Political Munchausen by Proxy pt. 1; Lead-up to the Debate


Urbanex…Urban exploring seemed to be the only thing able to take my mind off the suffering and humility this country is going through right now. The Presidential selection has been whittled down through a list of more competent and less vulgar people (albeit Ted Cruz was certainly at the top of the slime list), and now we are left with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So many now feel we are living in the Last Days; Four Horsemen should come galloping down the highway any day now.

The anticipation to see that first debate between the two candidates dropped off my radar for a while. I was overwhelmed by that charade of freedom created for us…they left us two choices – and don’t argue the chance for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, who currently are heading down Fuck No Road and will not be elected. Everyone felt the burn (Bern?) of frustration in their gut at having to accept this outcome. No one claims to have wanted these two assholes back in the fall of 2015, yet all of a sudden, both parties have staunch supporters out there canvassing for their party’s contender. Media and politicians worked hard to conjure mass fear throughout our nation. They want an election where people vote against a person, rather than a political philosophy. Use your heart, not your heads….that’s what they want from you. The fear builds up and a division of the lower class against itself begins. Donald and Hillary, who will it be?

Then, out of the blue, as it usually happens, the call comes from mi hermano who has arranged another urban explore session. This was my solace. This was the break I needed from the mounting paranoia hitting our streets, the frustration from injustice. Seems every day the news crawl is filled with more racial strife, outright immoral and unjustified killings of people. There’s a fight to stop a pipeline through Native American territory going on, riots once again erupting as a result of innocent individuals being killed by cops. Retaliation murders on officers, a surge of growing public presence from the Ku Kux Klan…amid all this growing tension, urban exploring was my escape.  I had the first debate between Trump and Clinton coming up and needed to clear my head to enjoy that horror show entertainment. Urbanex was just the thing to do that.

To those of you who may not get it, urban exploring (urbanex) is not just touring some abandoned place or ghost town that has survived long enough to gain a star locator on Google Maps, or some paid setup, like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. Urbanex is about finding those buildings that are slowly decaying back into our grounds, our atmosphere, awaiting destruction pending someone buying the lot and paying to have it cleared. This is organic art performing before your very eyes. The stark images of human debris, created just so it could rot away in some abandoned building years later. Each site seems to have similarities yet each one is unique in it’s own pattern of decomposition. The questions you begin to ask yourself as you wander, floor after floor of an empty seven story structure. Your investigation leads you to theories about what the place must have looked like when it was up and running. This particular session, we were at a old Jameson Inn that had closed down. We observed the oddity in how floors could be categorized from their appearance, like the one floor that had all these bathtubs removed and set on their sides, or the floor with all the bed pillows. It wasn’t until around the fourth, or fifth floor, that the wallpaper which hung on the walls when the place was opened showed up. The bottom floors were bare naked down to the concrete and block brick. Someone had taken one of the bathtubs,  some black paint, and created a photo stage for shooting noir bullshit, I assume. Variety is the exploration, the key ingredient, that takes you away from your other thoughts. To be able to get lost in something familiar, yet so foreign.

So this is where my head was at days before the first debate would take place. U.S. citizens being jockeyed against one another through suspicion, the looming change of hands with our country’s power about to take place in less than a year. I thought about an old Temptations song called Ball of Confusion, where it says “And the only safe place to live, is on an Indian Reservation”…not so fucking safe on the Rez right now, Homes. Actually, when the hell was an Indian Reservation considered a ‘safe place’ to live? Go visit Wounded Knee, that will tear your fucking heart out with sadness.

I digress. Back to Donald and Hillary. Back to the debate…soon.



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