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You Tell Me It’s The Institution


 My mind was flashing back on Jimi Hendrix putting those words in my ear like sinful knowledge and honey:
“White collared conservative flashing down the street,
Pointing their plastic finger at me.
They’re hoping soon my kind will drop and die,
But I’m gonna wave my freak flag high………….”
That’s where our minds were during that period of unrest when youth was crashing at the barrier and questioning Authority. Back when Kent State got people shouting in the streets mad. Back when Watts exploded with fire and rage. Now we all wait for November to see who gets officially deemed ruler of Amerika. We wage war with one another rather than with the true bastards ruining our nation.

 So what happened to our nation of protestors? Did they lose their balls and cave in, or grow too old to shake a fist? No, they went online in search of the Deus Ex Machina to save their country. Yet no one feels too comfortable about where the results are going to end up. Trump and Clinton camps know it could still go either way, so they keep the campaign rolling with fresh chum to bucket out to voters. The percentage of people, this late in the voting game, who still don’t know which way they are going to vote, must carry a hell of a poll percent….if you believe the networks now struggling to hold a nation’s interest in the election. This is the lull period where most know who they will vote for, and sit and wait. No new update will shake their decision so it’s just a matter of time before they go to the poll. FoxNews and MSNBC, CBN, all the big hitter cable stations, webfeed news sources, all the organizations who have been surviving on income and interest generated by this pony show are struggling now because the herd has been thinned to these two. They can keep it alive by continuing coverage on how idiotic Donald or Hillary looked when they did this or that but that doesn’t have the same amount of fever brought on during those earlier parts of the race. Now we all just sit and wait to vote.

 Those who studied and paid attention to this campaign race between the Democrats and Republicans made the issue of Supreme Court Justice slots opening up the one sufficient marker. Some see Clinton as someone, at least working on the side of institutions geared toward helping the underprivileged. Trump has this split personification; some view him as a business guru while others view him as pure assbag. Many want to ensure Supreme Court seats to intelligent individuals that can keep temperance on our nation’s laws. From a legal perspective, this is sound thinking but I’m really hoping Americans decide to start taking power back too. Not to the point of Watts or Ferguson, no big burn in the streets….okay maybe small ones to blow off steam. The more successful disruptions in society’s around the world, though, have come by sticking to the convictions of a cause, not through being violent. Gandhi led a country to independence from British rule. India. that’s no small fucking country folks. Second only to China in population and this man leads a peaceful resistance there by sticking to his convictions. Malcom X scared the white collared conservative pointing their finger so deep they couldn’t take it and him wiped out, but his legacy and purpose grew tenfold to work toward change- King too. Great men continued through peaceful resistance and paid a hard price, but helped change nations. Stevie Biko. The Dalai Lama. The list goes on.

 So now why won’t we all take that kind of power, that peaceful resistance with no means of dropping the convictions to our cause, come together and do like Rage Against the Machine told us….”Take The Power Back”? Americans have lost too much control and now institutions are legally classified as (more or less) citizens of the United States. If the concept of Capitalism, in America, is to survive….we have to get serious about addressing some of the problems within our System. Our November election will pull a dead trout out as President – it might be Trump, it might be Clinton – so let’s focus on holding this new President’s feet to the political fire to……make change. This is something everyone could get behind, if we stop bickering with one another. We are not each others’ enemy but we’ve been persuaded to believe that, to misdirect our attention. We gotta take the power back, but not tear apart this land in the process. We should fight against those destroying our land and health and killing because your skin is a certain color. Demand action on those promises to fix campaign finance and term limits, scrutinize unfair rezones of voting districts and allow those truly needed, stop getting in so many fucking wars. There are a list of issues citizens will agree on, but we keep getting distracted by news coverage that has us watching this campaign drama on just core, testicular hate of two people. Work together, take the power back to all Americans, for all Americans….
and apparently the Beatles remind us not to carry pictures of Chairman Mao.


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