Political Munchausen by Proxy pt. 2; after Urbanex


Having rifled through the old abandoned Jameson Inn, shooting pictures and savoring the leftovers of growth and decay, old buildings down, new ones up….it was time to face the debate. Twenty Sixteen and the forty-fifth President of the United States is on the plate and nobody likes what they see-not in great numbers. I managed to find advocates of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out there among the savages, people who say they truly support one of these monsters, but neither candidate is popular right now. Thankfully, that urban jaunt to an old building helped cleanse my palette and prepare me for their first one-on-one debate. It was time to face the dread.

The news feed suggested there would be record breaking viewership for this first debate-one hundred million predicted. Speakers came out and announced how the game would be played that evening and explained why candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson would not be participating. Those two didn’t meet the ‘criteria’ to qualify for this night’s shindig. Tough darts, Green Party-screw you, Libertarians. This is the Donald and Hillary show-those two are the ones making this country’s blood run hot. Anyone still following Stein or Johnson will tell you the benefits of eating kale…off-track misanthropes with high glucose levels, or something, setting their brain wiring askew. This country has not (to date) been successfully taken to a three party system so until we reach that point of frustration with our politics, we remain settled on two. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt was the commentator and it was no easy task for Lester to throttle Donald Trump from continued interruptions and infantile behavior. The debate was streaming around the world-Mexico was said to have an avid, almost sick, fascination with this election, and as all eyes tuned in to see what new provocation we could get mad over, few bothered to re-examine the point that brought us to having these idiots as our choices this fall. Huge numbers of voters loathe Hillary Clinton and most everyone believes Donald Trump is clinically insane. He kept sniffling throughout the debate-which days after, he denied ever happened. He threw random words together, blurting out statements like ” It’s all words…it’s all sound bites”, or “I just gave a lot of things”…those weren’t statements chopped off or taken out of context; that was just how he threw them out there. The man is definitely not a polished public speaker. Anyone who has attended any public speaking engagement where Trump spoke will know how easy he becomes flustered and once that happens, he just starts spouting off random words, usually accented by a flourish of “they’re nothing”, or “he’s a bum!” This is the kind of dialogue I expect out of an Italian mobster movie, not from the potential leader of our country.

So with that fanfare and insanity Trump brought to a viewing audience, Hillary Clinton was left unscathed (for the most part) and allowed to just step back and let Trump shoot himself in the foot, over and over again. Trump did land one good punch on her when he brought up the N.A.F.T.A. agreement she helped support, a point she tries to deny but records show that indeed, she was a supporter of that disaster. Unlike Trump, Clinton is very polished at public speaking; a smooth, evasive approach that manages to keep her off the ropes for those severely swayed right (politically). Conservatives keep thinking they have her pinned in the corner by mentioning the word ‘Benghazi’, but time and time again, she waves off the hard punch…you can’t bring her down, she’s too evasive, too slick. Pinning her down is like shooting pool with cooked spaghetti; futile and useless to even try. She could, in reality, probably wave off the debates altogether-which might not be a bad idea for us voters. Why the hell do they continue to put us through this farce of an election?

Why indeed?…because that’s the political Munchausen by proxy our country’s media put us in. They fed us a wired up conspiracy and suggest this country’s ready to fall apart, because the candidate you oppose is about to bring about Armageddon. News shows like MSNBC and Fox want you to believe this country is doomed (which it might be, if we don’t start being constructive about our country’s infrastructure) and that the only cure is to keep tuned to watch your candidate tell you what’s wrong with the opposition. They want us to feel if we beat down hard enough on the other guy (gal), everything will turn out right. They’ve convinced us of a sickness they helped develop and make us feel like we’re locked in a room with our children, forced to pick which one to shoot. I can’t stack the plus or minuses up any more than what’s reported by news pimp programs; you’ll vote for the candidate of your choice. You can vote for a nefarious professional politician, or a megalomaniac who sprouted from the bowels of Conservative frustration. Either of these choices is not the solution. The real solution comes from taking back control of our Government…you remember, for the People, of the People…We the People…remember that old chestnut?


3 Responses to “Political Munchausen by Proxy pt. 2; after Urbanex”

  1. 10/06/2016 at 3:21 am

    You’re comments about media complicity in this one are right on target!

  2. 10/06/2016 at 3:39 am

    Please forgive my error…I meant your…I’m a little tired. I wonder when WordPress will let us edit our comments…

  3. 10/06/2016 at 3:58 am

    Thanks for the feedback Robert. It’s one of the more subtle forms of prestidigitation we’re given from media.

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