(Conclusion) Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King


By nightfall, Saturday evening, the protestors began to get a little teeth behind their bark. The confrontation with the white trash fellows driving the Trumpmobile angered some within the crowd, which is just what they needed to wake attendees to the matter at hand. Those who would oppose the Crimson King are tired of being bullied and harassed by right wingers. The time had come to show a bit of fight; not outright chaos though, like the rioting in Ferguson or New York, but defiance against adversaries. The campaign to fight Trump and Pence had begun. Bands of people all over the U.S. have been alarmed into action.

After the speeches ended at the State Capitol Building the large group took to the streets and walked from there to the downtown circle, their gigantic crowd marching in unison chanting and waving signs and mildly rattling their sabres. This wasn’t one of those all out battles where tear gas and pepper spray are released-at least it hadn’t got to that point. The police were certainly aware of how ugly the crowd could get if antagonized but seemed to handle the event with a minimal staff. They must have felt it wouldn’t get out of hand. Experiencing political unrest again…I recalled the year I followed the Occupy Movement in Denver. I kept wondering it this could be the birth of a new political zombie outbreak. That’s exactly what the Trump/Pence opposition is going to need to get this thing kicked into gear. Political zombies. Long tirades on Facebook are not going to make a change. The electronic world needs to be following them, not the other way around. That’s what will get their cause noticed.

Perhaps this will become my new venture; to witness and report on the battle to take down Trumpenstein. A new period of unrest may plague us for a few years, but do the protestors have the stamina to go the distance with this thing? I witnessed Occupy Denver zombies getting whittled down in numbers as the cold winter months came upon them. The standoff that transpired between angered citizens and the Establishment in the Rocky Mountain state…they fought the law and the law won. That was our country back in 2011 through 2012. Various cities protested Wall Street and big Government but in the end, the movement died.

Those who would oppose the Crimson King should look back at that failed 2011-2012 event and see where their movement against the President-Elect can become effective. A couple things that brought down the Occupy protest was lack of focus or leadership, and not a strong enough – persistent – civil disruption. I recall so many evenings in the downtown Denver park listening to the protest groups argue between themselves, vying for control over all the other little tribes. They might spend half and hour just explaining hand signals they wanted to use in order to speak within the circle; demonstrations on how to display your hands to the crowd to signify you wanted to speak…they forgot to focus on the big picture agenda. One small group would be campaigning for their cause, then another special interest group would get up and do the same. There were small demonstrations on street survival tips, like how or what to say when confronted by police officers, but for a good part of the time, they were just voicing frustrations. Their key objective was scattered so none could follow. Someone scrawled on the sidewalk “PROTEST SHIT” and I thought that pretty much summed up their lack of focus….about as focused as a goldfish.

Time will pass now and I wait to see if this becomes a full fledged movement against the incoming Trump Administration or not. Odd changes are happening within his coven even now, months before he takes office and it’s beginning to look like he’s weaving a cocoon of political professionals around himself. David Barton may be whispering plots in his ear. Mitch McConnell hovers within the circle of activity on the Hill and seems to be positioning himself to gain favor from the Crimson King…Giuliani as well, and perhaps we’ll see the Big Man, Chris Christie, form a pact with Trump too. This could be the beginning of the fight brought on by those who would oppose the Crimson King, or it may fizzle out and diminish as the masses sit back and watch and listen. We will all sit back and listen now.



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