Life, Death, Trump and LSD – pt. 1


This tall dude with Chinese eyes smiled at me and asked it I liked the Grateful Dead. I said sure and he told me to hold out my hand. This piqued my curiosity so I put my palm out and he plopped a big drop of liquid on it. It was like that Steve McQueen moment from the movie Papillon – the moment when the leper holds his cigar out to Papillon (McQueen) and without flinching, has him smoke it. The leper smiles at him and says “how did you know I wasn’t a wet leper?” McQueen replies “I didn’t”. That’s the kind of moment I had when I licked the clear liquid off my palm. I noticed as he watched me, his eyes opened up a bit and then he started apologizing for giving me way too much. He said he didn’t know the stuff would come out of his dropper that fast and admitted he might have given me anywhere from 4 to 8 doses of liquid LSD.

In hindsight, I see that as my perfect moment of karma and happenstance, married to one another that evening to be the final statement on my year long journey seeking higher knowledge (once again). At the beginning of 2016, I turned sixty and I told myself I would mark the occasion by using the coming year to explore a spiritual quest I started back in my twenties. Back then I was grabbing up books on Transcendental Meditation, the writings of Castaneda, the Bible, Zen Buddhism…anything and everything spiritual, I searched out. My head became twisted with theories and beliefs and the best thing at that moment for me to was what some Zen writing told me to do; walk away from all the learning, for a long period of time, then come back to it. My sixtieth birthday seemed like a perfect time to do just that; it was because of the even number. I could have done that shit at 59 or 61, but 60 seemed nice and round so that’s how I stood. I’d give it a year’s time and see how I felt about continuing the quest, or throw it all in. So during January 2016 I once again studied and contemplated spiritual matters while the outside world pummeled me (and everybody in America) with electing the monster we have come to know as Donald Trump, our next President. We all got to witness the shock and horror of this country becoming a puddle of venom and remorse raging war against one another. Fuck the enemy – we are the enemy. While all sides of the political voting spectrum argued against one another, progress came to a standstill and Americans once again voted in a council of crooks to keep us all free. Trump is just the cherry on the icing on the cake of the Republican Party, but not even devoted, old school Republicans can get behind him too strong. A splinter sect of voters have sprung up from the Conservative ring and this bastard conglomeration was to become known as the Alt Right.The Left has become dismantled (once again) as we see President Obama in his final days of office leave a void of strength with Democrats. Bills sneak in to give Congress even more power over the citizens of America than they already have, yet any real progress in growth is at a stalemate. Catastrophes and bloodshed but no great achievements. I couldn’t stomach listening to all the political cynicism parties and tried to immerse myself in December’s holiday by following my spiritual quest…that, mixed in with good visits to friends and great people-in person, rather than online. This led me through the New Year and out on that long holiday break to a local place to shoot pool and relax. I keep ignoring the laws on weed in this town and that got me and a friend kicked out of one bar and down the road to another bar, where we ran into the man with the Chinese eyes.

The dose was strong but this wasn’t my first rodeo. I have an extensive past related to strong batch acid and kept my wits while wading through the strange world it created. Besides, I didn’t have much choice at that point, in regards to the amount of acid I took. As an infamous doctor once said, you buy the ticket, you take the ride. I rolled the dice when I licked my hand. I strolled around alone on the streets at four in the morning, bizarre creatures running around me and because it was such a hefty dose, the effects would carry on into the next evening. I made it to the shelter of The Church and pulled up some mindless babble on talk radio and forced myself to relax and focus on those spiritual thoughts I had reviewed over the year. While the effects wore down I reviewed spiritual thoughts and talk radio chattered away about Donald Trump-our next President.


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