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The Crimson King Takes Office: Thugtown Urbanex pt. 2


As we drove into Gary to hunt out decaying structures, I thought to myself; this isn’t the end of our country, it’s the beginning of a revolution.

Google maps told no lies. Gary Indiana was covered with a mother lode of abandoned buildings for urban exploring. Large buildings, double homes, single dwellings-a high school and grand theater….a church. Plenty of buildings to choose from in various stages of decay. A good urbanex site should host a definitive amount of rot and matter…too much deterioration and you can’t even distinguish what you’re looking at, just piles of slime. Not enough decay and there is no fascination…it just all becomes a large pile of trash with no organic artistry to it. The Goldilocks syndrome definitely falls into play here. You want it to be just right, and Gary looked like it had quite a few ‘just right’ spots.

Trump’s beginning days as Commander in Chief of Amerika start with battalions of women from all over the country-world-banding together in a surge of unity to go after the monster president and all he stands for. Trumpenstein is now loose on a nation, free to grab roaming pussy from coast to coast under the blessing of his henchmen: a guise of a new agenda slowly forms from within the Republican ranks. Some now train an eye on their new boss and wonder if they might have gone too far by letting this man into this position. A sisterhood stood up the day after his inauguration to address all nations, and said ‘fix this shit-now!’ Women and men from seven continents marched to demonstrate against this man-beast, to have it destroyed. Protests were broadcast from Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles-most every major city across the U.S.-and they show people vehemently opposed to the reign of terror they fear, brought on by Donald Trump and the henchmen he would employ.

Our urbanex group couldn’t get much of a Thugtown feel out of Gary. Maybe it’s because we come from Indy; capital city and haven (on it’s own) for Thug. Granted, Indy didn’t take Top Murder Capital of the U.S. title the way Gary did-twice:1994 and the early 2000’s-but Indianapolis has it’s share of methed up hillbillies and no fucking nonsense bruthas downtown. I have experienced those rough edges of a town; where we were cruising didn’t look that menacing. In all fairness, it was around 11AM Saturday afternoon when we arrived…not exactly the time of day for the really hardcore attitudes a city might spring on you. I imagine some of the streets in Gary around midnight are not where you want to be. Our exploration began at the old Gary Union Station building and continued on to include the Palace Theater and the City Methodist Church. I was told that they shot one of the Freddy Krueger movies at the church and it certainly had that backdrop appeal, like something out of an old Hammer horror film or some satanic cult flick. Wandering around the different floors and rooms, blind hallways leading to a dead end barricade of crushed block and wood, this was a perfect spot. One of the more eerie buildings we went into was the Palace Theater. The huge old building was a dark, massive cave of rubble and nightmarish chunks of twisted metal and debris. There was a good 5 degree temperature drop the moment you stepped into the big room from outside. It felt like it had to be the size of a professional football field, dark enough to need flashlights or headlamps to get around. One big hole of an entrance brought light into the theater but only enough to guide you along the perimeter of the entry. You needed good lighting once you got back in the bowels of the place to avoid rocks or holes in the floor. This theater had holes at least twelve inches in diameter where all the seats used to be, but now there wasn’t a chair left in the place and catching your foot in one of those holes might have fucked you up a bit. This was art in it’s own vacant serenity, a point of disintegration that still showed poise and character. Eventually all things turn to dust but there are those moments when things transform as they deteriorate, like a kaleidoscope of decay, which catch my eye.

The rest of the jaunt that day went fantastic and worked the magic I had hoped for. My thoughts were momentarily distracted from the new age that had dawned on U.S. citizens. Trump was now the ruler of the land and from my viewpoint, the ruler seems mad. The thought of this new reign came back to me at the end of the day’s journey, when we all walked along a sandy beach at the tail end of Lake Michigan. The weather was great and the breeze minimal there on the beach. We were all shaking off the urbanex workout. While I looked out over the blue water, that damned thought hit me; Trump is our ruler. All hail the Crimson King. I had told myself to give the incoming governing team a chance, as I have always told myself when a new administration takes office but this one makes me feel really uneasy. In the following days after my urban expedition in Gary, uneasiness continues to grow. The power hungry axing has begun and Donald Trump is swinging that ax folks. Cuts in funding, censorship on federal organizations, breaking yet one more treaty with the tribal nations of this country. Sweet Jesus folks, how many more treaties are we going to fuck the Lakota over?



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