Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King


Saturday would be a perfect day for protest; a bit of chill in the air, but no rain forecast. The event was to take place late Saturday afternoon and run on into the night. This allowed plenty of time to shake off my evening’s activities from the night before. Reports had been streaming across the wire showing noticeable protesting going on in various U.S. cities since it was announced Donald Trump had won the Presidential election. This protest would be Indy’s initial contribution to the politically progressive backlash against Donald Trump. I remembered a time I followed protestors camped out on Broadway and Colfax in Denver, Colorado, which had been a perfect study of modern day rebellion. I may have been handed another live example of society in revolt; time will tell. This may be only the beginning, or this thing might die out quick…that’s up to the citizens protesting.

The beginning of the protest in downtown Indianapolis housed the grounds of the State Capitol building. The protestors gathered with signs, wearing assorted costumes and colors to represent their own personal special interest group. The Indy police force must not have anticipated much of a resistance because their on site count was about a dozen officers; three on horseback, the rest on foot or leaning on a car. The crowd slowly grew and various speakers got up to fume their frustrations about Trump, or injustice imposed on them. The rally started sounding too peaceful for what I would consider effective civil disturbance. A bunch of pussies gathering to whine about how they ‘felt’-and that’s the attitude which will bore away your masses. Society is pampering too much and make people feel this entitlement to being given status without working for it. Days after the election, I read some colleges excused students from classes to cope with their feelings about Trump becoming president. Would this anti-Trump campaign soften into a moist mixture of goo and fizzle out? I was willing to give it a chance. One speaker got up, stated her name and said her favorite pronouns were ‘they’, ‘them’ and ‘theirs’. I rolled my eyes on that one but kept the pace up with mi hermano, who was there to witness the event as well and do a bit of photo shooting. We darted through the crowd and constantly stayed moving throughout the people there to get a good feel on the tone of engagement with the event. My ears perked up at one of the speakers who came on after the Favorite Pronoun Girl. This new voice boomed out and marked some poignant thought:
“Don’t wait for this to just be the next hashtag…”
“The time to fight is now!”

That was the one I was waiting to hear. That was the anger I was waiting to come on that crowd like the lighting of a fuse. She gave the sound to draw and get radical with it…..the people stood on. I suppose they were waiting for the list of speakers to finish before heading to the streets. This brought my thoughts, once again to the cold winter days back when Denver people were all hyped to protest and how that eventually burnt out. This is only the beginning of a potential ongoing commitment from the people to rebel and fight against the Crimson King. As the speakers continued and the night sky began to darken, a new sizable pack of anti-Trump protestors showed up at the State Capitol and marched around the perimeter of the building. I believe they originated at a point on or near the city’s Circle Monument. This brought numbers up to what I estimated between 1,500 and 2,000 people. A converted military truck plastered with large Trump signs kept circling the Capitol building and on one of their trips around, a sizeable chunk of people peeled off of the main protest crowd and ran to block the truck at a traffic light. They managed to catch up to the truck before the light changed and stood in front of it, taunting the driver and passenger. I kept imagining the back of this truck filled with Trump thugs, getting out and rustling up the crowd. There only appeared to be two people though and those found themselves biting off more than they could chew from the growing number of people showing up. Police officers responded quick and worked for a few minutes to get the crowd back on the sidewalk and contained. Now things seemed to be taking a more active approach. The talk was driving some attending to that action mode this protest needed. To be destructive and tear up local businesses was not the way to go, but some hillbillys in a Trump truck?..of course they couldn’t let those two jokers go. That would be the ultimate sign of humiliation to their protest. No one got hurt during that quick incident and the night continued…(more to come)


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