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Hillary Clinton: Supervillain


The numbers just don’t add up. The groundswell of Sanders’ popularity should have him well on his way to debates with Trump by now, yet here we are in mid-August and Hillary Clinton has weighed in as the Democrat’s choice for President. The Sanders’ supporters (by now) have dropped silent and given in. Every now and then you hear a cry to rally behind Bernie and vote for him, but that cry now sounds like an echo. Most know better than to even try to mention Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein. We’ve learned from past elections that third party wins are just a faint dream. The last successful jab at an Independent run came from Ross Perot – another businessman/ non-politician trying to head for the White House. You can debate whether Perot split the vote hard enough to give a win to Bill Clinton over George Bush Sr., but that train of thought leads you down another path. My focus on Perot is that he didn’t win. Third party runs don’t win the Presidency. Besides, Bernie won’t run third party, so now we all are left with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…that’s the mindfuck.

The situation we voters are thrown in reminds me of Brecht’s Threepenny Novel; the middle class at each others’ throats while the author feeds us his belief that in a capitalist society, it’s hard for anyone in power to avoid being (or becoming) a crook. We have our two crooks, Trump and Clinton. Donald is an enigma all himself and I may devote more posts in the future to that animal, but so many writers have been busy picking at that easy target and avoid the covert Bond-like supervillain on the Democrat’s side. There’s a gangster character in the Threepenny Novel named Macheath who I feel has similar attributes with Hillary Clinton. Macheath’s roots were as a thug and later on, when he starts to get a bit of real power, he decides he wants to play things straight. Could this be the case with Hillary Clinton? Could she feel true remorse for the perverse way she’s approached the press and public to keep them off her back? She is a professional politician at base core and piled on top of that core is some master plan only she knows.

It’s coming close to that time we must all go out and press a button or fill out a card to say who we want to rule America. Donald Trump was born from Authoritarians. Hillary Clinton is a crossover between the People and Corporate America. Corporate America will drive Clinton into the White House. This election will not be decided by the common vote; if things were decided by the common vote, we wouldn’t have these two monsters as the sole choice to rule the United States. We would have a much better selection.

The census I’ve taken from individuals on both sides of the political spectrum show a significant percentage believing Hillary Clinton is a liar…..a big fucking liar. This is a huge piece of mistrust with older Bill Clinton or Barack Obama voters. Younger ex-Sanders supporters or first time voters…none of these groups should forget it. Don’t stop watching that woman. She has bounced her way out of so many obstacles…someone younger than me and driven by the narcotic of political conspiracy should take reins on reporting her history. Follow that lady from her roots with her husband back in Arkansas when she was Governor’s First Lady. Yet in spite the mistrust issues, in spite not even seeming to like the lady, most people will still support her instead of Donald Trump. A larger percent of people don’t want crazy in the streets with Trump, they would rather have enslavement by a Bond villain. What has this world become?

This is certainly one of the more subjective writings I think I’ve put up in a while but I’m trying to paint a picture of my observations and evaluations of Hillary Clinton. An overall opinion of the lady from my perspective and from the perspective(s) of different individuals I spoke with. A lot of people are worried and no one wants to face this inevitable November ritual knowing we have to vote for a lady of mistrust in order to keep out the man who would be Il Duce Part Two. My main reasoning behind a more subjective piece is to remind people to keep an eye on the future. If and (or?) when we place her in office to keep Trump out, we should not take our eyes off her and make certain she works toward following up on good policies for the country. We cannot let her drift more pieces of our country away from us. We don’t need to go back into more wars on foreign soil where lives are lost to gain superficial rewards for the rich and powerful. We need to work on the infrastructure of our transportation systems. We still need lots of work on health care. These are the things she must address so keep a watch on her…but if and or when Donald Trump becomes President, then
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