Life, Death, Trump and LSD – pt. 2


That evening’s trip proved yes, you can take acid at 60 and survive. The purer, the better (naturally), but we aren’t always privy to personal chemists, regardless your age. It’s not easy to hunt up a LSD cooker. I could have done one last venture on psychedelic mushrooms but kismet placed the man with Chinese eyes on my path and you don’t fight that type offering from the Strange Beyond.

I sifted through my thought in various states of meditation and/or medication and still can find no reasonable explanation how this punk Trump got elected to be President. If this doesn’t scream to you of a conspiracy I don’t know what will. You can place some blame on an increasing amount of shell game antics and yellow journalism dissuading the public from electing one of the other candidates, but when you think back about how many there were running for office and the odds Trump faced to defeat them, it seems too much like black magic or a plague of biblical proportion. Yet, we aren’t being cursed with rivers turning to blood, instead we have oil pipelines bursting in them to create toxic sludge. We don’t have frogs being rained down the heaven, we have bees dead from pesticides and other human made concoctions. We see signs sprouting up of intolerance and hatred, a developing wave of Nazi mimicking racists pushed in our faces on the internet. Our corrupt politicians in office are able to snatch out freely under the presumed permission of the incoming Administration and we haven’t even hit the Inauguration, folks. What happens the day after that? What happens on Saturday, January twenty-first, when the black bell tolls and all rules in the rule book go up for grabs?

The acid wore off sixteen hours or so after I took it; at least wore down enough to be able to draw my focus from the hallucinations to more cognizant thoughts. Thoughts of spiritual nature, merged with thoughts of societal matters…the balance of life in my sixtieth time around the sun. A large portion of things I’d been taught in life have turned out totally different than the sum I promised. We were told to work hard and if you worked for a company and were dedicated to it for so many years, you would receive a livable pension for your latter years in life. We were told we were paying into Social Security and that the Government would never dip into that resource for funds, that it would be there for us when we got old. We were told that America’s election process was a great system and that Donald Trump was fairly elected President of the United States. This is by far the most crooked vote I’ve experienced in sixty years, but it’s also the most lacking in moral. The moment Sanders was not allowed to run alongside Clinton and Trump it became evident to me that this is, and will continue to be, a two party country. More than that, we the People will not be in control of either of those parties, even though we are the reason they exist.

The ill turn of events Americans suffer so often come about not from an outside force, but from our society itself…we the People. The deadliest terrorist attack on American soil prior to 9-11 came from a corn-fed white boy named Timothy McVeigh. Random violence with guns is on the increase because of matters ranging from racial intolerance to someone not handing over the tv remote. We as a nation have proven time and time again that there are stupid people out there, so at times, we have to create laws to try and protect the rest of us people from the insane ones. We elect officials to oversee this process of keeping citizens safe, as well as other matters, like keeping our roads open and in good shape, or making sure there are medical facilities we can use. We expect our elected officials to work their best at keeping our cities and infrastructures moving like clocks, but instead we find them wasting their time and our money on devious crap that will make them richer. This fight continues and it’s about to get really crazy these next four years…but we can survive. We as a nation will have to fight for it because the bastards we put in charge aren’t doing it.

Yes. Yes, we can survive and yes, I will continue the spiritual journey because putting trust in something bigger than us, this planet, is more optimistic than any one political party out there. People will continue to fuck things back and forth and we are about to experience a real low swing so I definitely feel now more than ever is a great time for me – or anyone, for that matter – to get spiritual.


5 Responses to “Life, Death, Trump and LSD – pt. 2”

  1. 01/07/2017 at 10:44 pm

    Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    Inspiration from the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons

  2. 01/08/2017 at 12:01 am

    When the madmen are running the asylum, and the foxes are in charge of the hen
    houses, it is, indeed, time to fall onto one’s knees in prayer and then rise holding hands with the sane and forging forward with faith in our hearts.

  3. 01/11/2017 at 3:12 pm

    Why do people find it necessary to suggest that Trump is like the Nazis. Did those that spout this ridiculous statement actually suffer under the Nazi Party. I suppose these are the same people who think the Nazi Party were Germans. Well you need to be educated there were Germans who did what they could to get rid of Hitler and his henchmen, the Nazi Party was not Germany, just as Tump is not a Nazi he may be many things but he is not a Nazi. Grow up.

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