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Gene Died


Two of the most poignant words from King James Bible I can think of: Jesus wept.

I’m sure he did, and I’m sure he still does. Right now he could probably squeeze out enough tears to fill a dozen hot tubs. I can imagine Jesus staring at our world and seeing the human race just flushing away centuries of common sense and advancement. Our news streams choke us with knee-jerk headlines and violence pulled from the streets of anywhere globally that excites the eyes. There is senseless pandering going on from two persons running a bogus race for control of our land. Come fall, one will be claimed the winner but everyone feels little sense or progress will be made once that nightmare begins. We’re preparing for the storm and boarding up the windows, while technology allows us to stay in communique’ with one another, and we hole up behind our doors. Topping our communication stream is the info being blown down our throats by news stream sources that want to put you on the fast train and zip you from a tragic story to an infuriating story, then to an occasional nothing news story to offset the taste of garbage they put in your mouth. Wars and judicial atrocities, people of color being blown away, cops being shot, violence and hatred, way too much meth…and barely any news coverage was given to a humbling soul we knew on-screen as the actor, Gene Wilder.

The news that piqued my emotion most about Mr. Wilder passing is a small story they brought up about why he had been more secluded as of recent. Wilder suffered from Alzheimer’s and didn’t want his fans – especially his young ones – to see him sad. It was quoted that he said he ‘couldn’t bear seeing one more sad face in this world’. I thought hard on that statement. You have to imagine a man so giving to others that he didn’t want to shatter this mythical character, Willie Wonka, whom people throughout the world had come to associate him with. He had plenty of other film roles, equally as good and noteworthy. Movies like Young Frankenstein, The Silver Streak, Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother. He was a man of his time, so imagine being part of an iconic institution this film created, the joy it brought to children, and in your failing days, decide you don’t want to possibly taint that great memories. That is Saint-like action. That is the type giving, the type sacrifice, that the Good Ones in our world will do.

San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a political statement by refusing to stand for the National Anthem and our talking boxes fed us story and controversy about it. They seem to like jabbing us with sharp sticks like we’re all rabid spider monkeys, there for entertainment and to make money off. That may not be far from the truth; I did not see the focus on that small tidbit of wisdom flowing out of Gene Wilder’s action staying on the media focus too long. Day after day, they work at creating new pseudo-news gossip about the political heavies in America, especially Donald and Hillary. With Trump and Clinton, there is no new news. It continues to be the same song and dance and neither one of them is adored or really even liked that well. This facade of acceptance is thrown on screen and people sit silent and bite their tongue with little recourse. No one really wants either one of those halfwits, but we know we’re going to be stuck with one of them, so we sit and brood. We get fed more violence and scare, and every now and then, one of our tribe goes off the fucking deep end while the rest of us sit around and wonder how it could have happened.

After a while, time passed, and Gene Wilder abandoned my thoughts; thoughts of not wanting to see another sad face, thoughts of missing one of the good guys. I struck up conversation with different people later that day on my bus ride back home. A man in his forties with a venture to head upstate New York to find work. A young woman with an abscess tooth that had her jaw swelling up like she was storing a grapefruit. People just trying to get home, people just trying to survive. People fighting through the daily grind, trying to make a buck and fearing the future years with some insane robotic ruler in control of our country. For my own sanity and for their reprieve from social insanity, I decided to bring some smiles and conversation to my bus tribe. I could tell they appreciated it and wanted it – needed it. They didn’t need any more stories about shooting and hatred and violence and inequality, they just wanted to shed some of that weight and have someone tell them it was going to be all right.
….and I smile and my eyes well up, and I welcome them to the Church.


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