The Crimson King Takes Office: Thugtown Urbanex; fini


The Gary trip is over; it’s back to the reality of things. After a bit of rest and a few more weeks living in this 2017 dystopia, I’m sure to be needing another session inside rotting buildings, somewhere.

Since the trip, our newly elected president has taken to restructuring laws and doing away with various programs that took decades to put in place. Vice President and religious zealot Mike Pence, as well as a slew of other white political goons, stood watching while Trump signed papers against funding for Planned Parenthood programs; a room full of men enacting laws mainly focused on what women could no longer do with their bodies. People suspect the cost of women’s contraception will go up once these bills kick in. I can sense the revolution building up in this country. Small signs of anarchy are beginning to blister on the surface of our streets as we witness Trump throw his Tweet tantrums to a public he claims rule over.

We weren’t the only ones rummaging through buildings the day women marched against Trump. Our party ran into a couple other groups going through abandoned buildings in Gary. One guy we ran into twice while there, named Jason, not only got off on urbanex, but also loved to ledge walk high rise buildings, scaffolding on buildings being built or construction cranes. He pulled out footage he’s posted online of him atop a crane as the sun was coming up in Chicago, he being parallel in height to the Sears Tower. Like I said, we humans have varied ways of distracting ourselves from the world’s woes. Walking the edge of some building up that high would probably take your mind off just about anything but the task at hand.

Republican heavies like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan believe they have control of the president, for now, but you can tell they feel uneasy about this relationship. They hide behind a guise of All-American good morals, and they do a pretty good job for a large portion of people, but Trump’s appearance of being out for himself is pretty evident. The Washington heavies are kind of twitchy about how far they can try to screw over the Amerikan people and they don’t want the Crimson King to blow it for them. Trump could be out in four-some of those bastards in the Senate have had their job for decades…decades. Mitch McConnell is the longest standing Senator for the state of Kentucky, despite him having the lowest approval rating of all. He doesn’t want Donald fucking up his retirement plan. Actually , I think McConnell could live fine off his investments right now; he could retire tomorrow and live a cush life, but for him, it’s about the power. He gets off so much on the fucking power.

The relationship between Trump and the GOP has been rocky from early on in this election.  Donald was ready to abandon them at a moment’s notice if he didn’t get his way, but he did get his way and he’s in office now. The current working cooperation between the Republican (House and) Senate and Trump seems about as amiable as the relationship they had with Barack Obama. Very few programs both seem in attune with promoting, but they will not outright attack one another, in the public eye. That would be too much, too soon…that grace period will eventually end and the honeymoon will soon be over. The Republicans will have to decide just how far they will go backing policies Trump promotes that they might feel uneasy about.

If you look on the other side of the aisle, the Democrats (by comparison) stay true to their modern day nature by being the biggest gathering of milquetoast pussies one could imagine. So little rebuttal is being heard from them opposing Trump. We see snippets of Bernie Sanders, out there fighting the strong fight; Senator Al Franken making solid points against the nominees for cabinet positions being put before the floor…but those acts of resistance are about all we see coming from the Democrats. There was a time, recently, (the past Administration, to be exact) when the Dems had a majority rule up there on Capitol Hill, and they still couldn’t stop the Republicans. What hope do they have now?

I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to do urbanex journeys, and I believe folks like me will continue to engage in this form of activity/leisure. I can only imagine, some time in the future, when more of this country stands rotting away. Enthusiasts will tromp through their grounds, deciphering the clues left behind to try and determine what that structure must have looked like in it’s heyday. Years from now, will there be rubbled remains of a huge wall between the United States and Mexico? Will our National Parks lie open and ripe for the pickings from squatters; will there be square miles filled with oil seeped ground, unfit for living?
Let’s wait and see…..All Hail the Crimson King.


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