All Hail the Crimson King


 The 2016 horse race to the White House ended in a photo finish and as the midnight hour approached on the eighth of November, it was evident that Trumpenstein would be victorious over a bewildered Hillary Clinton. I predicted this outcome in earlier posts and gave ample warning that this is what we were facing, but few wanted to believe it. Everyone was prepared for Democrats or Republicans to face a gloomy after election day reality, and both parties were stunned when he actually pulled it off..and that’s just how it went.

 Now that masses of disgruntled Democrats have gone through the initial weeping and gnashing of teeth, they are calmed and trying to logically figure out how all this happened. Certainly, they felt, we couldn’t be a nation so xenophobic, so bigoted and filled with hate as to elect Trump in. As has happened in previous elections, the popular vote went one way and the electoral vote another. The popular vote was very close and slanted in Hillary’s favor, but she was close enough to Trump for electorates to vote in his favor without raising huge amounts of suspicion. So how did those two candidate’s popular vote numbers get so close? This man’s been deemed a sociopath and possibly insane and still he was getting these high numbers turning out at the polls voting for him. Trump won not out of love for the man so much as from hatred against Hillary.

 I don’t think Progressive and Democrat voters fathom the amount of loathing in this country toward Hillary Clinton…maybe they do now. A huge nation of people out there were waiting to cast a ballot against the woman who would be ruler. A large enough number so as to be a bullying point to convince electorates in Trump’s direction. Hillary Clinton is hated by a vast amount of Americans that were willing to vote for a caustic pussy grabbing, foul attitude like Donald Trump before letting her at the helm. That’s the equivalent of saying ‘I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the last person left in the race’. I wonder how that sticks in her craw, to know that her country is filled with such hatred and animosity as to say, I would vote for this thing before you. A lesser candidate might shatter and kiss the gun, but Hillary is made of stronger stuff than that and she’ll survive…survive and thrive as she has done throughout a long career of professional politics. Perhaps she’ll be back in 2020, perhaps she’ll pitch it all and just stay in the private market. Republican voters wanted a shakeup in our House and Senate and Trump seemed like the wild baboon to throw in there to rouse those sleeping bastards

Also included with those who despised the woman enough to vote against her was a sea of support from hate groups that couldn’t wait to get some alarmist like Trump in office. Trump is someone they feel will allow, or excuse, the hostile actions of their radical Nazi-esque tactics. The Ku Kux Klan and other White Supremacist organizations favored Trump. Most citizens in our country do not condone their ideology, but they are allowed to vote. Trump had those people to add to his list. Now add a swatch of abandoned Sanders supporters that left ship or went to vote Independent. A fair chunk of Democrats bailed once the DNC threw Bernie out in order to back Hillary. The DNC sold out and put their money on old school politics. Old school politics is the last thing voters wanted. They wanted a shakeup on Capitol Hill, which is why people were excited for Sanders. Bernie would not be the cooperating puppet for Democrat standards. He might go rogue on them and actually try to do something for people, rather than work out deals with companies who have their own agenda. Bernie would give Congress hell and that was dangerous, so the DNC backed Clinton and abandoned Bernie. Once that happened, a lot of his supporters lost faith in the DNC and walked away.

 These three key factors are what helped put Trump in the Presidency, so now all we can do is sit back and ring in a new era for America. All hail the Crimson King; be prepared for when he stands up there with his hand on a Bible and gets sworn in as our new Commander in Chief. You can make all the statements you want about him not being your President or how you’re going to leave the country but regardless, America will soon be led by this man and go on in one shape or form. I get the feeling we’ll become like a decaying shopping mall. A place where people used to go  that is now sad and dark. I can’t help but think about what he told the audience the night before election, at his rally. He told them that he would make this country one nation, one God, one flag.
…Welcome to the Church…

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