Bloodlust Seized Our Nation


As I meandered the streets on the eve of Thanksgiving at two in the morning, I finally faced the catastrophic state of affairs our country is experiencing. I kept denying the reports I was reading-at least what these reports were implying to me-figuring they would fade out after a few days. The initial rush felt from Donald Trump winning the presidency by his supporters was bound to hit the streets with a display of mutated shadenfreued, pistol shooting white men hollering at the sky, smug chanting women in the streets cheering about how their man won. That type behavior is pretty much expected after any heated presidential campaign’s end but this shit has gone into an ultra-dark area folks. We are seeing the rise of a new founded Nazi movement in this country. I’d like to call that statement more reactionary than reality, but I can think of no other way to state the current state of hate in America, as I see it. The inauguration of Donald Trump, the Crimson King, is going to usher in a new Nazi era to the world. This feels like something out of a fiction plot but this is not fiction. This is happening right here, right now. Every day since the eighth of November’s results declared Trump the winner there has been an increase in attacks and violence throughout our nation on minorities of all color, people of varying religious beliefs and sexual lifestyles out of what 1950’s America considered the ‘norm’..

I had been avoiding the 300 lb. gorilla the election gave us, but at that moment, on the dark 2am streets in my hood, it hit me and made me shudder. This is a warning showing us a bitter, cruel country we hoped we wouldn’t see. The initial sparks of bloodlust looming like a deadly shadow over the land of the free and the home of the frightened. An increase in Klan activity and seig hiel salutes from uber-white organizations keep popping up in our news feed. White Supremacist organizations boost their presence to the public now, unafraid of being shouted down by more progressive people.

Now if you add that bit of racist/xenophobic/homophobic reaction with a developing touch of scrutiny over news presented to the public (via airwaves, especially internet based news sites), you have the makings for a possible shitfest of fun we’ll all be having once Donald actually takes office in early 2017. Established news agencies are calling for a crackdown on websites presenting yellow journalism to the public, noting that the effect from subjective news stories has created a skewed view of reality. That is an accurate statement, but the kicker is, the yellow journalistic news monster the public created has been built under the guarantee of our freedom of speech. The public apparently doesn’t have enough honor to keep their reporting objective; perhaps people just want to weed out and deliver commentary based on their beliefs and that’s fine, as long as you classify it as opinion, and not fact.

The growing list of cabinet members and associates surrounding Trump are a mixture of characters you expect to see in an episode of Mad Men, or from the movie Mississippi Burning. The violence in our streets dissuades people’s attention from focusing on who Trump is retrieving to be part of his ruling tribe. You can’t find a more right wing partisan list of individuals who will be our rulers for (at least) the next four years. The policy they create will be a battle taking huge amounts of effort from the progressive public; but the violence in our streets from thug hillbillies and old school WASP inbreeds?….that’s an added fight which will carve away at any army the left wing can muster.

I had to postpone finishing this post a few days because the implications of what my mind was telling me seemed too horrendous. I made myself pause long enough to see if this violence in the streets just needed a few more days than I figured to calm the fuck down.  Since that 2am stroll, there have been more news reports that the Crimson King has calmed down a bit and may actually be doing something constructive. Two Carrier plants in Indiana, previously scheduled to move to Mexico (along with a few thousand jobs) has been stopped and the jobs will go back to their homes in Indianapolis and Huntington. Trump quells his anger a bit and, at times, seems to be willing to act more civil. He does lurch out now and then with some random power bully rant about stomping individual freedoms, but then he calms down and gets back to trying to be constructive. It’s very confusing and everyone right now is willing to give him a chance to prove himself, but that nasty, lingering taste of an attitude from the days gone by when African Americans were hosed in the streets and hung from trees keeps showing signs of being reborn. Keep an eye on the bloodlust crowds and see if they continue to antagonize and attack citizens for their beliefs or color of skin. Stand against the atrocity out in South Dakota. Help those being persecuted for who they are, instead of what they have done. I need more convincing right now that we aren’t headed for a catastrophe, but all I can do-all any of us can do-is sit and wait and watch. Wait and watch Trump put his hand on that bible and get sworn in and then let’s see where the chips fall.

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