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The End of a Disconsolate Presidential Race


As I write this, it’s one week away from the Presidential election. The two big candidates have taken it down to the wire and an undercurrent of seething energy to destroy either Clinton or Trump runs through the veins of most U.S. voters. Both tribes, the Conservatives and the Liberals, have fought like the Hatfields and McCoys in hopes of persuading enough people to follow their logic’s choice, despite how flawed or insane their logic may be. Some are still under the impression that our election is determined by popular vote. Perhaps that’s how it was back in the age of the Roosevelts, perhaps even during the Kennedy/Nixon election, but this is the twentieth century and things change. We’ve all become dullards or psychopaths. We are no longer interested in revamping our electoral process to give the vote back to the people. We let companies and clandestine organizations feed us the choices they want. We’ve given them control of our future.

We’re now at the end of a pathetic election race. This is something we once had pride for; now it’s a piss stained track and the horses should have been shot first thing out of the gate. I stopped giving a day or week’s appraisal of poll numbers because it’s too subjective out there on the internet. Major news sites have continued to work hard to hold your attention, the same as 24 hour news broadcasting stations, like Fox and MSNBC. Media conglomerates knew this news lull would come up around October and after the end of that last Clinton/Trump debate, they had to work extra hard so we would continue to stew and babble over who to vote for. Rare is the occasion when our conversations turn to what we might do to eliminate the electoral college, or how we should change the right for companies not to be considered ‘citizens’…to be more accurate, justices deemed companies “associations of citizens”-but those citizens who own the companies have constitutional rights. A company cannot go into a polling booth and cast votes, but the influence of their dollars paved the way for specific candidates to rise above others and that makes them more influential than citizens. If you go back and view some of the earlier Republican or Democrat debates, you’ll note the amount of air time given to the candidates now before us to be proportionately larger than the other 2016 contenders. I believe that was intentional and softly paved the way for Donald and Hillary to be the front runners. I still recall Ben Carson throwing his hands up during one debate, as if to say, ‘what the fuck’; his remarks about not getting enough air time-those same sentiments were expressed by a lot of candidates from both parties. Some that ran weren’t ready for prime time and were probably a bit relieved not be so focused on. No one wanted to pull a Rick Perry on the campaign trail, like Gary Johnson did when he couldn’t name a single foreign leader on camera. Not everyone who made it into the finals was unprepared but the governing producers of the debates kept a definitive favor to Donald Trump on the screen above other equally qualified candidates. As I write the words ‘equally qualified’, I have to laugh. Who the hell wasn’t as qualified as Trump? In retrospect, I imagine quite a few Republican voters and Clinton haters would be happy to rethink their selection now and vote for Carson, or Christie or Fiorina. The tragic loss of Bernie Sanders in this race is another story. His being cast out reeked of behind closed door sessions, where big money cronies and nefarious Democrat wraiths laid down the issue stating Hillary must be the Chosen One. The rising surge Bernie had in this country appeared to be gaining unstoppable momentum and almost every political analyst favored Sanders over Trump.The numbers looked questionable as to whether Hillary could beat Trump yet she managed to sneak in on the ballot over Sanders. This left a sore, bitter spot in the belly of Democrats supporting Bernie and that began to divide the party…just as Trump divided the Republicans.

Now both parties are split among themselves and voting takes place next week. We’re going to end up with one of these two-if I were to put money down in Vegas, I would say Trump wins. Not due to superior leadership capabilities or larger number of voters in this country who think the way he does. I say Trump wins because the entire 2016 election was cursed with voodoo, created from a mixture of ill twists and carefully created xenophobia. Regardless who wins, I want everyone to remember that we still have the ability to make things happen. One insane person in charge of this country does not mean the country will collapse. We will struggle and be humiliated throughout the globe, but if we work at this we can turn things around and survive the ridicule our once great nation faces.

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