The GOP in Hell; Trumpenstein Explodes


This was going to be it…my Perfect Storm. I’ve followed the beast they call Donald Trump since he descended to the masses on that escalator to announce his run for the Presidency. I followed through the media, as well as attending his two local appearances here in Indy and keeping abreast of updates from his camp by signing up on his email list. I did this with most the candidates for the 2016 election so as to keep informed on each person’s up-to-date propaganda. Then this email arrives for me to attend a more closed session gathering of Donald Trump supporters…Trump supporters and Clinton antagonists, I should say. There are just as many (or more) Conservatives voting against Clinton as there are voting for Trump. This Republican Party Debate watching party would be held at a nice steak house restaurant downtown, meals and cash bar provided, come to politely shout banter at Hillary. I had just purchased a fair quantity of natural hallucinogens to do some micro-dosing (longer period use using smaller doses) to test their purported ‘clarity of thought’ benefits. A Trump rally would be an ideal scenario to test any clarity of thought I might receive from micro-dosing.
…and then audio of Trump leaked out where he spoke about grabbing women by the pussy.

That evening, Friday evening, I wasn’t ready to call Trump out yet . The book I have been reading on Donald Trump, “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston, records approximately 200 pages of out-right felonious behavior by that monster, but until Friday night, the man had managed to stay afloat as the top Republican contender. If he could get away with bribery, extortion and a mixed bag of devious shit this long into the race, he might just pull it off. One of the earliest reports condemning Trump’s taped conversation came from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who uninvited Trump to a Saturday event in Washington. Within less than 24 hours, gears have been put in motion by mainstream Republicans to oust Trump once and for all. Donald’s Vice President running mate, Mike Pence (Gov., Ind.) is now squirming like a worm on a hook, damaged from being skewered and just waiting to be eaten. He has been making statements about being ‘willing to forgive’, but being offended and unable to defend Donald’s remarks. Trump’s affiliation with Pence hasn’t appeared all that stable at this point, so add on Trump making comments about grabbing women by the pussy to the list of things that rub the religiously zealot Mike Pence into an emotional meltdown. This all would make a fantastic movie or television series, but this is the reality of what’s going on with our election.

Since starting the micro-dosing I’ve been re-notified by the Republican Committee putting on the debate viewing shindig. Local fire codes would only allow so many people in the hall, and they had tapped out on the amount of people to let in…unfortunately, they tell me, I didn’t make the cut.  Perhaps, all the better because now with Trump getting caught making that kind of statement, the only way out of this will get ugly and I don’t want to be at a party that goes ugly. No matter what type spin, what type damage control the Trump campaign unleashes, he won’t walk away from this one. I’m sure soon we will be reading stories about how technically Trump can’t be taken off the ballot or other hidden doublespeak etched within the bowels of Republican voting procedures, but whether on the ballot or not, Trump will not be able to get enough votes to win. This video was the one thing that could have taken him out.

I think all we have to do now is figure out what the Republican Party is going to do. Do they just give up and let Hillary take office? Will they ramrod some quick by-law situation to allow them to slide an alternate candidate before November? This is only one month away and I have to marvel at the strategy behind the Washington Post for waiting this late in the game to pull out that 2005 clip of Trump. Perhaps they didn’t plan it all along and just lucked out stumbling across it. Either way I have to think surely the Trumpenstein beast is dying now. He can’t possibly survive this political catastrophe….yet we all know how those old Hammer horror films go…just when you think the thing is dead….




2 Responses to “The GOP in Hell; Trumpenstein Explodes”

  1. 10/09/2016 at 11:10 pm

    Eventually the thing dies but not before nearly killing the hero.

  2. 10/10/2016 at 11:49 am

    …and all Americans might be the ‘heron’.

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