a rally in New York to call for freedom, justice and equality ‘by any means necessary’. By 2017 we have devolved into tribes of spineless quasi-protestors reminiscent of the hapless morons I witnessed years ago on the streets of Denver, Colorado. Eagle Force Five (see The Church archive October, 2011 “Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again”) has brushed itself off and been thrown back into the mix of local antagonists, resembling a bunch of whining little babies with no power whatsoever. People shake their fist in anger online at the mighty Crimson King and blame Trump for everything currently wrong in this world, yet what are they doing about it?  Did someone cut off their balls and leave them to be a squatting group of eunuchs holding poorly made protest signs? Creeping Jesus shit people, they shout to the heavens that ‘this is what Democracy looks like’…..well, I’m unimpressed, Democracy, and you are achieving nothing.

I have covered the last few protests in downtown Indy with mi hermano and the last 3 have proven to be little more than a few dozen protestors, 125 people tops, gathering to lift signs and chants slogans to let their voices be heard, but in reality, most the world here and all over go about their daily lives with hardly a notice paid to the movement to stop our current Administration. Only the truly devoted would have spent time on the state capital grounds to rally against DAPL and Immigration policies being enacted or LGBT legal status; the unity to bring down that one factor which brought all this travesty about, the overlord we are coming to know as the Trump Administration, continues to pick away at our freedoms….or does it?

The world online that is fed by an unending stream of pro-Right/pro-Left agendas hammers away at our screens nightly, working the masses into an online fit of rage and punishment that never seems to accomplish a thing. Progressive liberal talking heads and green thumb websites spout off daily statistics to show all the awful atrocities which continue to go on, yet what is really being accomplished? Is anything stopping them? I say no, not a fucking thing is being done to fix these issues. There are words of unity and cooperation by masses of folks online, dedicated to write angry emails and click little buttons to show support against our oppressors, but nothing is really being accomplished. The right wing enthusiasts say give Trump time to get things working, yet everything his plans continue to whittle away at personal freedoms. The left wing supporters pray for more folks to show up to rallies to hold more signs, but what does this do? It might bring about more public awareness but if you aren’t aware by now, you never will be. I have gathered and talked to groups of individuals on both sides of the political spectrum and neither side seems satisfied with things, yet no one is willing to go to the extreme Malcom X spoke of; no one is willing to set the bar at ‘by any means necessary’. I get people saying we need stronger organization of committees, focus on an agenda to take the power away from the White House, all which sounds good in theory, but in reality, I saw that enacted years ago when Eagle Force Five failed the masses efforts to bring down Wall Street. They couldn’t govern themselves, let alone a nation of potential protestors. We are doomed and this is Hell.

I may continue this sermon in a few days but covering the few protests out in sub zero weather left me with near fatal consequences – a nasty bout of adrenovirus, pneumonia and influenza, all at the same time. I was placed in the hospital for just over a week trying to recuperate from it all and so now I need to heal and evaluate what I’ve witnessed, although I can’t say it looks too promising, with regards to the protestors accomplishing anything. Doubt me at my word, if you will, but I have seen it in realtime and the reality of it is, if we rely on Eagle Force Five to fight the battle to oppose the Crimson King, he will continue to reign victorious.


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